TBeautiful and Exciting Moments Of Football - RESPECT!

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Published on Jun 14, 2016

Football is not just a game, there are another feelings to get from this great sport. FOOTBALL IS ALL ABOUT RESPECT ! FOOTBALL IS NOTHING WITHOUT RESPECT AND FEELINGS !

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  • Ganzorig Dolgor - 12 hours ago


  • samsul bahri - 2 days ago

    😭 nicee

  • zalman - 2 days ago

    Villareal , those teammates and the committee who permitted this beautiful event are deserved to get applauses and flatters that would have never been created. I admire and esteem these spanish guys. and Boy ! Be yourself no matter what the circumstance could harm you .

  • Jai Parmar - 3 days ago

    Tune name any one?

  • Fs ArnabWow - 3 days ago

    Beautiful background song

  • Hasnain Yusuf - 3 days ago

    Life is nothing without respect

  • galaxy Eagle - 4 days ago


  • Katherine Rabuffi - 4 days ago

    Sadly, I don't see any Americans doing this......

  • Crisel XCI - 5 days ago


  • Rıfat can taşyürek - 1 week ago

    Like video https://youtu.be/_XfRAUTrg4g https://youtu.be/_XfRAUTrg4g https://youtu.be/_XfRAUTrg4g

  • zoli rábás - 1 week ago


  • Pat McTallica - 1 week ago

    ty sir alex. ...and for underlinig with music, not this elecronic pulling teeth music which usually is taken for compilations.

  • Viridiana De Luna - 1 week ago

    Qué los futbolistas nunca pierdan la sencillez con sus fans... miren la alegría de los niños...que ternura

  • Justus Warner - 1 week ago

    Why why I'm not a softie but why can't the world be like this why stop all violence hate discrimination please can we all be like this

  • Руслан Юрак - 1 week ago

    У настоящего футбола настоящие фанаты !

  • Crescent Crest - 1 week ago

    This is what Sports is about. Respect, Competitiveness and Love for everyone.

  • eoindarkside - 1 week ago

    Football is just so powerful and pure beautiful then anything else in the world

  • Gonzalo Santafesino - 1 week ago

    Cristiano es un fenómeno. Se nota que es sincero lo que hace.

  • coffinmaker - 1 week ago

    First 50 sec. and i'm crying like a beaver (in Poland we say that) :D

  • Rayan Nemer - 1 week ago

    Thank you

  • Huseyn Memmedli - 2 weeks ago


  • Ikhwan Langkat - 2 weeks ago

    The Best moment "Cavani"... ,,,, i cant stop crying..

  • Skelzen Aliu - 2 weeks ago

    Its feels so good to see how nice human can be. Much respect for those football stars out there for making beautifuel moments like this. It brought tears to my eyes. Be good people. there is to much hate and violence in this world.

  • Zaynab Merheb - 2 weeks ago

    this music is beautiful where can i find it i want to download it does it have a name ?

  • Archer queen - 2 weeks ago

    This is why I love football

  • Kousalya Sivakumaran - 2 weeks ago

    I cried when I saw this

  • DDS Gaming - 2 weeks ago


  • איליה זיוק - 2 weeks ago

    Well done players will keep going so the kids will feel good💗💙👏👏👏👍👍⚽⚽⚽🔩🔩🔩

  • finiboy De Smet - 3 weeks ago

    Het raakt mij

  • finiboy De Smet - 3 weeks ago