YoungBoy Never Broke Again Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Published on May 14, 2018

YoungBoy Never Broke Again goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about wearing Air Jordans growing up, never wearing the same outfit twice, and wanting to start his own sneaker brand.

NOTE: This episode was shot on February, 22, 2018.

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  • Nurse Joy - Channel Youtube
    Nurse Joy - 14 minutes ago

    Nasty nigger

  • King303 Denver - Channel Youtube
    King303 Denver - 20 minutes ago

    Fuck gear and shoes. Buy the bible and read the word all this other mess is useless..

  • jonyskinz philly - Channel Youtube
    jonyskinz philly - 29 minutes ago

    Over 5k can you hate on someone doin it big..get a fuckin job

  • Sean 'sweet' Johnson - Channel Youtube
    Sean 'sweet' Johnson - 46 minutes ago

    Do xxxtentacion

  • kashlyy - Channel Youtube
    kashlyy - 55 minutes ago

    Copped some fire kicks... but he’s hella boring to talk with

  • Jerry - Channel Youtube
    Jerry - 1 hour ago

    Troye sivon plz

  • cool guy - Channel Youtube
    cool guy - 1 hour ago

    Everyone like he need to get a credit card, he 17 he can't even have one yet

  • anthonygetdat - Channel Youtube
    anthonygetdat - 2 hours ago

    Nigga look like he shouldnt have went outside today

  • Oumar Diallo - Channel Youtube
    Oumar Diallo - 2 hours ago

    Mad awkward

  • KINGS_ONLY _OP - Channel Youtube
    KINGS_ONLY _OP - 2 hours ago

    He talk loud sometimes then he quiet

  • John Dough - Channel Youtube
    John Dough - 2 hours ago

    Do slim thug

  • Hesi Re - Channel Youtube
    Hesi Re - 3 hours ago

    Buy real estate young homie or you'll become the artist formally known as NBA Youngboy… just ABN.. Another Broke ass Negro

  • Timothy Scott - Channel Youtube
    Timothy Scott - 3 hours ago


  • Big Mustache - Channel Youtube
    Big Mustache - 3 hours ago

    Don't know who this is but I bet he'll be broke in a couple of years.

  • msxmargo - Channel Youtube
    msxmargo - 3 hours ago

    Fan is stroked

  • Scott Benoit - Channel Youtube
    Scott Benoit - 4 hours ago


  • cris pats - Channel Youtube
    cris pats - 4 hours ago

    He looks like the next Joker.

  • Big Dick - Channel Youtube
    Big Dick - 4 hours ago

    What a fucking dork.

  • Uzziah Ahhaitty - Channel Youtube
    Uzziah Ahhaitty - 5 hours ago

    This is the best one

  • Tamirrr !!! - Channel Youtube
    Tamirrr !!! - 5 hours ago

    Logan ugly asf🤣‼️

  • Mauri Rori - Channel Youtube
    Mauri Rori - 5 hours ago

    It looks like that he don't won't to be there because he is asking to much question

  • Julia Hawkshaw - Channel Youtube
    Julia Hawkshaw - 5 hours ago


  • Shemar ThaBoss - Channel Youtube
    Shemar ThaBoss - 5 hours ago

    y tf he talkin and actin like that 🤣

  • Me Chavez - Channel Youtube
    Me Chavez - 6 hours ago


  • Me Chavez - Channel Youtube
    Me Chavez - 6 hours ago

    Hate how he talks

  • Me Chavez - Channel Youtube
    Me Chavez - 6 hours ago

    I hate him so buggy

  • Winter Frost - Channel Youtube
    Winter Frost - 6 hours ago

    Well damn he ain’t showing off with them lil the racks he got 100s and 100s

  • kevin kim - Channel Youtube
    kevin kim - 6 hours ago

    Thx god for hip-hop smh this lil mf crazy 😁. That kid parents probably millionaires. I know he's a confident lil sucka.

  • Scot hoy - Channel Youtube
    Scot hoy - 6 hours ago

    All I heard in this entire video is yenni yenni yenni

  • _.Rattastic._ - Channel Youtube
    _.Rattastic._ - 6 hours ago

    For some reason I don’t like him...