TTop VR Treadmills Virtual Reality Locomotion

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Published on Aug 06, 2016

A look at the top virtual reality treadmills that are either under development or available for purchase. These devices help improve immersion into the VR experience. They each offer different approaches to the VR locomotion challenge. Pretty cool stuff.
KAT Walk 0:01 | Virtuix Omni 3:20 | Cyberith Virtualizer 5:57 | Infinadeck 9:15 | Rovr 12:17


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  • Antiqwiz maincube - 19 hours ago

    Are people in Cyberith video hungarian? they have familiar accent.

  • Legitocracy - 24 hours ago

    None of these are actually fully immersive unless every single vr game has nothing but flat worlds that you must be standing up or crouching in

  • IngeniousOutdoors - 3 days ago

    Welp,looks like my fatass will never get to enjoy the future 😒

  • MrJan9k - 3 days ago

    The kat vr could be even smaller, it just have to mounted to the celling Imaging having a chair as they showed in the same hook and Then when you wanna play you move the chair and plugin the vr set

  • Haydn Cox - 4 days ago

    Just a shame the treadmills aren't big enough to lunge in any direction! If you want to lunge around a corner to shoot or lunge forward to attack you're gonna either fall off the edge of the treadmill or smack your hand on the equipment i.e. pillars! Still pretty awesome though, can't wait for the future when these things are resolved!

  • Jack Evans - 4 days ago

    So, how long until Oculus and Vive put together API's so that each game doesn't have to be edited to work with these?

  • 김재훈 - 4 days ago

    하.. 이거 보급형으로 나오면 진짜 살 많이 뺄 자신 있는데

  • CBearSaunders - 4 days ago

    Can we get the KAT engineers to build the Omni please? I'm thinking that combo FTW

  • Ryan McAleer - 4 days ago

    I like the one' that don't obstruct your waste if you need to grab something in your back pack or something.

  • Joe Duarte - 5 days ago

    The first one seems to be the best to me, with all the others the player looks real awkward and uncomfortable like it took alot of time to learn how to not fall.

  • Grayson Green - 5 days ago

    it will also make the game more realistic because before you could just run on forever but now you can get tired and stop moving like in real life

  • Aname Goeshere - 1 week ago

    My baby jumper days finally coming in handy!

  • Joseph - 1 week ago

    I think the kat walk is the best one. Allows free movement

  • That_guy U_Know - 1 week ago

    OK I know this video was published around 2 years ago but I absolutely hate this, I've been so peeved when I see companies publish creations that cost "2,500" TO BUY, not just to produce but TO BUY! with such bulky heavy technology that they think they could make thinner or "more pretty" I mean I don't know about anyone else but I don't want a 7-8 foot arcade game that I'm pretty sure i'm only going to use one or twice if i'm really feeling like it. That takes so much time to probably build as if it was a chair from IKEA, they solve so many problems poorly! I mean "Oh! how do we give consumers the pleasure to walk freely? We'll just make some shoes that are sold separately!" Consoles are made with one item and one item only to communicate with a virtual game and where it should be convenient for the consumer as much as possible. Literally all these creations were poorly thought out, half the businesses are bankrupt, and if you think you could argue with me? go ask your neighbor and see if they love playing with it their 3 games that are compatible with their 7'8" 290 lb treadmill that costs 2,500 bucks

  • Time power - 1 week ago

    Shut up take my money!!!!

  • The Cabbage - 1 week ago

    A mix between KatVR mini's harness and Cyberith's base would be the best

  • mrotola28 - 1 week ago

    katwalk is not as polished as the rest but it sounds like the most advanced and comfortable

  • That one dude who posts stuff - 1 week ago

    Doesn't the Vive kind of fix this issue?

  • Waifu insurance - 2 weeks ago

    In my opinion the katwalk is the best one but I really want to see a proning feature in any locomotion treadmill

  • Mario Zambano - 2 weeks ago

    Which one is cheapest

  • DG 12000 - 2 weeks ago

    The omni is trash its literally a baby walker that doesnt move just make a ready player one thing already

  • SpataHuntr1 1 8 - 2 weeks ago

    The last one is stupid that will get u tired

  • SpataHuntr1 1 8 - 2 weeks ago

    I like the first one and the infinideck I actually saw a video of the infinideck that u didn't have to be strapped in on a fixed item... And the first one is quite small and has the perfect amount of friction

  • SpataHuntr1 1 8 - 2 weeks ago

    Weight loss and games... Sounds like effort for XP, like when u run for a donut except u only stay the same.

  • delta orange - 2 weeks ago

    What stips you from walking thrue walls in games

  • Quadrenaro - 2 weeks ago

    I was drawing stuff like this when I was a kid back in the 90s. Except I imagined a large trackball like from mice way back then.

  • Archerfish Johns - 2 weeks ago

    Imagine playing multiplayer horror tag with these lmao

  • forever gineer - 2 weeks ago

    What if the user is suspended in air surrounded by a 4 way gimbal, the floor would be friction based and the height would be adjusted by the computer, allowing complete removal of it from the play space (leg tracking would be required for setting the floor height and calculate view point). Pros: simulate any position (including laying down) Removable floor Nothing to interfere with hands/legs Closes thing ready player one :p Cons: hard to mount Freaking huge Requires special software

  • ryan thompson - 2 weeks ago

    It would be so cool if you could play fortnite

  • Toxicity_Overdrive - 2 weeks ago

    You could combine this with the team's suit and it would literally be Ready Player One