TDemi Lovato - Don't Forget

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Published on Mar 20, 2009

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  • LexaaaFtNerd - 2 hours ago

    when its 2017 and your laying in bed at 2 am and listening to this 💖

  • Alic Itzner - 7 hours ago


  • Alic Itzner - 7 hours ago

    I cry every time

  • Justan Mohamadigsan - 10 hours ago

    This song makes me wanna cry. And the slower version. Even more

  • Grace Matos - 16 hours ago

    12 years old me *crying my eyes out* 21 years old me *still crying my eyes out*

  • Hollie Star - 2 days ago

    Still one of my favorites 💜💜💜

  • Marcella Izabel - 2 days ago


  • Taylor Middleton - 3 days ago

    14 years old when this came out lost my first love thsi help me though it lol xx

  • Miranda - 3 days ago

    Almost 10 years❤

  • Gabriella Grey - 4 days ago

    2018. I still cry like a 12 years old girl.

  • MakeupBySlim - 5 days ago

    Hard to imagine she was probably on coke here.. im so happy she came a long way and even more beautiful

  • Renzo Paissan - 5 days ago

    I used to play this song in 2009 with a girl that I used to hang out.. I think it was the happiest time of my live, and I also think that I didn't really enjoy it.. Young people, if you see this, take this little and stupid advice: ENJOY THE MOMENT! I'm still young with 28 years old, but I feel like I have 50, maybe because of my mistakes.. but I'm still fighting and trying so...Cheers and have a nice life :)

  • Nijia Johnson - 6 days ago

    9 years old man where do my childhood go now I'm in college

  • Yesenia Guadalupe - 6 days ago

    Omg I miss this song I choose to listen to it like 3 years ago when I was 7 them memories

  • Sejuani - 1 week ago

    This was the Demi I fell in love with. When she started doing mainstream pop, I didnt listen to her that much anymore.

  • Mauri Paniagua - 1 week ago

    2018 y me hace acordar tantos momentoss feos y tristres.. me lo dedico mi ex.. cmo e sel amor.. cmo es la vidaa..q aunq ames cb tu alma jmass podes hacer q el tiempo pare y poder fliz cn esa persona.. lo nuestro fue algo tan genial.tan real. y deapues d 4 años no caigo q todo trmino q cad auno tomo diferentes caminos.pero bueno. se q fui feliz con vos en otro mundo:/

  • Megan Freeman - 1 week ago

    Oh my goodness, this is a relic

  • Laura George - 1 week ago

    Your music was better when you were on drugs 😭

  • TaylorSwiftfan forever - 1 week ago

    I remember this video came on Disney Channel

  • yow_ben - 1 week ago

    I miss the rocker Demi

  • Valancy Stirling - 1 week ago

    This video was one of the songs of my childhood and i never had any idea that demi sang this until now, im shook, this song is honestly so good, such a nice bop :<

  • maeror affectus - 1 week ago

    i'm getting old....

  • Lauren P. - 1 week ago

    SUCH A B O P

  • Maria Busygina - 1 week ago

    oh damn, this song made me cry lots of time a few years ago(( even now((

  • Carolina Salto - 1 week ago

    I miss this Demi lovato

  • losthumanhelp - 1 week ago

    Goosbumps and memories bitch

  • Leidy Muñoz - 2 weeks ago

    Demi baby 🐣

  • Fin Rosarian - 2 weeks ago

    I can hear and visibly see Demi’s pain in this song/music video. I love her new album a lot! But the level of brokenness portrayed in this one is unmatched by her to date.

  • Fin Rosarian - 2 weeks ago

    This song is actually heartbreaking, nobody could ever sing this song the way Demi does.

  • Gwendolyn C. - 2 weeks ago

    what a bop! i was nine when this came out