T5 Strange Creatures Found Frozen in Ice

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Published on Jan 14, 2018

When an animal becomes frozen in ice, it’s body can last for thousands of years, giving us an incredible view of what the world was like when the animal was alive. Prehistoric mammoths, woolly rhinos, and even humans have been discovered, and are almost perfectly preserved, encased in their tomb of ice. But sometimes, more mysterious things are uncovered that seem to challenge parts of our understanding of biology.

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  • scott logan - 6 hours ago

    you mean the notoriously fake freak shows LOL

  • L T - 20 hours ago

    Hey make a monkey’s paw a la stephen king

  • Pokeman Dragonmaster - 1 day ago

    I love your videos awesome 👏

  • keith kuehn - 1 day ago

    I'm still wondering about the Minnesota Iceman. I did see it in person, and I'd say the chances are it is real, not fake. Part of the problem is where it came from, and though many say it is / was a fake..........well, it would be pretty neat if it turns out someday to be actual remains......

  • Bobo Radcliff - 1 day ago

    Sounds like Italian ice mummy was a Assassin.

  • captain catastrophe - 2 days ago

    Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens were a result of parallel evolution, there was no missing link between them.

  • Roman Sochacki - 2 days ago

    It literally means "Amy" in Russian when it is used as a name, not just "Love." It is not too different than "Ivan" being a Russian version of "John."

  • Jay Hall - 2 days ago

    When I was about 10 yrs old my father and I paid a dollar to view "The Minnesota Iceman". He was on display at the Northgate Mall in Chattanooga Tennessee. he had red blood on his left arm. Like he was defending himself from some sort attack. I am 51 today and still believe it was real. As does my father who was a Army Doctor at that time.

  • kaitlyn collins - 2 days ago

    Heavily carve leaf season mean careful comfortable bank occasional silver.

  • Dan Eschweiler - 2 days ago

    The stories to go along with these are ridiculous. How can you possibly go into that much detail about something you can’t possibly know anything at all about. Lol. It’s fun though.

  • TahoeJones Olympia - 2 days ago


  • TheHaratashi - 2 days ago

    So fake.

  • Terry Coats - 2 days ago

    Saying that the ice woman fell from her horse because of smoking cannabis is a pretty far stretch. No one could know that.

  • that one guy - 2 days ago

    Click bait video. This YouTuber did the same thing as the carnival. They both exploited a prop some carnies made and spread rumors for money.

  • Tommy Northwood - 2 days ago

    They all died from weed overdoses.

  • Tommy Northwood - 2 days ago

    Neanderthals were a different branch of hominids than us. There were stories by guys in the 1800's of people that met them traveling. They weren't dumb at all.

  • Delta BoXeR - 2 days ago

    The ice man is one of the worst fakes I have ever seen haha!

  • Darth Vader - 2 days ago


  • Edward Mc - 2 days ago

    Hansen subsequently withdrew the Minnesota Iceman from public inspection, saying the withdrawal was on orders from its California-based owner. he would have been found out that's why he hides the real owner which is him. other than that it is a very truthful and informational video.

  • Chickeneating - 2 days ago

    otzi died cranking that soulja boi

  • resonance - 2 days ago

    We have wookies on Earth?

  • josueperez22 - 2 days ago

    12:55 Crank that Soulja Boy

  • Joe Boyer - 2 days ago

    Turns out that I'm a desendant of the ice man. We came from the Ancient Boii Tribe.

  • Drew Denny - 2 days ago

    his info isn't totally correct. he keeps saying that humans evolved from neanderthals

  • Gregg hatfield - 2 days ago

    Wow— great — now w all the big foots from other country’s we are now going to have by racial Harry People. We all are going to look alike someday.

  • ephewe - 2 days ago

    The ice man is “most likely a fake” just like I’m “most likely taking a massive shit right now”.

  • C.B. Canga - 2 days ago

    Can we really call the iceman a creature? I guess he is technically, but a bit misleading.

  • Amber Dawn - 2 days ago

    The bigfoot guy at the beginning, the Minnisota Iceman or whatever, IS a bigfoot. It's AN ALIEN.

  • Phil K - 2 days ago

    Interesting. Nice one

  • Tyler Jaynes - 2 days ago

    12:55 I can't not see this mummy without thinking of that meme where someone said he was "Cranking that Soulja Boy"