Father Son Duo Gets Simon Cowell´s GOLDEN BUZZER! 😲🌟So AMAZING! | Britain´s Got Talent 2018

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Published on Apr 28, 2018

Jack and Tim Goodacke - Golden Buzzer 2018

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»Britain´s Got Talent is a famous talent show holding in Britain every year with judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams and hosted by Ant&Dec.

»This year the show is ready for its 12th series. It has been broadcasted on ITV since 2007, and since then, BGMT (Britain´s Got More Talent) is also coming up after the show with some extra talents.

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  • Gordon Mitchell - Channel Youtube
    Gordon Mitchell - 1 hour ago

    Gosh we are the lucky ones to have such a brill father and son working as one. Excellent and they have got to be a super inspiration to all!

  • Hollandali Musluman - Channel Youtube
    Hollandali Musluman - 4 hours ago

    Aaaaa so cute :)))

  • Sushmita Varatharaj - Channel Youtube
    Sushmita Varatharaj - 6 hours ago

    Wow.. Awesome...😀😀😄

  • oku_jumu - Channel Youtube
    oku_jumu - 7 hours ago

    Boddhisatvas every where

  • Marky Mark - Channel Youtube
    Marky Mark - 7 hours ago

    Such a beautiful family !

  • Carol Fulkerson - Channel Youtube
    Carol Fulkerson - 8 hours ago

    "Listen, we need more children." One of the genuinely sweetest things I've ever heard.

  • smalltownusa - Channel Youtube
    smalltownusa - 16 hours ago

    Such a sweet song. :)

  • ShIt stick 3000 - Channel Youtube
    ShIt stick 3000 - 18 hours ago

    British ppl never sound the same on the mic

  • cecagjacob khaob - Channel Youtube
    cecagjacob khaob - 23 hours ago

    Thank you Sir Simon.. truly an inspiring moment for the young talented kid and appreciation to the father.. and to us the patron of the show

  • bert aggabao - Channel Youtube
    bert aggabao - 23 hours ago

    This performance touches my heart so deeply. This dad and son relation is enviable. Can somebody please tell me the title of the song. I like the melody and I want to know the lyrics.

  • Gavin Mula Moses 513 - Channel Youtube
    Gavin Mula Moses 513 - 23 hours ago

    I just held my baby boy so close and cried joyous tears. Music is such an amazing gift.

  • Rita Maria Familia - Channel Youtube
    Rita Maria Familia - 1 day ago

    David was so emotional he kissed Simon 😂😂

  • Wolf xoxo - Channel Youtube
    Wolf xoxo - 1 day ago

    "We need more children." XD

  • Liana VIDS - Channel Youtube
    Liana VIDS - 1 day ago

    Nice message & nice song!

  • Liana VIDS - Channel Youtube
    Liana VIDS - 1 day ago


  • Virginian - Channel Youtube
    Virginian - 1 day ago

    That was noice

  • rim soltani - Channel Youtube
    rim soltani - 1 day ago

    Can anyone explain why this video has 2,1k dislike !!!!

  • mattyone78 - Channel Youtube
    mattyone78 - 1 day ago

    Not gonna lie,I teared up a little, amazing song.

  • Mala Choongra - Channel Youtube
    Mala Choongra - 1 day ago

    Love at it's best!

  • Kenielya Brown - Channel Youtube
    Kenielya Brown - 1 day ago

    This almost made me cry😭

  • Emo Z - Channel Youtube
    Emo Z - 1 day ago

    Amazing song and artists!

  • Beth Lowell - Channel Youtube
    Beth Lowell - 1 day ago

    it would be awesome to see them back on stage in another 12 years

  • Skipper Moses - Channel Youtube
    Skipper Moses - 1 day ago

    Coming from a Motown girl, the dad is a gifted song writer like that of Smokey Robinson . Loved the song and the harmonies were on point. This is a dynamic duo!

  • dionne lane - Channel Youtube
    dionne lane - 1 day ago

    Simon is so handsome when he smiles.

  • Duane Miller - Channel Youtube
    Duane Miller - 2 days ago

    Love the song gents! made me think of how lucky I am to have found my son after his mom did a dissapearing act thank you.

  • Joe Momma - Channel Youtube
    Joe Momma - 2 days ago

    The relationship those two share is what made the song that much more endearing💜

  • Nzisa Kasau - Channel Youtube
    Nzisa Kasau - 2 days ago

    woow ❤💕❤❤ nice song father and son

  • God Bless Darma - Channel Youtube
    God Bless Darma - 2 days ago

    what the song title?

  • Scotch mints - Channel Youtube
    Scotch mints - 2 days ago

    Anyone think their relationship is weird 😳 Omf the internet has ruined me......

  • Anthony birkholz - Channel Youtube
    Anthony birkholz - 2 days ago

    This is the absolute most heart warming song i have ever heard. I wish my dad could sing. I do sing. This is going to win BGT