TMini Mansions Tiny House Has All The Creature Comforts

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Published on Feb 27, 2016

Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders build tiny homes in Missouri. This tiny house dubbed "Relax Shack Red" has all kinds of features that make living in pretty darn cozy. In this video Emily Mitchell (co-owner of the company) gives a thorough tour of their tiny house for sale.

Visit their website here:

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  • Lorinjay Negrosa - 2 weeks ago

    its so beautiful

  • Galdina Barreira de Oliveira - 2 weeks ago


  • Jada Baldwin - 2 weeks ago


  • Allat Goddess - 3 weeks ago

    I wouldn't hv had the wash/dryer there, next to the living area, but rather further back in the corner of the kitchen. The ceiling looks like ply-wood.

  • nikita vineham - 4 weeks ago

    I love the carpet up on the lofts!

  • Anna Anna - 4 weeks ago

    Impossible to watch - too shaky

  • Smile It's the Good Life - 4 weeks ago

    This home is all flash, no substance. First off, the presentation was awful. The woman kept sniffing, she moved the camera too quickly, which made me dizzy and the lighting in the house was awful for video. There's absolutely no storage, the bathroom should have a tiny frosted window high up for privacy, the bathroom should have a door, and why do stairs and no storage in them? So much wasted space. I could barely make it through the video.

  • Misha - 4 weeks ago

    I love it! :)

  • lady leo - 1 month ago

    Love it!!!

  • Luis Felipe Castaño Muñoz - 2 months ago


  • Frances Lopez - 2 months ago


  • Regina Estrada - 2 months ago

    mansion vibe???? hah no storage, in stairs, bulky cheap fireplace not flush in wall a/c biggest eyesore, even if flush mounted cheap cheap seating with cheap white pillowcases stop sniffling, be embarrassed vanity is thick like those little girl play furniture red door pretentious w no follow thru to design cheapest loft railing, cheap bed for staging the build is good, but redesigning, ADD storage.... where to store ONE SINGLE ITEM ANYWHERE TO STORE A PAIR OF GLASSES EVEN we would need room for our armoires, chest of drawers, etc etc

  • Regina Estrada - 2 months ago

    the TV is wayyyyy to high, from the bench.....bench looks uncomfortable

  • Regina Estrada - 2 months ago

    awful AC unit, even when hung flush, its in the space for art

  • Stacy Hackney - 2 months ago


  • HRH Consultants - 2 months ago

    Very different but the hight an width seem strange to the eye. Very good quality of

  • got 7 bts exo mark bam Love you fantsskj - 2 months ago


  • radix maharaj - 2 months ago

    2:10 when she opens the door.... you're welcome

  • Mae Sams - 2 months ago


  • .--. - 2 months ago

    Swell toilet window.

  • Jennifer - 2 months ago

    Small closet for 3 people Plus shower, sink, toilet are to close, plus no mirror or storage for towels or shampoo or other products, I would hate for others to see my pads sitting out or be burned by my flat iron or curling iron, what if a family lived here they need privacy in the lofts plus no place for dining table not enough shelves for dishes, no lazy Susan or pull out storage or pull out spice rack no space for coffee pot, George Forman grill or toaster oven, no oven, frig to small hate window by frig, couch looks uncomfy, hate tv's with speakers on the back of tv waste of money can't hear a thing unless you are to the side or back of tv.

  • Josh Matternn - 2 months ago

    I want thaaaaaat!

  • HKMediaChicago - 2 months ago

    Skip to 2:11, you're welcome.

  • Snow and Wet Leaves - 2 months ago

    plumbing inside, brilliant

  • Slavic Queen - 3 months ago

    Something a hippie would live in.

  • V-Lo Book - 3 months ago

    ❤ Can you wil that to me? So nice

  • Anthony Woods - 3 months ago

    Ther E should be a bridge on top of the bridge connecting the top to 2nd floors

  • Dániel Kiss - 3 months ago

    Puttiing a giant window right next to the toilet was not a smart idea, not everybody is up for strangers watching them while they are pooping.... :D

  • big j - 3 months ago

    Yes finally somebody didn't but the bathroom near the kitchen

  • bornstunna0808 - 3 months ago

    When y’all say 40k the price is including the trailer too right? Sometimes people forget how expensive a good trailer can be!