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Published on Jan 12, 2018

Learn how to make a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza! I love NY-style thin crust pizzas, but once in a while I also like to enjoy a sloppy slice of deep dish. So much, stuff. Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this Chicago-Style Pizza!

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  • Kayla Adonetti - 11 hours ago

    Dude the voice... I can’t

  • Nicholas Dean Xanthis - 16 hours ago

    He puts the emPHAsis on the wrong sylLAble

  • Alexandre Camargo - 24 hours ago

    This looks SOOOOO delicious

  • Brik Haus - 2 days ago

    Visit Chicago Chef. There are half a dozen pizza styles here and Deep Dish is only one of them.

  • Alvin George - 2 days ago

    The way he talks bothers me so much

  • 66flamer - 2 days ago

    unbelievably annoying voice.

  • Prof Chaos - 3 days ago

    this kind of pizza is probably the best one to make in a home kitchen oven, what you call NY style on the other side it's my favorite type of pizza but it needs a professional (possibly wood fire) oven that reaches 400 degrees Celsius (750 F°). You can sort of hack the dough for the thin crust pizza to make it more suitable for a domestic oven but it's never the same thing.

  • Ram4 - 3 days ago

    Dear anyone reading this: This is not authentic deep dish, this is one person's (from New York) own version of it. For one, it's WAY too bready. You can experiment at home all you want, but unless you come here to Chicago and go to the right places, you haven't had deep dish. And stuffed pizza like Giordano's is not deep dish. Uno Chicago Grill and Old Chicago are abominations. Uno Chicago Grill is NOTHING like Pizzeria Uno. They bought the name, changed the recipe completely and made a chain out of it claiming to be the real thing. It's nothing like the real thing. PS, there are technically 10 - YES 10 styles of pizza in Chicago including our main one - tavern style which is paper thin cut into squares. We are the pizza capital of the world. PS - I love New York style (coal oven and gas oven street slice), New Haven style, Detroit style to name a few other styles. Great pizza is great anywhere. Of course those of is in Chicago, New York or Detroit will probably be most fond of what we grew up on. But there's no shame in enjoying the other regional pizzas. Quad Cities style and St. Louis style are two that I can easily say I am not a fan of.

  • Johnny Garlic - 3 days ago

    Nice lasagna recipe!

  • Igor Lopes - 3 days ago

    the very true is: Chicago pizza is a pie

  • 2Lysergic4Insurgent7 - 3 days ago

    i don't know if i should take a bite or throw a penny in and make a wish

  • joe smith - 3 days ago

    New york sucks! New york sucks!

  • King IntheNorth - 3 days ago

    Normally we cut the extra dough off and just have the wall around the outside. Also it is sometimes easier/quicker to double bake the dough once before adding the toppings then when it's all together. But other than that this chicagoan agrees! If you like you can also add a lot more garlic to the sauce that's a common thing here too

  • NSTA St-A - 4 days ago

    Thank you!!!

  • Spear Shaker - 4 days ago

    Alittle pizza with your cheese.

  • ZetrA - 4 days ago

    gosh ur cooking n vids are good but the way u bend ur vocal cords to reach a light voice is really annoying

  • RE S - 4 days ago

    Where should I add the cayenne?

  • iAmSVD - 4 days ago

    i love his narration

  • Aaron Klein - 5 days ago

    Addicted to the content, absolutely hate the narration though.

  • Geni Varaku - 5 days ago

    The way you talk makes me not want to watch the video but i want the pizza

  • eugene Purry - 5 days ago

    I have got to try this one

  • David Oglanian - 6 days ago

    Being from Chicago John, this is only one style of pizza in Chicago as you know! We have about 1,000 types of pizza by different families, and restaurants! North side, south side!This deep dish was introduced here first, but doesn't mean that's the only type we have! I make four types myself, from very thin cracker crust to deep dish! Love them all!

  • WizzzHesham - 6 days ago

    Pleeeeeeaaasse do the ny style pizza

  • Broseph Stalin - 6 days ago

    Idk I think I would had to load the top of that with bunch of mozzarella aswell

  • Biagio Colangelo - 1 week ago

    that is a chicago pie or lasagna pie ,is not a pizza ,heavy and full of fatty cheese with a brick crust,over killed with sauce and cheese,u will need 100 napkins to wipe your face

  • mariano pesa - 1 week ago

    First all of all this isn't pizza. And its hilarious to see Americans fight over new York style pizza or Chicago pizza when everyone with a mind knows good pizza is found in Napoli , And pizza in other Italian regions Is still way better than American pizza

  • fantasmaformaggino76 - 1 week ago

    why are americans so obsessed with putting meat on pizza? As an italian i find it off putting. Sauce and cheeses are more than enough.

  • BobG127 - 1 week ago

    One thing in this video is true: comparing deep dish pizza to thin crust is silly. You might as well add calzones and pizza bread to the argument; they all have dough, sauce, and cheese (and whatever else you want to add). I have been making deep dish pizza for many years and have been told by many that mine is superior to Lou Malnati's. (Malnati's, not Pizzeria Uno or Gino's East, is the king of restaurant deep dish.) If I made deep dish pizza as it is done in this video, even I would prefer thin crust -- virtually ANY thin crust -- pizza to deep dish. Sorry, Chef John, but as much as I love your presentations, it's two thumbs down on this recipe. (Hhmmm, are you TRYING to sway people away from deep dish pizza?)

  • Syed Mohammed Faizuddin - 1 week ago

    I started with healthy sports drink recipe on this channel, planning to turn my unhealthy diet-life around... ...ends up over here. (•_•)

  • Richard Kappes - 1 week ago

    I was wondering if could make this a 9x 12 cast iron pan? I have a pot luck and thought I might try it any thoughts?