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Published on May 06, 2018

Friends (Donald Glover, Cecily Strong, Kenan Thompson, Beck Bennett, Aidy Bryant) have a hard time staying quiet when they hear what Kanye West is up to.


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  • tin goyends - Channel Youtube
    tin goyends - 10 hours ago

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  • Kevin GT - Channel Youtube
    Kevin GT - 12 hours ago

    Brilliant social commentary! We have real monsters to fight and Kanye's nonsense is just a distraction.

  • Ferdinand St-Hilaire - Channel Youtube
    Ferdinand St-Hilaire - 18 hours ago

    Poopidy scoop

  • Jose Zambrano - Channel Youtube
    Jose Zambrano - 19 hours ago

    How come Donald glover was never part of the SNL cast? He would've made an amazing additiin to the team!!!

  • Big Gucci - Channel Youtube
    Big Gucci - 23 hours ago

    After a long day of work, Kanye West goes to his Kanye Nest to take his Kanye Rest. He wakes up feeling his Kanye Best. Then he’ll get Kanye Dressed on his Kanye Vest to go on a Kanye Quest. He goes to church and becomes Kanye Blessed, then to a hotel room to be a Kanye Guest. Then to school to take his Kanye Test. He forgot to brush his teeth. Did he run out of Kanye Crest? His neighbor stole it, what a Kanye Pest.

  • Tea Smith - Channel Youtube
    Tea Smith - 1 day ago


  • Jeremy Fickle - Channel Youtube
    Jeremy Fickle - 1 day ago

    "Then queue it up bitch"

  • Lukie Grey - Channel Youtube
    Lukie Grey - 1 day ago


  • pinky80ism - Channel Youtube
    pinky80ism - 2 days ago


  • Melvin - Channel Youtube
    Melvin - 2 days ago

    This is america

  • HaiJoVa's Music - Channel Youtube
    HaiJoVa's Music - 2 days ago

    Oh you mother Jingiry

  • Okay. - Channel Youtube
    Okay. - 2 days ago

    The actual movie sucked

  • Daniela Ryan - Channel Youtube
    Daniela Ryan - 2 days ago

    my brother graduated recently and one of the graduates wrote poopy di scoop scoop didy woop as their yearbook quote

  • Daniela Ryan - Channel Youtube
    Daniela Ryan - 2 days ago

    my brother graduated recently and one of the graduates poopy di scoop scoop didy woop

  • Lisa 079 - Channel Youtube
    Lisa 079 - 2 days ago

    I wish Donald Glover was in it every week.

  • Mike Foster - Channel Youtube
    Mike Foster - 2 days ago

    I love the unpurposeful ASMR aspect of this video, its music to my ears

  • Jimmy Derocher - Channel Youtube
    Jimmy Derocher - 3 days ago

    It's a real song fam https://open.spotify.com/track/3uYDO9dPLTVrgfwg7EYXSf?si=BzzRpC2fRdyXG5oud3UxDA

  • RunningSD - Channel Youtube
    RunningSD - 3 days ago

    donald glovers facial expressions are hilarious

  • Mahmud Shariar - Channel Youtube
    Mahmud Shariar - 3 days ago

    heavy interesting and funy video to me.

  • DNTME - Channel Youtube
    DNTME - 3 days ago

    Actually this was just about as stupid as the actual movie. What a pointless piece of crap it was. I don't see how the people lived as long as they did given how inept they were. ***************** Spoilers Ahead **************************** The father didn't bother to take his shotgun wherever he went. Not even an ax. It's especially bad that he didn't take it when he went looking for the kids at the end. But then I guess they would not have a reason to show his self sacrifice at the end. Also pointless. He didn't even try to take a swing at the thing with the ax. And the greatest minds on the planet couldn't figure out that a creature with super sensitive hearing might be incapacitated by high frequency sound at high volume? The girl and wife just happened to stumble on that at the last minute. Yeah right. Pretty much as crappy an ending as "Signs" where the guy discovers the aliens can be killed with water. I mean, they invade a planet 75% covered with water (it even falls from the sky) and don't even bother to wear a raincoat? Hell, in this situation people could have set traps using sound to lure the creatures. Simple. Clearly they aren't "indestructible" since she took one down with one shotgun blast. Dear old dad could have done the same had he remembered to bring the gun. Just a stupid plot.

  • Cory Hughes - Channel Youtube
    Cory Hughes - 3 days ago

    Not funny

  • Kevin Sorbi - Channel Youtube
    Kevin Sorbi - 3 days ago

    Yeah this dumbass generation too damn rebellious to obey when ppl say shut the fuck up lol

  • Jay The Whizdog - Channel Youtube
    Jay The Whizdog - 3 days ago

    Kanye knows a good president when he sees one. You want a good president when you got money and pay taxes.

  • DeadVolt - Channel Youtube
    DeadVolt - 3 days ago

    Of course Donald Glover was the only one to survive

  • Christopher Alfonso - Channel Youtube
    Christopher Alfonso - 4 days ago

    SNL is like a giant cringe comp these days.

  • Jared Musil - Channel Youtube
    Jared Musil - 4 days ago

    The Iowan in me is confused why rope lights with incandescent bulbs are in a corn field during the entirety of this bit. Thats not how you grow corn.

  • Pamshairexpo - Channel Youtube
    Pamshairexpo - 4 days ago

    I screamed when he got snatched up lolol😂😂😂😂

  • yahir Quezada - Channel Youtube
    yahir Quezada - 4 days ago

    FUCK Kanye West that dude is overratted, I really don't Think he has any talent and Kim kardasian is an air head she makes money showing her ass and titties.

  • H.J.W - Channel Youtube
    H.J.W - 4 days ago

    Did SNL just poke fun at the indignation felt by the regressive left after Kanye exercised his right to free thought? Well that's a first...

  • Maladys_Way_Tarot - Channel Youtube
    Maladys_Way_Tarot - 4 days ago

    I’m late, but this was extremely entertaining.