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Published on Feb 09, 2018

For one of my last meals in Vietnam, I joined my friend Brenda's family for a traditional homemade feast where everything was made from scratch.
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  • Strictly Dumpling - 2 months ago

    Thanks for watching the Vietnam series! Checkout the Strictly Dumpling Insta for more food! http://instagr.am/haveadumpling and you can follow my personal Instagram to know where i'm eating next! http://instagr.am/Mikexingchen And next up, get ready for the Philippines series! More food! So excited to share with you guys! :)

  • Brian Cooper - 12 hours ago

    Very enjoyable. Glad you both had a great time. The food looked Amazing.😀

  • Sakina and Krisana's Beauty Corner - 2 days ago

    Awwwe so kind for Brenda's family invitation to have the last meal before leaving Vietnam...very heartwarming hospitality...

  • sweet gal - 2 days ago

    Mike ~ r u single?

  • sweet gal - 2 days ago

    Mike ~ u r such a down to earth, humble guy & i just love your honesty with everything unlike some other food bloggers telling viewers that everything they eat is delicious. U say it as it is and i'm just a big fan of u. Pls continue making great food blogs.....your no. 1 fan - reen.

  • Benjamin Booth - 3 days ago

    Amazing food and amazing family. Love it!!!!

  • Jonathan Morris - 1 week ago

    Does anyone else think auntie #8 had a little crush on mike.

  • Regretful Strategies - 1 week ago

    What fish does big shaq likes the most ? Snakehead fish, why ? Cause it's juiciness isn't ketchup, it's raw sauce

  • Only the - 2 weeks ago

    That land faken greeny

  • neiswestnij - 3 weeks ago

    Thumbs up for the love of family 💓

  • Umid Azimi - 3 weeks ago

    More interested in the women then food....

  • KickLikeLee - 4 weeks ago

    Awww Mikey eating with his in law hahaha

  • Inoue Konoha - 4 weeks ago

    Get married with plz u guys look perfect and hey sent us when u done " The things " plz

  • Inoue Konoha - 4 weeks ago

    Get married with plz u guys look perfect and hey sent us when u done " The things " plz

  • Travis L - 4 weeks ago

    In addition to the Auntie and Uncle number, there is no Auntie number 1. It starts at 2 xD

  • Tim Williams - 4 weeks ago

    The Vietnamese people will surprise you... some of the most caring and loving people in the world. One of my closest friends is Vietnamese... we call him Ahnba (sp)

  • NK - 4 weeks ago

    You guys eat fish guts and the poop contained in guts? Disgusting

  • leonia kalimanzira - 4 weeks ago

    the Best video evaaaa,,,congz

  • Jake Anson - 1 month ago

    Yea dude,,marrie her and invite me too😂👍😂

  • Jerry Lim - 1 month ago

    aunty number 8

  • AzzKiknCardz - 1 month ago

    does brenda have a social media account? ahehe

  • Poseidon99Jeus - 1 month ago

    I would propose Brenda in his place, LOL, gorgeous girl; great family- what could be better than this

  • NOT FOR FREEE - 1 month ago

    She so fine 🤤

  • Tammy TamTam - 1 month ago

    This series was the best so far!

  • Dhanraj Tharsan - 1 month ago

    i don't know why i realy love this series, bro u always rekt but this one the family is so kind and joy and brenda is beautiful and she kind a like u, over all worth thumbs up, gonna watch again - _ - after all i disable my adblocker and watch the whole 2 minutes ad, waiting for other video.........

  • lαყεɳε ƒε૨૨εเ૨α - 1 month ago

    Essa propaganda da Samsung foi top "Kenny G" ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Lim Zhiqiang - 1 month ago

    Her voice is so cute!!!!!!!!

  • Justin Lim - 1 month ago

    dayum Brenda is pretty XD

  • violinbubi - 1 month ago

    I am seriously considering to visit Vietnam this year after watching this series :)

  • Nate Vision - 1 month ago

    Is this a date or some kinda arranged marriage? lol I feel like it is but she's hot