TKorean Food Tour - SHORT RIBS BBQ and Juicy FRIED CHICKEN on 14-Hour Incheon Airport Layover!

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Published on Jan 14, 2018

Korean food tour on Incheon Airport layover!
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Flying from Bangkok to Honolulu, my wife and I had a 14 hour layover at Incheon International Airport. I’ve been to Seoul a few times already, but I had actually never been to Incheon, the city where the airport is really located. So we decided to head into Incheon city, eat as much as possible on our airport layover, then return to the airport to catch our next flight.

Sinpo International Market - We started off at Sinpo International Market. It was extremely cold, and we were freezing!

Sinpo Charm (신포참닭강정) - Sinpo Market is known throughout Korea for their amazing Korean fried chicken which is known as dakgangjeong. It’s a sweet spicy fried chicken, and you’ll find about half a dozen restaurants in this market serving it. The chicken was pretty tasty and addictive, but it was too sweet for me.
Total price - 18,000 KRW ($16.86)

Coffee - 8,700 KRW ($8.15) for 2 - It was so unbelievably cold in
Incheon, that we couldn’t really walk around very long, so we stopped to have a cup of coffee and warm up a bit.

Korean BBQ (탑숯불갈비) - This was one of the best Korean barbecue kalbi (beef short ribs) experiences I’ve had in Korea. It was a friendly family run restaurant and everything from the short ribs to all the sides, were spectacular. If I had an Incheon Airport layover and wanted to leave the airport, just eating a Korean bbq meal like this would be worth it.
Total price - 32,000 KRW ($29.97)

Americano - 4,000 KRW ($3.75) - We had another cup of coffee, it was so cold.

Hongdubyeong (홍두병) - 2,000 KRW ($1.87) - Incheon, South Korea, is famous for its Chinatown. Although it was a bit quiet when we went, it was still nice to walk around. There’s a snack you have to try called Hongdubyeong (홍두병).

Sang-Won (상원) Restaurant - Finally to end this Korean food tour of Incheon on our layover, we went to one last restaurant to eat a dish you can’t miss when you visit Incheon - Jajangmyeon. It was my first time to really have an authentic version of the dish, and even though it doesn’t look all that appealing, it’s absolutely delicious. Incheon is the birthplace of jajangmyeon, which is a Korean Chinese dish.
Total price - 13,500 KRW ($12.64)

Taxi from Incheon to Airport - 37,500 KRW ($35.12)

We were so tired, we decided to take a taxi back to the airport. And it proved to be much easier and not that expensive than public transportation. I’d recommend just taking a taxi if you go to Incheon during your airport layover.

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  • Michelle Devon - 22 hours ago

    I've done Korean BBQ locally and it was similar. I'd love to try it in Korea! Micah"s smiles and giggles are the best! Oh, and just an FYI, Mark, if you are reading comments, you've recently used the site "immaculate" in a couple of videos to describe the taste of a dish... That's not really a standard way to use that word. I know thesaurus would say it means perfect or without flaw, but only in certain contexts. Like I said, just FYI.

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