TMaking A Giant Macaron: Behind Tasty

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Published on Apr 13, 2018

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  • Wahida Ahmady - 27 seconds ago

    Alex is my favourite person in tasty ever 😍😊🌌

  • Pooris Thebooris - 33 minutes ago

    No hate but shE looKed aMazing until the last day she looked dirTy

  • Bev Anderson - 2 hours ago

    Please, please, please, for those who cook or bake in these videos: pull your hair back, put it in a nice bun, and before you turn on the camera spray it so there are no flyaway hairs that could get in your finished product since I realize cooking with a hair net online would look odd. I clicked on this video wondering if someone had misspelled macaroon, watched it, but was distracted by the looooong loose hair that I knew would fall in the batter, so it pretty much grossed me out in spite of the pretty pink color. Finding human hair in one's food is gross! I once forgot to use my lint remover to make sure none was on my shirt and shoulders after putting it in a pony tail before cooking simple macaroni and cheese, one of my hairs fell in it without my realizing it, and when I found it I grossed myself out.

  • Wen - 3 hours ago

    Tell me that those imperfect macarons were not thrown away

  • Maud Wolters - 4 hours ago

    i looked at the thumbnail and thought you cut your hair. but for real tho you should consider doing that because it looked hella great

  • Matt Vermillion - 4 hours ago

    She single? #priorities

  • VENUSOUR DOORBELL - 4 hours ago

    wait....................................was this re-uploaded cause i swear i saw this a few weeks ago and it says it was uploaded today

  • Sara Kazi - 5 hours ago


  • cecil seal - 5 hours ago

    yeah new video! I love this series! =D <3

  • Orla Fitzgerald - 7 hours ago

    I literally want to make this

  • Amaya Warusavithana - 9 hours ago


  • Shantele Van Der Kaay - 10 hours ago

    Should try making a macaron with aquafaba so much harder but still amazing

  • Sir Dead Pool - 11 hours ago

    Question- where does the waste go, like the egg stuff and stuff.

  • 褚萍 - 12 hours ago

    Her personality is the most wholesome thing

  • Crew YouTube - 14 hours ago

    She thicc

  • end me misery - 14 hours ago

    oof her makeup looks so bad

  • Mitch Savage - 14 hours ago

    It's macaroon

  • Mitch Savage - 14 hours ago

    Your switching macaroon and macaron like the pronunciations😣😣😣

  • coffeebean - 14 hours ago

    the moment i saw the thumbnail i was like "hey its the chocolate croissants girl" and inmediately clicked it because she is hella funny

  • ICE MAN - 14 hours ago

    OMG! She can be my wingman(woman)anytime! 💚Your SUPERFINE!💚

  • thatEmoKid101 - 14 hours ago

    did u know the last time i tried a macaron was 5 years ago IM SO HUNGRY ;C

  • Mia Adams - 15 hours ago


  • Connie Thorby - 17 hours ago

    Oh my I love this

  • marcel leeroy - 17 hours ago

    When she pushes the cutting board to the side and it says day 4 as she starts crying should be a gif

  • kinza salahuddin - 18 hours ago

    Awwww she's so cute, I like how she doesn't give up tho

  • A Grave Mistake {Xps} - 19 hours ago

    it looks like someone inserted the small macaron into MSPaint and dragged it by the length

  • CorgiLover 162 - 19 hours ago

    Music of day three is wat

  • Mailee The one - 21 hours ago

    My aunts 8th birthday was on 8/8/88 😭🤣

  • suliman aljabbary - 21 hours ago

    love at first sight that body that personality and so pretty perfect 10

  • Ayana & Ruby - 21 hours ago

    That pink color tho.