TOfficial Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Teaser

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Published on Mar 08, 2018

Forget what you know.
Community Reveal Event: May 17, 2018
Global Launch: October 12, 2018

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  • Awesome Dude - 6 minutes ago

    It’s coming out on ma bday

  • AnimeLandia1.0 - 14 minutes ago

    Apenas salga la reserva me lo compro

  • CombatingRowe - 16 minutes ago

    This game better be beyond any call of duty game ever made. Bigger maps. Aircrafts. I'm done with the run and shoot run and shoot bullshit. This franchise is far past due and it's 2018. Get it together. This game should be monstorous with a lot more capabilities. This is war, where the hell are the tanks, choppers that can be called in and flown freely, bigger and more strategic game modes and maps. SERIOUSLY

  • GoldenArrow - 20 minutes ago

    No more futuristic games

  • Amanda Ma - 29 minutes ago

    no way the community reveal event is on my birth day

  • Amanda Ma - 31 minutes ago

    0:08 did I see brutus of mob of the dead?!?!

  • tuscthetusk - 42 minutes ago

    I hope to god the Mason family family returns.

  • Crash Boy - 43 minutes ago


  • Marsicorn - 50 minutes ago


  • That Guy - 1 hour ago

    Wait you still exist call of duty is the worst ever😂😂😂😂 I switched to battlefield long ago and haven’t regretted it since also you reveal it on a day I have a English exam and 9days until my birthday

  • Vincenzo De Rosa - 1 hour ago

    Black ops |||| Black ops ||||||||||||||||||||

  • Eric 120 - 1 hour ago

    Can I please get 115 likes?

  • Jayjoe - 1 hour ago

    i thought call of duty was dead

  • Skersaroony - 2 hours ago

    Why Y’all know you messed up with the third one so why make a fourth I was really hoping for mw4

  • the candian kipper - 2 hours ago

    So its a reboot

  • Dalia Valenzuela - 2 hours ago

    Hooray! Nuketown 39212 years from now!

  • NEONNINJA - 2 hours ago

    For the love of Vondarrharr's thong please no exo jumps

  • Matthew Husocki - 2 hours ago

    Just stop already.

  • Puuudal - 2 hours ago

    *How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man?*

  • CannonBall478 - 3 hours ago

    99% of the people who watch this "oh my god it's not IV blah blah blah" Me and the other 1% "cool tallys"

  • Isaac West - 3 hours ago

    I hope they just do Cold War stuff.

  • Cyborg Tiger - 3 hours ago

    if this is some Frozen Forrest bullshit im out

  • Kah-ahn House - 3 hours ago

    Black ops 1 black ops 2 black ops 3 black ops 5

  • StorsGT - 3 hours ago

    where is the community reveal event?

  • kg - 3 hours ago

    Im really happy to see mason and woods but no they the Main character in black ops 4

  • Shankrish Cube Tube - 3 hours ago

    For people saying it should've been the Roman numeral IV it can't because the Black ops series logo has tally count not roman numerals you guys are just dumb

  • Shankrish Cube Tube - 3 hours ago

    I'm going to preorder this😍

  • Autismo Ed Squad - 3 hours ago

    Forget what you know when you play Black Ops 3 because it has nothing to do with the first 2 Black Ops.

  • Kei Kurono - 3 hours ago

    How did I fuckin missed this ?

  • Leon Taylor - 3 hours ago