TAudi USA President Scott Keogh: Tesla Killer? | Mad Money | CNBC

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Published on Mar 31, 2015

Cramer gets an inside look at Audi’s new venture into the electric car. Could it drive out Tesla?
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Audi USA President Scott Keogh: Tesla Killer? | Mad Money | CNBC

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  • Jim Wilkinson - 4 days ago

    Ok Jimmy Boy, it's been two years, where is Tesla in relationship to Audi today ? Tesla's Model 3 specs are so close, you can't tell any difference from one to the other. Model 3 Production Lines Problems have been resolved, thanks to Elon Sleeping next to the Production Line. Elon Musk needs to be cut some slack, he has lots of technology changing Projects/Businesses. In a short time (decade) He began Launching Rockets, and has now Doubled the Lifting Capability of Payload in short order with the Falcon 9 Heavy. And who would have ever thought of Landing Rockets/Boosters Back on earth ? Maybe Buck Rogers in the 1920's ... LOL A Super Cost Savings NASA/USAF Grows, but it does not innovate at a fast enough pace. Musk really has innovated both the automobile industry and the u.s. space industry and given time, the Energy Industry. Elon built and is still building out the Recharging Infrastructure for Tesla. Let's pat the man on the back. But then again, Elon Musk is Boring ! https://www.boringcompany.com

  • gasdorfic muncher - 5 days ago

    hahaha auda usa pres what a dinosaur

  • Georgi Georgiev - 6 days ago

    Better to drive my prius than this expensive and most likely realtively u reliable Audi

  • David Hayes - 7 days ago

    So a hybrid. We already have those. This guy is a moron. Typical lazy CEO who sees everything as a spreadsheet.

  • Greg Lindstrom - 1 week ago

    if they removed the engine it might be a good car.

  • edwong3 - 2 weeks ago

    Audi is not even on Tesla's radar. This guy has been predicting "doom and gloom" for Tesla for how long now? He must love being wrong. That is not changing.

  • arrow251 - 2 weeks ago

    CNBC must have stock in Audi

  • Muhammed Ceesay - 1 month ago

    These legacy car companies are like Kodak during the digital age, the had cold feet and they now they’re the dustbins of digital history. Same thing with these legacy car makers after Tesla and all these new innovators come to line especially google, these will be in dust bin too.

  • Jesus Zamora - 2 months ago


  • Andy C - 3 months ago

    It’s unbelievable. The amount of hate and bias against Elon musk. It’s so clearly evident. They don’t even try to hide it. I mean over all. All the networks. Are completely against Elon musk and his creations. Unbelievable!

  • Rowena Grinsam - 3 months ago


  • Paul Weber - 4 months ago

    subaru first all wheel drive to the masses by more than a decade Audi famous for eyebrows on head lights well done

  • Axel Andres Amor Chin - 5 months ago

    This guy is such a great salesman that he can make a reporter shut up and let him go the control of the conversation

  • Dave Balooga - 5 months ago

    Does the bald guy have a speech impediment or is he just stupid? 2 morons

  • Michael Pritchard - 5 months ago

    Tessa will be chevron off gas

  • テスラモーターズファン - 5 months ago

    In 5 years, Jim Cramer will talk about how Audi fail to adopt to electric revolution.

  • jimmy made - 5 months ago

    Longest week to using fossil fuel engines will not move into the future we still in the past electrical is the future think about how many maintenance you have to do on fossil fuel cars you got to change the oil you got to change transmission fluid you got to do a bunch of other stuff in electrical car is only one motor you don't need no maintenance you Save-A-Lot in the environment no spill fuel nowhere we will have clean water we have a lot of Natural Resources will never will have dealing with fossil fuels perfect example look what happened BP in Florida

  • jimmy made - 5 months ago

    Everybody hate in them Tesla because of card made a hundred percent in America and he got all these coal miners fossil-fuel haters they get paid to the Monopoly keep going on track that was all about these men trying to do something for our society for our planet and nobody recognize that

  • Nathan Duitch - 5 months ago

    I don’t trust a man who doesn’t stutter.

  • Brian Sanchez - 5 months ago

    Answer: Nope

  • Refuso Againo - 5 months ago

    These geniuses think they're experts. Do they drive EVs everyday themselves? I doubt it because neither espouses any real world experiences with them. "Hybrids" are a trojan horse from the petro people. If we waste our time and money with those interim, band-aid devices we'll lose the Climate Change contest. They are insidious. People think they're doing the environmentally correct thing, when actually all they do is sustain the petro menace.

  • Julian Sa - 6 months ago

    Good luck Audi, you have a lot of catching up to do. The Tesla is much better then Audi in Electric car.

  • Dylan Oriundo - 6 months ago

    Its been two years. Hasn't happened

  • Kwame - 6 months ago

    If it has a combustion engine it's not an EV.

  • Vibs Loves the World - 6 months ago

    Tesla has 20 moving parts and Audi and BMW has more than 200 moving parts. so which will give more peace.. the one with less maintenance...!!

  • Vibs Loves the World - 6 months ago

    We have been in silicon valley for 18 years and we have wifi hot spot inside this car.. ..scums... my cell phone has wifi hot spot..!!

  • Proton - 6 months ago

    0-3:15 his voice sounds so sad he can't even believe what he is saying. Audi is crap, t 3:16 he puts on his show to sell you crap

  • bbalila - 7 months ago

    Can't stop laughing, No we don't want hybrid, we want Supercharger network like Tesla. For that reason I booked Model 3. Because of your stupidity Audi gave the way for Tesla. There would be no Tesla if they done the same like Tesla for EV.

  • テスラモーターズファン - 7 months ago

    2 years later, still no EV from Audi besides concept cars. How long are you gonna wait?

  • s b - 7 months ago

    Fake info from Audi, he sounds like a used care salesman. Oh, wait, he is a car salesman. Playing catch up is Audi strategy, then give inaccurate info to consumers.