TDemi Lovato's Kardashian Inspiration

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Published on Feb 10, 2016

The inspirational singer discussed her revealing photo shoot and how the Kardashians helped her become comfortable in her own skin.

photo credit: Patrick Ecclesine / AUGUST

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  • Salma Reda - 2 months ago

    All these bitches complaining that Beyonce is curvy before the Kardashians’s.. get over it. Beyonce is so over rated im over it 😒

  • Esho Slew - 3 months ago

    0:17 wow she is a little too focused

  • Amiyra Ramrup - 3 months ago

    She wait until she gets skinny then say embrace your curves hmmmmm

  • Asia Delilah - 3 months ago

    This is literally me, i was always 140 from 16 to 22 and i was called fat everyday, from my cousins, sister and even some of the guys i was dating, but in all actuallity i was so thick, strong, my body was build for sports and i was over 5'7 ft tall. I started doing cocaine a little and lost weight, i went down to 130 which was so shocking for my doctor, he said to me "Asia, this isnt normal" He put me on some ensure and told me to stop doing whatever it was that i was doing, fortunately i stopped and my weight came back now im 150 and consistent, my weight has always been consistent, i am so blessed with a body that all these girls pray for, no fat belly hanging, just fit af and tall. Now everyone thinks im goals. lol I was so inspired by the Kardashians as well, to be proud and flaunt my curves, i get asked what my workout is, i say nothing, i do work and engage in soccer and track for volunteer reasons and that helps strengthen every part of my body, i appear buff sometime even, I am thankful after all these years and my sister has even apologized to me, Growing up in sudan we always ate pretty nutritiously and my mom always made sure she kept that up, now being 24 im more aware of my body and i try to tell girls to be open minded about standard of beauty, i even got asked to model in nyc, i get approached to do videos etc, I just love this new REVENGE BODY im in. I am inspired by the Kardashians for sure and my mommy, shes so sweet, prolific and strong, she raised a great one. Ps im graduating this year for Fashion Merchandising, see me around your city making money moves.

  • luah - 3 months ago

    "i'm not going anywhere" NOOOOO THIS IS SO SAD (who's here after Tell me you love me??)

  • nour yassin - 3 months ago

    So you get naked to inspire other woman with what exactly ? and kirdashians inspire you no plz thank you. You just wanna take pictures naked get more money without ppl calling you out. All working /successful /educated women who have normal /thin / thick bodies inspire me way more than you do while taking these pictures. Media is full of sh$&t . I like your music please stick to that

  • Criss David - 4 months ago


  • Martyna M - 4 months ago

    It actually annoy me that she was inspired by Kardashian I mean they, I think all have had plastic surgery so, don't know what message that gives to young girls and boys..

  • Julie Bela Wamona - 4 months ago

    why do people always have to pose naked to show that they are confident,strong and whatever they want to say they are.

  • Bolor241 - 4 months ago

    - " I'm not going anywhere " She said.. Unfortunately Big Lie ! Dilmer's dead now #SadButTrueStory They were Cute..

  • Qasim Shahzad - 4 months ago

    I wouldn't mind if i saw one- you demi😊

  • Mania Mathurin - 4 months ago

    Kardashian’s? ..... uhm jlo? Beyoncé ?

  • Larisa Velică - 5 months ago

    "Well obviously *we* I am not going anywhere and vice versa" Oh love...

  • Lianet Leyva - 5 months ago

    I remember demi judging girls for displaying their bodies; and now that she’s finally confident she’s doing the same thing; but worse 😂 never judge people; you’ll end up doing the same thing in the end. Btw, I’m not judging her, I’m legit remembering how much shade she threw at people’s way for stuff like this. She looks really fit though!

  • ohedd - 6 months ago

    "I'm not going anywhere and neither is [Wilmer]" *4 months later* Demi and Wilmer break up. Lol.

  • janica bulhot - 6 months ago

    very honest, i love you demi

  • Wonderwall - 6 months ago

    Even before Kim may or may not have had the surgeries people think she’s had, she was never skinny. So yes she’s made curves mainstream.

  • Ddlovatoismyhero - 7 months ago

    That ending about Wilmer got me so sad since they've broken up :(

  • Eliza Valentine - 7 months ago

    She looks so healthy and filled with beauty! As long as your healthy, no crime in that. 💙💙💙

  • Efsun Yang - 7 months ago

    missing Dilmer..

  • Lala ShG - 7 months ago

    She's dating Fes!!!?

  • Emily Elise - 7 months ago

    "obviously I'm not going anywhere"

  • Justin bieber - 7 months ago

    she's looking smoking hottt!!! here , like if I was a man I would love to kiss her lips hardly.....

  • Robbie Sharp - 7 months ago

    How the hell can the KARDASHIANS inspire anyone? All of them are fake, with fake bodies lmfaooo

  • Jannatul Marium - 7 months ago

    In this interview, Demi is saying that the Kardashians is her inspiration!!! Didn't she dissed the Kardashians once by saying that they got famous by making that sex tape and with the reality show without any talent ?!?!?!?!?

  • Maria Zahara - 8 months ago

    She looks really gorgeous!

  • Roshan Khan - 8 months ago

    Black women have curves natrually and yet no one praises them. its fucked up.

  • Pramukh Molugu - 8 months ago

    Vho kardashians are fake...they have fake butt and boobs...they are absolute shit Demi should be more natural

  • KourtneyFanGirl0127 Maxin Williams - 8 months ago

    nasty whores kartrashians demi can do better no good person likes porn

  • Justin Braylock - 9 months ago

    she kinda looks like Demi Moore with her hair like that