TA young Mark Zuckerberg's early mistake

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Published on Apr 10, 2018

As he testifies before Congress, a look back at 60 Minutes' interview with Facebook's founder 10 years ago

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  • Leonardo x - 43 minutes ago

    2:24 - Eyes painted on desk. 2:26 - Brazilian Flags 2:29 - Random guy on one whell bycicle. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!

  • FREAKENATOR - 6 hours ago

    facebook is nothing like google wtf

  • AestheticsisLife - 12 hours ago

    He is so misunderstood lol and idiots trying to bully him now lol

  • John Barrett - 12 hours ago

    Dude is a psycho for sure.

  • Saul Garcia - 15 hours ago

    Sensors over heating

  • Julia FS - 16 hours ago

    Why he walks like that?

  • Sly Fox Duke - 17 hours ago

    8 years later and Hillary is still disliked

  • kayden 1221 - 19 hours ago

    "Smartest person in the world" your kidding, right?

  • TheWarrior - 21 hours ago

    Also they figured out how to make bank ;) lul

  • TheWarrior - 21 hours ago

    Wait she said takes over company...am i missing something?

  • Tech4Roast - 22 hours ago

    good thing they keep the personal data private!

  • No Excuses - 1 day ago

    Who knew the cure for seizures was riding a unicycle 2:30 really guy

  • lookwhoscomin - 1 day ago

    7:18 "are you changing the way candidates are running for president" She predicted it!!

  • jonden - 2 days ago

    So Mark's never cared about people's privacy? Great, good to know.

  • gaming with Brandon - 2 days ago

    So you make fun of him then you stock him

  • imsofinite - 2 days ago

    Looks like Fincher wasted his time.

  • Juan Arevalo - 2 days ago

    Guys he's been ducking the same question for a decade now.

  • Vintergron - 2 days ago

    3:58 his advanced linguistics AI couldn't detect the question mark in the transcription.

  • The 19th Fighter - 2 days ago

    He still laughs the same way <3

  • Edge Shanahan - 2 days ago

    Dude he's so blazed, look at his eyes ..homeboy smoking some good Kush.

  • Lylat Ace - 2 days ago

    *smartest person in the world*. The only great thing to come out of social media was Donald Trump using it against everyone. Everything else that it’s done? Nah... junk. 10 years ago, I would’ve said Jobs was the smartest.

  • Vincent Chu - 2 days ago

    the "beacon" is called pixel now

  • Patrick Young - 2 days ago

    Bitcoin in 5 years will be Huge

  • Kevs Caballero - 2 days ago

    damn I even remember the interface of old facebook

  • OfficialDudeDolan - 3 days ago

    a lil unprofessional calling him a geek

  • John Adams - 3 days ago

    one jew interviewing another jew

  • ToxicArcher - 3 days ago

    see, he was just some awkward kid who now is forced to appear like everyone else in front of the world

  • Robert - 3 days ago

    back when news wasnt fake

  • HughTuberGaming - 3 days ago

    3:51 Zuckerberg.exe loading 5%

  • Ezekiel Cervantes - 3 days ago

    Zucc before he was a Lizard.