TDipIt #16: Resin vs. Aluminum: My Horrible Gift to Carl Jacobson!

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Published on Apr 28, 2017

I reached out to Carl Jacobson to see if he wanted to do another collaboration with me. Since he sent me something rare and beautiful (paint chips) I decided to return that favor by sending him something awful...

I've wanted to show the whole casting process for a while. It is a LONG process but I try and show you ALL the steps, including my math problems. I then sent this bowl blank up to Carl to have him turn it into something BEAUTIFUL!

Bowl Turning video:
Aluminum and Polyester Resin Bowl:

Carl's Channel:

Full write up coming soon:

Want To Make this Project?

Mold Making:
Plexiglass Sheet:
Hot Glue Gun:
Mold Release:
Modeling Clay:
8lbs of Silicone (whoa!):
Food Scale:
5qt Mixing Container:

1qt Mixing Containers:
Clear Polyester Resin:
Smaller mixing Cups & Stir Sticks:
Black Pigment:
Silicone Rubber Mat:
Rubber Gloves:

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  • NotCallum - 12 months ago

    the benefits of the metric system

  • texasfossilguy - 8 hours ago

    the aluminum is so fine that it is very porous. your porosity is probably 90+%

  • Creative Kangaroo - 1 day ago

    i clicked on this thinking in said rasin vs. aluminium....took me six minutes to realise it wasnt rasin

  • kevinfitz89 - 1 day ago

    Oz. By weight or volume?

  • Melissa Lopez - 1 day ago

    Carrrrllllllllll, that kills people

  • tsx1096 - 2 days ago

    The void ratio of the aluminum is huge, so while it might look like a lot, it's really not much. I'd say it's probably at least 80% air

  • Tyger - 2 days ago

    Dude. Oz is not a measure of Volume, it’s a measure of weight. It can be used as volume if you are using the same substance in both measurements I.E water. But you used water for measuring the volume of the mold and then you were filling it with resin. They don’t have the same densities. This means that 75oz of water could take up 3/4 the space that 75oz of Resin does.

  • Travis Vercher - 2 days ago

    You also didn’t fill up the mold all the way when you measured the volume with water.

  • Travis Vercher - 2 days ago

    Think of the aluminum as the actual amount of foam in a foam brick. That is basically 85% air. Now think of the air bubbles inside foam as the resin. You’re going to use above 60 oz

  • Natalie M. - 2 days ago


  • TrollFaceTheMan - 3 days ago

    An inner silicone positive would use up less material.

  • DJhato - 3 days ago

    water weighs different from resin. this is why we measure in liters

  • Elise B - 4 days ago

    wood drinks resin ;)

  • Dale Skidmore - 4 days ago

    Resin weighs more than water by volume.

  • Abels Exploring - 4 days ago

    Should of dun it clear

  • Crystal Charee - 4 days ago

    Could you make this:

  • Jordan Walker - 4 days ago

    lots of surface area on top of itself created structure but not a lot of volume.

  • JBTechCon - 4 days ago

    Dude. 1) You should have filled the corners of you box with something. 2) You didn't fill the mold fully 3)you splashed water out dumping it into the bucket and 4) You should have put a big filler in the center right at the beginning and measured its volume.

  • AdamKitson - 4 days ago

    Could you have poured the resin between the bowl an the walls of acrylic then carved it out of that cast ?

  • Umbraldancer - 5 days ago

    if you pour from as high as possible you wont get bubbles

  • McYolo - 5 days ago

    How much does it shrink when it cures? Maybe that explains it.

  • Ezeray - 5 days ago

    10:05 how to make an industrial fruitcake center piece... also wood absorbs

  • Gabe Chimento - 5 days ago

    It because alumna floats

  • Stacey Mae - 5 days ago

    Haaaaa I laughed so hard . This is great and also helllla creative 👌🏻

  • HiPetitGateau - 5 days ago

    Bebes work well just warm em up and mix em you cam make any shape with em.

  • MelyD.artist - 6 days ago

    Dude you're awesome, great vid!!

  • Amy Farrell - 6 days ago

    its like a black hole in that container

  • Save Us - 6 days ago

    if you throw your resin shavings away, dont. save them and mix them with more fresh resin in a mold.

  • Olivia williams - 6 days ago

    The mold was done of the out side of the bowl not the inside so it's going to be bigger

  • M Mram - 7 days ago

    Peter fantastic idea 💡 ALL the greatest things made throughout history was achieved through trial and error, I think the outcome is wonderful, Thank your wife, I love the metal with the black 🖤 it's BOLD and unique, I think because of the larger density difference of water and syrup meant you needed more resin as it slowly dripped down while leveling itself out as they don't weigh the same. What's important was the result, a excellent striking and good design.☺️👍👌Good Job.