TGoogle Maps is Different in Other Countries

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Published on Mar 01, 2018

How Google handles international border disputes.


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  • Human Interests - 3 weeks ago

    A lot of the disputed borders in the world are islands that multiple nations claim ownership of. The problem is there’s no differences on Google Maps as the borders are visually the same.  For the purposes of this video I have assumed that Google is politically neutral. There are a lot of good arguments against that assumption, but that’s a video for another day. If you want to try this yourself, click on the name of your country in the bottom right when on Google Maps - this’ll let you change your region in settings. Google is blocked throughout most of China and isn’t on the list, however changing the top-level-domain to .cn can sometimes work. Even though Google is blocked in China already, many citizens find a way around it. Google are trying become reinstated, this means they still have to keep China's government onside. Google Map Maker was discontinued in 2017, but a lot the features have been merged into main Google Maps site.

  • Daniel Natal - 26 minutes ago

    At the 1:20 mark of the video, the kid says that in colonial Africa new countries were arbitrarily created by the European powers with "little or no concern for local or cultural boundaries". I'm always stunned by the cognitive dissonance of the Left in this regard. When asked, for instance, why Iraq is unstable, they'll say, "Of course it is! The map was drawn with no concern for the fact that Shia, Sunni and Kurds were all lumped in together. Of course it's unstable!" So . . . basically . . . what you're saying is that ethnostates work and "diversity" doesn't? Yet in modern First World countries, we're told the opposite: That lumping different ethnic and cultural groups together will lead to rainbows and happiness. But change the subject to Africa or the Near East and it switches to: "Of course these countries fell apart. They were made up of different cultural or tribal groups! It could never work". Dear Leftists, get your story straight. Let us know when you're done: IS diversity wonderful? And if so, why doesn't it create utopias of brotherhood in Africa and the Near East? (Or anywhere else it's ever been tried, for that matter.) Why do the Laws of Physics change . . . but only for Western countries? Walk us through your double-standard-based logic.

  • Bradley Pearce - 2 hours ago

    i'd rather have a short hot war

  • Satan's Mapper - 8 hours ago

    Хулі на Україну поліз? Розіп'яти!За Бандеру!Слава Україні!

  • polifatts - 8 hours ago

    Africa had its best and most prosperous days while under European control. Now the entire continent is a shitshow. Ironic because it's so rich in resources, yet the people would rather act barbaric and war amongst each other.

  • A Hacker - 8 hours ago

    Crimea was taken over by russia

  • Heat - 8 hours ago

    Moroccan sahara is one

  • YoshTG - 9 hours ago

    this is kinda retarded.. fighting about borders in 2018? im sure the internet will soon get rid of all borders

  • Plains of Dura - 10 hours ago

    Google and related products is illegal(blocked) in China...So they should error on the side of India, etc

  • Plains of Dura - 11 hours ago

    I think Nigeria will split into North and South

  • hxcvocalist - 11 hours ago

    So english isn't my first language. I've heard a few times people saying NUKELAR, instead of Nuclear. Is this normal or are some people just pronouncing it the wrong way? Maybe it's something like color and colour Us/Uk. Too lazy and not interrested enough to google. Btw prefer to discuss with people.

  • Søren K - 14 hours ago

    But... Google can't just choose which country owns a place lol. They can put it on a map sure, but that has nothing to do with who really owns it and has the rights over it XD Legit what you're saying in this video is a joke dude please delete it.

  • Tomas - 17 hours ago

    It's been said before, but I was half expecting clickbait. To my surprise this actually turned out to be a sick video, really well researched. Very well done! Subbed and clicked the bell.

  • Seemor Disillusioned - 18 hours ago

    Borders are a uniquely human concept ? WT .... I guess all those animals maintaining hunting territory (lions , wolves , ect.) must have borrowed the concept then huh ?

  • Tez .W - 23 hours ago

    Crimea belongs to Russia

  • Tez .W - 23 hours ago

    Lol watch google start a war

  • Егор Воробей - 23 hours ago

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  • Michael - 1 day ago

    1 min in bored out of my mind

  • HunterShows - 1 day ago

    Google has always been eager to trade in its principles to gain market share. So evil.

  • Віталій Українець - 1 day ago

    Український Крим тимчасово окупований Росіею .

  • jay gingerbreadking - 1 day ago

    Wow just discovered this Chanel is great

  • Cesar _ - 1 day ago

    Crimea was a part of the Russian Empire before the USSR, Crimea is a part of Russia now, and Crimea will be a part of Russia.

  • Celeste Gauthier - 1 day ago

    I've reported map errors to Google over 20 times and Google has fixed them zero times. Good thing the Post Office does not use Google Maps.

  • Nikhil Singh - 1 day ago

    3:19 : The red area is wrong, you can see that only the dotted top left is disputed

  • Peppe Ddu - 2 days ago

    Google is not the first company to suffer from this. Back in the days in Windows 95's time zone selection feature, Microsoft assigned the region of Kashmir to Pakistan angering the Indian government and causing MS to recall and reissue all copies of Windows 95 costing them millions of dollars.

  • VeroMithril - 2 days ago

    Wow you really started a channel here :D

  • Школа Инвесторов - 2 days ago

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  • MrSquareart - 2 days ago

    great video!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kouga - 2 days ago

    I don't think it is a big deal that google ignores the United Nations' wishes at all! It's just another perspective, why should the UN be favored over other parties?

  • AlWankhan - 2 days ago

    You hype cunt, you just found an information so old that nobody will bother remembering, what google said about this was that they had bad information provided by US state department, and they changed the borders immediately, because this was an embarrassment for google. And no its not "basically how colonialism worked". This should be taken down instead of littering my main page