T5 types of belly that aren't caused by excess weight

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Published on Dec 20, 2017

The same is about the appearance of a certain type of tummies: sometimes the abdomen increases as a result of a general increase in body weight, sometimes as a result of eating certain foods. To remove your tummy with a minimum of effort, you should determine the cause of its appearance and neutralize it.

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  • Christine Elders - 15 hours ago

    I'm confused. First you recommend wheat bread (picture) and I think--cool! I can still eat bread if it's whole wheat. Then you suggest completely cutting out bread. You praise the benefits of probiotic foods like sour cream and yogurt (picture) but also mention cutting out dairy. Managing a healthy diet is stressful when those who advise can't make up their minds.

  • Jessie Robinson - 20 hours ago

    Too help with weight loss I have products that will help jessierobinson.itworks.com

  • maria - 2 days ago

    I don't drink alcohol and have love handles even I don't eat pizza

  • Joanne Vieritz - 2 days ago

    My partner Greg does all the wrong things, he has a hard beer gut he will never completely change his life style, how do I encourage him to change it?

  • Sharda Jagtap - 3 days ago

    I like the video thanku very much

  • Chromatic Woman - 4 days ago

    ur asking perfect bodies for advice? Then you have never been fat!

  • Natasha Lindner - 4 days ago

    ok, when it seems like stress 1. Go to bed early, before midnight and get 7-8 hours sleep per night. 2. Relax before bed, a bath, meditate, breathing exercises. 3. Exercise - long walks and yoga. 4. Get more Magnesium in your diet.

  • Emily Baker - 4 days ago

    My body is perfect, there is nothing wrong with being a chubby girl -3-

  • . jwkkilljoy - 5 days ago

    i have lower belly fat but I have none of the causes mentioned above

  • MissPYT78 - 5 days ago

    Um did this video just go against its title? The answer is eat better and exercise? That's new!

  • xRaikou - 6 days ago

    Wow. This video really just said "stop being f*cking lazy and care for your body". helpful

  • patricia Hayes - 1 week ago

    And provides NO sources. Just because you smack words and photos on a screen to make a video doesn't make ANY of the contents true, or research based.

  • patricia Hayes - 1 week ago

    This is rediculous.

  • Nayla Misshie - 1 week ago

    Great n funny 😂

  • Patricia Vasquez - 1 week ago

    Boring video!! I wish this was explain in a very different way. So I can pay attention to it

  • 双子i'm - 1 week ago

    i started planks instead of squats and now im working hard!!

  • ItsAllBeenDecided - 1 week ago

    If i wanted to read, I wouldn't come to Youtube.

  • Cheryl Wittmann - 1 week ago

    thank you

  • Mrhycannon - 1 week ago

    Going to bed early doesn't help if can't go to sleep early.. What are you supposed to do when you lay there for hours unable to sleep.?

  • Aadin Heals - 2 weeks ago

    What about, "I had a baby that left excess skin I can't see the top of my underwear belly"

  • Cracker Collecter - 2 weeks ago

    the best way to loose weight (my opinion) is to have a low diet. Working out is a quarter of what you need to do, from what I've heard at least... Anyway I don't even do any of these things bc they can't be trusted. Just don't eat like a grape a day bc that will make you even more unhealthy. Eat ENOUGH good that your body needs. If you eat like 4 Pringles and a grape then you are being CRUEL to yourself. It's like filling your car up with a cup of gas... then trying to drive to China. Make your diet healthy bit also work out a bit. Laying around is also pretty bad... Like maybe walk around your house a few times. (Ok I dont try any of the stuff I said bc... yea I'm not a softer or anything that's my opinion.. ) K thx.

  • Graeme Evans - 2 weeks ago

    what a load of bollocks

  • Lona Tassey - 2 weeks ago

    I have mommy's belly but I've never been pregnant oof

  • BabyDee1 - 2 weeks ago

    That music!

  • mbear1 - 2 weeks ago

    Interesting info (just listen to this on mute though).

  • Adree Lopez - 2 weeks ago

    So will someone answer my question? I am 13 and have a bigger belly than normal, my whole body is skinny except my belly! Any advice I know I’m young and still need to grow but I just need someone else’s opinion instead of my family they are to nice. Please reply?

  • Adree Lopez - 2 weeks ago

    #3 go to be early *looks at clock* (12:03 am) well there’s always tomorrow

  • Ammy Tasis - 2 weeks ago

    None of these bellies are mine......

  • Angie Scott - 2 weeks ago

    This is such a great video! I loved how informative and to the point it is without being preachy or judgemental and yet still finding a way to be fun and entertaining. Well done and thanks for sharing! 😊

  • Sara ASMR - 2 weeks ago

    I am #5 LOVE HANDLES but i dont drink Alcohol at all.