TSuper Smash Bros Switch pushing Pokemon to 2019?

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Published on Mar 15, 2018

Super Smash Bros is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2018, so does this mean that Pokemon Switch will be pushed to 2019? Let's find out Inside Super Smash Bros crossover Pokemon Switch!

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  • Commonwealth Realm - 1 month ago

    So what do you think? Will Super Smash Bros Switch in 2018 push Pokemon Switch to 2019?

  • fledermausmann - 4 days ago

    The little period after "Bros" means it's an abbreviation for "Brothers". The game is called "Super Smash Brothers". Now you know.

  • KC Clark - 4 days ago

    "Push" to 2019? Nah man, I was predicting Pokemon for 2019 from the beginning.

  • courage1 - 5 days ago

    Pokemon Switch will never be revealed or released this year, because of Super Smash Bros Switch will be out this year instead, because we cant have 2 of the biggest IPs to be out at the same year regardless of month and date since Smash Bros is way more popular than Pokemon and that the reason why they can never be out in the same year.

  • Aidan Waldrup - 1 week ago

    It got you hahahaha!!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😅😅😅

  • Renato Ramos de Oliveira Correia - 1 week ago

    Tittle acts as if it's a choice. Even if pokemon for switch started development a little before sun and moon came out, it still wouldn't come in 2018 unless it's a remake.

  • leggomytoku - 2 weeks ago

    ANND pokemon past and future!!!....september 2018!!!!

  • Sunnard - 2 weeks ago

    No, Smash bros will release in September and Pokemon in December ;)

  • Tom K9H - 2 weeks ago

    Good video man! It makes sense that they wouldn't release two big games around the same time as it would definitely have this cannibalism effect you talked about. I still think the Pokemon game will either release in December 2018 or March 2019 and we will hear about it at this year's E3 event. I believe they started working on the game way before their announcement at the E3 event last year so it should be ready by either of those dates. I do not think they would wait until November 2019 to release the game but it would be a very good strategy as some strategic ports could definitely spike switch sales and allow them to meet their 2018 sales objective (Metroid Prime trilogy, more HD Zelda and Mario Games) or even just a good and well thought out virtual console system.

  • kitty of power - 2 weeks ago

    smash for switch is releasing December 31 2018

  • Guglielmo Gallucci - 2 weeks ago

    Wow, putting Pokemon and Smash in the same league, SO MANY LAYERS OF WRONG. If any, it would be Pokemon that pushes Smash away.

  • millly1 - 2 weeks ago

    What is the music used between 0:53 and 1:08?

  • Portishead Biscuit - 2 weeks ago

    Literally a video about nothing

  • Narwhalmelon - 2 weeks ago

    Why does everybody think Pokemon Switch will exist? I see chances being low.

  • Littlebluepanda Doe - 2 weeks ago

    I don’t play Pokémon sooooo.... suck it nerds

  • Yukiteru Amanoはなせません - 2 weeks ago

    Tbh I wouldn't mind Pokemon coming in 2019 for the switch sense that just gives them more time to work on the game.

  • vaporterra - 2 weeks ago

    I feel like Smash Bros and Pokémon can coexist and one won’t negatively effectively the other’s production. Especially since there’s so much crossover between the communities that it that were to happen it would cause a rift.

  • Matt Creps - 2 weeks ago

    Guys it will most likely be coming this year they release them every 2-3 years mostly 2 years and Pokémon switch will probably come before cause remember smash 4 how they announced greninja to promote x and y

  • MauHylian - 3 weeks ago

    Great Video!

  • Jachariah - 3 weeks ago

    It makes sense, Zelda and Mario in year one, Smash in year 2 and Pokémon in year 3. Really split up your systems sellers is a smart move to keep interest up

  • Michael Jacobs - 4 weeks ago

    I think they'll have both. Smash Bros is not enough for them to sell 20 million units this year. To put this into perspective they sold about 14 million in their first year with both Mario and Zelda launching in that year. And those Mario and Zelda games also just so happened to be the best performing Mario and Zelda games of all time commercially. Smash Bros is big bit its not as big as Mario and Zelda let alone both of them combined. Pokémon certainly would give them a major push and would make 20 million Switch consoles sold this year seem more feasible. My current guess: Smash Bros is coming in September alongside the Nintendo Online Service and that's why it was revealed so early. Pokémon will be November and will be their major holiday title.

  • Pokéchill - 4 weeks ago

    I think this is just an idiotic statement in general. I mean, it was going to be 2019 anyways. Ishihara wouldn’t have mentioned the release like that if he didn’t mean 2019. The Pokémon company, while owned by Nintendo likes to separate themselves from Nintendo. They don’t care about when smash comes out. They’ll want to dev it at their own damn pace and release it when it’s ready. Smash would affect nothing. Why did you think it would be 2018 in the first place? I would hate it if it was this year. That would mean TPC half assed it again. Plus, you’re setting unreal expectations with this open world stuff. I just want them to make it content rich again. That’s what’s more important than you’re inherently flawed idea of an open world Pokemon. Try to form an educated opinion please.

  • Dreq the Dreck - 4 weeks ago

    pushed? really? no where was it ever even insinuated that it would release in 2018. console games take longer to develop, and even longer than that if you want to still be able to see your trainer with giratina running behind him without frame and graphical dips.

  • solexe - 4 weeks ago

    Pokémon omega ruby/Pokémon alpha sapphire was released along with super smash bros Wii U, it could be possible they will be release with smash again.

  • Xeno Raxus - 4 weeks ago

    The more time they have the more chances to change the battle system so I hope its out tomorrow

  • noah Johnston - 4 weeks ago

    No cause they have different development teams

  • Cameron Holmes - 4 weeks ago

    Heh as long as I get my Fire Emblem for the Switch in 2018 I'm gonna be gooche.

  • Dstroy95 - 4 weeks ago

    Then this happened...

  • MaxZilla Gaming - 4 weeks ago

    I dont know why you think Metroid Prime 4 is happening in 2019???? your acting like that release year is set in stone, I personally think that this year, 2018! will have Pokemon Switch and Metroid Prime 4 as the 2 big releases, and smash switch is just an enhanced port that in the end wont live up to the hype because everyone is unreasonably expecting a completely new smash game. (Nintendo's quota with most games is that they want fans to wait as little as possible between reveal and release, so in my opinion expecting Metroid Prime 4 to come out 2 years after it being teased is unreasonable, same with Pokemon Switch, I believe both games to be 2018 games, the reason it'll work out is because smash might end up not being as big as people are expecting, so it will barely effect the sales of this years main games.)

  • Keith D. - 4 weeks ago

    Wait, who actually thought Pokémon was coming out in 2018?