TJason 'Mayhem' Miller on His Recent Behavior, Arrest and Future

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Published on Oct 23, 2012

Mayhem Miller (Jason Miller) catches up with MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani about his arrest in August, his recent behavior on the MMA Hour, and his future.

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  • Scott Schnell - 5 days ago

    jason miller is muslim?

  • Theron Nelson - 1 week ago


  • max welner - 1 week ago

    Did anyone else get the impression mayhem was getting blown by the priest? That's why he won't answer the question directly.

  • DAhonda247 - 1 week ago

    The fact that everyone is now changing their perspective on Mayhem shows what a bunch of media obeying sheeple you really are. To cast judgment on someone you don’t even know from false truths provided by... someone you don’t even know sounds like you still have the mentality and thought process of a 16 year old girl... sheeple

  • Lord of the wings The Starving RAT - 1 week ago

    I like Jason. I always did!! We all have problems. We just don’t share them like Jason. He has a big fan base that probably won’t leave them alone. Anyway God bless you Jason. Stay strong 💪

  • Bill Payer - 1 week ago

    11:02 - 11:18 No need to guess when people talk plain English

  • Muslim Ant - 2 weeks ago

    catholics do that !!, you stupid idiot!, they stay inside the church for days on end!! My God such ignorance!!, learn religion before you open your god damn mouth!!

  • Jill Mcfarland - 2 weeks ago

    Naked in a church how new creative it’s never been done has it.

  • Jill Mcfarland - 2 weeks ago

    A star maybe born.

  • Jill Mcfarland - 2 weeks ago

    Please get the clearance to run thru Central Park naked.

  • Jill Mcfarland - 2 weeks ago

    Pastor master?

  • Jill Mcfarland - 2 weeks ago


  • Lance S - 3 weeks ago

    "Hotdog dog turned me into a man"

  • connerthomasb - 3 weeks ago

    Anyone realise he drinks found water.

  • Hayward Stewart - 3 weeks ago

    Why even give this raghead the time of day ? He’s never earned it and doesn’t deserve it.

  • Omari T. - 1 month ago

    we're all different, individually unique inside and out. mayhem is awesome, he's always been one of my favorites to watch

  • william owens - 1 month ago

    Ariel puts me in the mind of a guy who scratches his ass and sniffs it.

  • G DAWG - 1 month ago

    Mayhem has always been the greatest troll ever and is and will always be a heck of a guy. You don't host a show that helps kids get back at bullies if you don't have love. The dude is a class act. Much love Mayhem, well done.

  • Why Not - 1 month ago

    Miller is a complete idiot. Actor? Are you kidding Miller. You are a freaking loser. Just do it already. Kill yourself... everyone knows it is eventually going to happen

  • The Kameleon - 1 month ago

    My god i agree with him. In our world its insane to be normal. He is free.

  • sirbrad4 - 1 month ago

    The black guy just stopping and watching lol.

  • sirbrad4 - 1 month ago

    47:12 not something you see every day in Central Park.

  • sirbrad4 - 1 month ago

    The knee held up pretty good with all that jumping.

  • sirbrad4 - 1 month ago

    "Naked Ultimate Fighter Smashes Church."

  • sirbrad4 - 1 month ago

    No one in that entire park knows Mayhem lol.

  • sirbrad4 - 1 month ago

    Jason can't keep walking he is too gassed .

  • cJinL - 2 months ago

    I don't understand how people are being so positive. He evaded every question about his crazy behavior and gave completely vague answers. He was still being weird and nothing about him seems stable or genuine at all. And he's not a cool guy. He's been arrested for beating women on numerous occasions. But I guess he was just going through some stuff, so oh well.

  • cJinL - 2 months ago

    Love how Ariel keeps trying to walk but Mayhem keeps stopping to talk.

  • Billy Scarpelli - 2 months ago

    Why can’t he be a commentator? He seems perfect for that.

  • YouTubeStory2 Chinada3 - 2 months ago

    i remember this dude when he started. he was a cool dude