THomemade Vs. Boxed Chocolate Cake

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Published on Feb 14, 2018

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  • LADYCrush BD - 1 hour ago


  • Poxow - 2 hours ago

    Strawberries, more like cancer berries

  • Hey It's Pwansu - 3 hours ago

    Don't freak out cuz we're just using 1/2 cup *M A Y O*

  • Aaron - 5 hours ago

    People put water in cake? The stupidity of people irks me

  • Irina Feygin - 7 hours ago

    Did he cry of happiness?? 💜

  • Irina Feygin - 7 hours ago

    I just ate dinner and now I’m so hungry😂😫

  • abby - 8 hours ago

    Lipstick on a pig lol 😂

  • Elaine Kim - 9 hours ago

    Brenda is me

  • Itzallaboutna - 13 hours ago

    I was satisfied until I heard mayonnaise. I was just threw off

  • Anna Berketi - 15 hours ago

    Chocolate cake is pretty but you’re prettier boy 🖤

  • Faisal Ali - 15 hours ago


  • rina mermaid - 19 hours ago

    He's much more appealing. Spread that frosting all over me.

  • Vanessa Ortiz - 1 day ago

    Does this have the same script as the ”ultimate chocolate cake “

  • Blossoming Fairies - 1 day ago

    Sorry- dumb question but... No one in my family, myself included, likes coffee. Does that espresso powder add coffee flavor?

  • HeyIts SeeBee - 1 day ago

    Now I'm hungry

  • katelin Trinh - 1 day ago

    And I love chocolate cake!!! #ChocolateCake

  • katelin Trinh - 1 day ago

    Is stout optional for the homemade recipe?

  • Black Out - 1 day ago

    4:04 , “it’s not that sweet” continues adding 5 cups of powdered sugar!😂

  • Danny Lieberwirth - 2 days ago

    1:54 IM CACKLING

  • happy flower - 2 days ago

    can i replace stout with water or milk??please help

  • Naiara Redondo - 2 days ago

    Mayo wtf

  • Loljustme ȏ-ȏ - 2 days ago

    I love how he calls his mum mama

  • Magdalena Krsnik - 2 days ago

    Does it really need to be mayonnaise? I really hate it so is there a substitute or can I make the cake without it?

  • allanah bc - 2 days ago

    So shocked with the mayonnaise

  • D•slice productions - 2 days ago


  • بنوتات عراقيات - 2 days ago

    يشهي يميميميميم😋

  • chermaine venize dela cruz - 2 days ago

    Can substitute the beer with milk

  • Kevin Hinkle - 2 days ago

    Of course the home made cake was better when you out that much more effort into making it taste good. There's so much more you can do to the mix to improve it, but he did it plain and simple but for the home made he did it as fancy and sophisticated as possible. Not at all an even comparison

  • Clint Animations - 2 days ago

    Of course they like the homemade one. THEY ARE TASTY PRODUCERS.

  • Chloe McCaw - 2 days ago

    Doesn’t get all of the mayonnaise off the side of the bowl Me: Ahhhhhh