TTalking Tech with Neil deGrasse Tyson!

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Published on Mar 09, 2018

My mind is blown multiple times in this video.


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  • chupacabra20 - 3 hours ago

    Invest in crypto

  • Mariko Mcr - 4 hours ago

    i love all three of them

  • Tyler Vannaseng - 5 hours ago

    The fact that a lot people thought he was off topic and didn't answer the question blows my mind. He literally gave examples of how other fields of experts invented and discovered ideas that were then used to invent other ideas based off something that had nothing to do with technology.

  • iyfranco151 - 6 hours ago

    Neil deGrasse Tyson WOW ! Wish I could just shake his hand some day.

  • Mladen Milosavljevic - 10 hours ago

    - I am bad at predicting a future - I also predict that governement spending of money is a way to go. Bacause there is no other way that people will invent stuff except if governement founds it. Btw Einstein did his work in his FREE TIME. He didn't get any grant. tyson is extreamly dishonest the more i lissen to him, the less i like him. And i liked him a lot.

  • gorome REACT - 10 hours ago


  • Deceneu - 10 hours ago

    A friend recommended this video to me. I love Neil deGrass and also Michio Kaku. I am also old enough to remember the first series of Star Trek and the wonders that brought to my life. Already knew about LASER and MRI (RMN in my language) but a great interview nevertheless. Thank you! Stay safe and never stop learning.

  • Chriswsm - 12 hours ago

    A room full of clever.

  • Baylen - 13 hours ago

    Is math related to science?

  • Harman Bayles - 15 hours ago

    Количество чёрный парней в кадре зашкаливает

  • 195 Studio - 15 hours ago

    mkbhd asked some interesting questions.....last time, when Katy Perry met Neil deGrasse Tyson she asked one question and thats it.... 'Is Math Related To Science?"

  • Devildog9901 - 20 hours ago

    Mind was blown

  • Cavel Mattar - 23 hours ago

    That was great. NdGT blows my mind every time he speaks. He has such a great way of explaining really complex sh*t

  • wejhvabewjty - 24 hours ago

    This man is so interesting to listen to.

  • Matt Stiles - 1 day ago

    Simplest motor ever on instagram @flybackblockchain

  • Andri J - 1 day ago

    slept after 2 minutes in

  • Sotirios Levakos - 1 day ago

    Anyone knows the titles of the books on the table?

  • Zalata - 1 day ago

    The question that ended ALL questions! marques is probably thinking *note to self, never invite Neil DeGrasse for an interview ever again!*

  • hokeynding - 1 day ago

    Great video, you're definitely going to have to do another ...maybe next time Chuck can get a word in..LOL

  • SushiLeader - 1 day ago

    Marques hands were made to hold phones

  • Vincent Aziati - 1 day ago

    Physics is the most underrated course ever . I really got pissed when the cut of point for Admitting physics student into one of the major science and technology University in Ghana, West Africa was as low as someone going to do stenography...

  • Nachiket L - 1 day ago

    No Marques! Just post the entire uncut footage, this is an absolute treat to watch.

  • GMSToThePoint - 1 day ago

    Wisdom of the holy scriptures trumps mans wisdom...everytime.

  • Tyler Francis - 1 day ago

    My man, "Feel the ass Tyson"

  • Luke Thompson - 1 day ago

    Neil smokethegrass tyson.

  • Ajay Nair - 1 day ago

    This video has made me 1% smarter than I was 10 mins back

  • Ajay Nair - 1 day ago

    Mr Neil is so passionate about this...that this makes it interesting to keep watching him.

  • Connect The Dots - 1 day ago

    9 minuted and 11 seconds

  • Doug Taggart - 1 day ago

    Tyson is enthralling, good stuff MKBHD. Thanks for letting him "blather". lol.

  • ImaITman - 1 day ago

    I could listen to Tyson all day