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Published on Mar 31, 2018

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Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/48719

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  • Cwazy_unicorn 11 - Channel Youtube
    Cwazy_unicorn 11 - 5 hours ago

    10:34 a girl in the background makes like a grunting noise and walks by like she’s all angry

  • Jillian and Delia - Channel Youtube
    Jillian and Delia - 5 hours ago

    some thing called bean paste yes plese anything food related

  • CarlieBug IzzyB - Channel Youtube
    CarlieBug IzzyB - 5 hours ago

    5:56 i freaking died

  • Jillian and Delia - Channel Youtube
    Jillian and Delia - 10 hours ago

    Me 8:22

  • angelica reyes - Channel Youtube
    angelica reyes - 1 day ago

    Jasmine would have rocked this vid😃

  • Stephie Kim - Channel Youtube
    Stephie Kim - 1 day ago

    that bralette is cute!!!

  • Lessareve - Channel Youtube
    Lessareve - 2 days ago

    I already struggle to find shops that have appropriate bra size for me, there is no way i'll go on Amazon for that. I'll probably have to return every item anyway .....

  • WhyDontWeVEVO - Channel Youtube
    WhyDontWeVEVO - 2 days ago


  • Sarahs411 - Channel Youtube
    Sarahs411 - 2 days ago

    That blue bra on her yes hunny good job

  • Dancer Kenna - Channel Youtube
    Dancer Kenna - 2 days ago

    All my bras are from Amazon. Most stores don't sell my size. I'm a 30 D

  • Larkin _bandits - Channel Youtube
    Larkin _bandits - 2 days ago

    Here’s your beige foam sack! Have fun! 😂

  • Michelle Garant - Channel Youtube
    Michelle Garant - 2 days ago

    Omg the soccer game in the background at 14:19 the guy looks like he is not wearing pants, lol, way more giggles then the rest of this video.

  • Carla Plobner - Channel Youtube
    Carla Plobner - 2 days ago

    'more of a four hook bitch'😂

  • Xx_Ravenclaw_Bookworm_xX - Channel Youtube
    Xx_Ravenclaw_Bookworm_xX - 2 days ago

    My brain at 5:12 ... (Hormone Monstress singing) Sexy red bra! Sexy red bra, ... continues singing...

  • Cate Benschoter - Channel Youtube
    Cate Benschoter - 2 days ago

    Does Freddie work out? I think I see abs.

  • Rosabelle Bunny - Channel Youtube
    Rosabelle Bunny - 3 days ago


  • Emmit Spohn - Channel Youtube
    Emmit Spohn - 3 days ago

    I have ski slope bewbs as well Fred

  • Megan Griffiths - Channel Youtube
    Megan Griffiths - 4 days ago


  • Hana Min - Channel Youtube
    Hana Min - 4 days ago

    I love Kristen 😂😂

  • TheZyanas - Channel Youtube
    TheZyanas - 4 days ago

    The “useless pockets” are for adding pads, actually. You can get them in different sizes, even put different sizes on each side to even out your girls. The more you know 🌈

  • Breana Gilliland - Channel Youtube
    Breana Gilliland - 4 days ago

    Why did she show a boy

  • I don't want people to know who I am - Channel Youtube
    I don't want people to know who I am - 5 days ago

    My favorite bra is $12 and I love it so much. It’s comfortable, supportive, and it fits me the best compared to others that I have.

  • Horse Lover - Channel Youtube
    Horse Lover - 6 days ago

    13:04 I’m Freddie and I’m vloging about my boobs

  • Joanna Mitchell - Channel Youtube
    Joanna Mitchell - 6 days ago

    Nyple show. "Push up bra" I feel cute

  • Mizz Wicked - Channel Youtube
    Mizz Wicked - 7 days ago

    I wear the same exact bra size as Kristin. I know her struggle in bra shopping.

  • KathTea - Channel Youtube
    KathTea - 7 days ago

    I have the same bra as Devin! But in yellow.

  • Michiganay Moz - Channel Youtube
    Michiganay Moz - 1 week ago

    I love jasmines hair!

  • Therese Aoukar - Channel Youtube
    Therese Aoukar - 1 week ago

    9:34 am I the only one that got distracted from arsenal match in the back

  • harambe dumonky - Channel Youtube
    harambe dumonky - 1 week ago

    Every time she says, "Nyepple" I just laugh so hard I can feel my actual organs heave.

  • Alexandra Chakon - Channel Youtube
    Alexandra Chakon - 1 week ago

    “ here’s a beige foam sack, have fun! “