Will U.S. action in Syria lead to conflict with Russia?

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Published on Apr 12, 2018

President Trump has already warned Russia against interfering with any U.S. action in Syria. #Tucker

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  • witchcraft - Channel Youtube
    witchcraft - 3 days ago

    America WAR for oil

  • Tracy crossbow - Channel Youtube
    Tracy crossbow - 1 week ago

    Is russia going to rebuild syria, who cares about to nuclear powerd countries, who ever use them first is a cowerd if you have to hide behind nuclear power it tells the world you are week. We die you die, how lazy is the world getting when you start talking about using nuclear even before the fight begins.

  • Simon Rayan - Channel Youtube
    Simon Rayan - 2 weeks ago

    This mother fucker anchor is terrorist, racist son of a bitch what ever u call

  • Ruben J. Nunez - Channel Youtube
    Ruben J. Nunez - 3 weeks ago

    I think 10 year old kids think better than politicians do.✌😎🖒

  • Robert Mays Jr - Channel Youtube
    Robert Mays Jr - 3 weeks ago

    I think the situation in Syria is more dangerous than people realize. It's not in isolation. Couple that with this business in Crimea. And the ballistic shield. The Russians should not be made to feel like their cornered.

  • roxanne legrand - Channel Youtube
    roxanne legrand - 3 weeks ago

    Land in World War 1?

  • roxanne legrand - Channel Youtube
    roxanne legrand - 3 weeks ago

    between the two opposing trenches. Its width along the Western Front could vary a great deal. The average distance in most sectors was about 250 yards (230 metres).

  • Jeremy Graves - Channel Youtube
    Jeremy Graves - 3 weeks ago

    Professor Cohen is worried about US actions but is the fucker worried about Assad gassing his own people?

  • Julian Rodriguez - Channel Youtube
    Julian Rodriguez - 3 weeks ago


  • Chris P - Channel Youtube
    Chris P - 4 weeks ago

    People keep asking for the US to mind its own business. Last times they did that they were dragged into two World Wars. I would blame the rest of the world here, their conflicts are what made the US a superpower and bought us all to this moment.

  • Chris P - Channel Youtube
    Chris P - 4 weeks ago

    Dead meme but I guess the US and Russia are going to whip their dicks out for Harambe?

  • Alexyk Philip - Channel Youtube
    Alexyk Philip - 4 weeks ago

    This attitude. Create any 3 rd world countries strong in military..

  • IrishMTL - Channel Youtube
    IrishMTL - 4 weeks ago

    U.S.A all fuckin day! The Russians ain't doing nothing

  • v512 M30 - Channel Youtube
    v512 M30 - 4 weeks ago

    He said. Im confused on how will this help us but professor thanks again..... Wtf

  • Elias 77 - Channel Youtube
    Elias 77 - 4 weeks ago

    History Repeating itself Remember those "FAKE Weapons of mass Destruction?!"... just shrugged it off right?! Pathetic!!

  • Sindy Agustina - Channel Youtube
    Sindy Agustina - 4 weeks ago

    Ephesians 6:12 (NIV) because our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the rulers, against these dark worlders, against the evil spirits in the air. do you know the meaning of this verse ?? we are not fighting against our fellow men, but the spirit of the ruler of darkness (Lucifer and the devil). JESUS BLESS YOU

  • MAJ CYGNUS - Channel Youtube
    MAJ CYGNUS - 4 weeks ago

    ha, you think your able to stop WW3 in 2026, President Trump. I guarantee you there will be a War with or without you

  • Henry Benson - Channel Youtube
    Henry Benson - 4 weeks ago

    Let it rain! God promised no more flood but get ready for the fire!

  • ใหม่เฉยๆ นะจ๊ะ - Channel Youtube
    ใหม่เฉยๆ นะจ๊ะ - 4 weeks ago


  • Sheriff Bang - Channel Youtube
    Sheriff Bang - 4 weeks ago

    Damascus will fall. Ww3 is eminent

  • christian macri - Channel Youtube
    christian macri - 1 month ago

    America loves war and bombing.

  • Marc Chua - Channel Youtube
    Marc Chua - 1 month ago

    Russia wont thy know US can reach them inside out

  • Snooze - Channel Youtube
    Snooze - 1 month ago

    more you keep poking the bear. it will get annoyed and poke back

  • Kaitlin Browell - Channel Youtube
    Kaitlin Browell - 1 month ago

    Tucker is such an asshole, what a rude way to close a news broadcast with a guest speaker

  • US NEWS - Channel Youtube
    US NEWS - 1 month ago

    New Weapon Technology Development. U.S want to Warns Russia & China - us military https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKnjmMR-aHM&list=UUouH1oYseoCIUwNMiaMFTzQ&index=2

  • The Magnificent Pooh Bear !!! - Channel Youtube
    The Magnificent Pooh Bear !!! - 1 month ago

    No one will win in a nuclear war, Russia won’t win and The U.S won’t either. You can’t be this dumb to not know. Right?

  • john kellermen - Channel Youtube
    john kellermen - 1 month ago

    WW3 is coming I best get the bunker ready

  • guillehcv 0.0 - Channel Youtube
    guillehcv 0.0 - 1 month ago

    one day after, usa bombs syria, jejeje

  • That Guy In The Suit - Channel Youtube
    That Guy In The Suit - 1 month ago

    1+1= 2

  • Tragic_K_town n - Channel Youtube
    Tragic_K_town n - 1 month ago

    Why do politicians always no matter what bring up nuclear weapons big nation's do realize using nuclear weapons are suicide