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Published on Jan 21, 2018

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Hey guys! This week I’d like to share with you the top 5 books you should read in 2018, basically, this is my own little book review. These books will not only help you understand yourself better but also those around you! What are your life changing book recommendations for 2018? Share them in the comment section below. Don’t forget to subscribe for a new video every Sunday ▶ https://goo.gl/87kYq6

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  • Morgan Green - Channel Youtube
    Morgan Green - 5 hours ago

    Great book recommendations. Love your videos, ​Dr. Mike!

  • Frequent Flyer - Channel Youtube
    Frequent Flyer - 20 hours ago

    This guy is like the white dwayne Johnson

  • Evie Olivia - Channel Youtube
    Evie Olivia - 1 day ago

    I HIGHLY recommend the book “The Reason I jump” the author’s name escapes my mind at the moment but it’s truly incredible. It’s written by a boy with autism and how it affected his life and his experiences. I read it because I was trying to learn about my twin sister who has autism. It’s amazing.

  • Evie Olivia - Channel Youtube
    Evie Olivia - 1 day ago

    wowza 🤒🤩🤪😍🤤

  • Karen Umana - Channel Youtube
    Karen Umana - 1 day ago

    Could you make a HIIT routine exercise or they way you exercise per week?

  • Carito095 - Channel Youtube
    Carito095 - 2 days ago

    Hey Doctor Mike!! I love love love looooooove your videos. They are always so engaging and so funny!!! I especially like this one, the one about making SMART goals, and your morning routine. I just wanted to ask you, do you have any recommendations in how to increase confidence, self-care practices that you find useful, and how to increase overall happiness? Anyway, thank you so much for making these videos, makes my day!!!

  • curoseba - Channel Youtube
    curoseba - 2 days ago

    Multitasking is humanly impossible. #myth. But I get what you mean. 😉

  • Lady D 1991 - Channel Youtube
    Lady D 1991 - 2 days ago

    Unsure if you have talked about it before because I just started to watch some of your videos. Anyway, you mention influence and how to make people change with an example of you having a patient needing to lose weight or change their lifestyle. Now here's a recommendation for you, MI - Motivational Interviewing. Most likly you have already heard of it but if not, it's worth looking up.

  • leftright21 - Channel Youtube
    leftright21 - 2 days ago

    Can you make a video about loans for medical school, and maybe the best way, in your opinion, to go about handling that much debt?

  • memoranda1 - Channel Youtube
    memoranda1 - 2 days ago

    i put this on my favorites...i like reading books...I've read some of the Russian classics but man they're too realistic. Your choice of books seem like great selection. Especially the public speaking one which i will start with.

  • Backbencher nazrul - Channel Youtube
    Backbencher nazrul - 2 days ago

    adam sandler accent!!

  • Bursleygirl - Channel Youtube
    Bursleygirl - 2 days ago

    Some more for my to read pile!! The struggle is real...Bibliophile.

  • ooPoDoo - Channel Youtube
    ooPoDoo - 3 days ago

    What video game is this on the table on the right?

  • lemonadecupcakes - Channel Youtube
    lemonadecupcakes - 3 days ago

    I like your list, for the record. And I think people can be as happy as they want to be. But just to be fair, when I did retail (to help pay for college), we were told that we should suggestive sell, but not manipulate like that sweater scenario. I wasn't encouraged to 'try to sell the suit guy an item he probably doesn't want', I was told 'If he has just purchased a suit, does he have everything he needs? Does he need shirts? Ties? The foundation garments that would be necessary? A belt, socks, and shoes? Save him a trip. Also, we were told to make sure that our client looked good, help him out with selecting what was flattering and would be most beneficial for him. We had to know which suit styles looked best on what body types, memorize that stupid color wheel, it was a much more benevolent situation than 'suck the money out of him, mwahahaha!!!'.

  • Alexis Ursua - Channel Youtube
    Alexis Ursua - 4 days ago

    Every video kept me interested to keep on watching. I mean everything's very informative. 🙊❤️❤️❤️

  • Andres Borges - Channel Youtube
    Andres Borges - 4 days ago

    Interesting how all thse books have a general theme. He keeps saying "influence" but no it's clear he's trying to manipulate people. He wants control, he wants influence, and power over other people.

  • Laura Foschi - Channel Youtube
    Laura Foschi - 4 days ago

    Thank you for your suggestions; I bought two. Other books to add to your list (great read for doctors but not only): On death and dying (Elizabeth Kübler Ross), Mountains beyond Mountains (Tracy Kidder), A history of Global Health (Packard) and I Shall Not Hate: A Gaza Doctor's Journey on the Road to Peace and Human Dignity (Izzeldin Abuelaish).

  • meriam 269 - Channel Youtube
    meriam 269 - 5 days ago

    mannn, your eyelids are orange or am i just captivated by your eyes?

  • shannon cleveland - Channel Youtube
    shannon cleveland - 5 days ago

    First and foremost I love the glasses! Second, any "Sherlock" reference will always get me really excited since its my favorite show. Third, thanks for the book recommendations! I love reading so I'm constantly looking for new material <3

  • vijay kumar - Channel Youtube
    vijay kumar - 5 days ago

    Dr Mike ( Respect and love from India) I am a 17 year old girl from India. I am preparing for getting into med school and I was just searching for some good advice and guide. I feel that somewhere inside me I was searching some these types of books to make me more expressive and understanding(helpful in making career as a doctor) and sir your experience and suggestions made it easy for me. I hope these will help me in making my career better as well as in becoming who I want to become. I want to develop an influence like u. You have become my idol. Hope it reaches u but it's ok because doctors are really busy saving lives. Looking forward to more advice from you sir. Sorry it became long.😅😅 Thanks for reading it.

  • schizogony - Channel Youtube
    schizogony - 5 days ago

    You forgot Proverbs.

  • Rachael Shay - Channel Youtube
    Rachael Shay - 5 days ago

    Wonderful suggestions! You should do a monthly book club video where you suggest the book and then have people comment to discuss!

  • Owl Lm - Channel Youtube
    Owl Lm - 6 days ago

    He is the real superman💘😁😁

  • Fiona Cupples - Channel Youtube
    Fiona Cupples - 6 days ago

    What you say about "people watching" is so true! I have had the habit of doing this since I was a kid, it's amazing what people say without talking! I know it may be imposing on them personally but I don't do it for the wrong reasons! Lol

  • Athina Carolina - Channel Youtube
    Athina Carolina - 6 days ago

    Audible is actually AMAZING

  • Afnaan Raje - Channel Youtube
    Afnaan Raje - 7 days ago

    How cute is heeeeeeeeee . 😭

  • weraya termm - Channel Youtube
    weraya termm - 7 days ago

    Gotta find and grab TALI's ASAP, after listen to the phrase "Most people are influenced by emotion rather than fact & figure" *THUMBS UP!!! and subscribed to your channel right away XD Thank you for building this channel and give such knowledge information and inspire guidance (in the way a normal people like me can understand :) & will try to follow them.) Really look up to the next and try to dig & digest all the fun fact posted. Also really need the "FLOW" your suggest too, Thanks again ^^ Question (out of curiosity) : Does the book can be as the hypnosis tool when you listen while you sleeping? **Sorry for the grammar btw.**

  • Claudia Medina - Channel Youtube
    Claudia Medina - 7 days ago

    You explain everything so well, and put so much passion into your words! I could listen to you talk all day. Thank you for the recommendations. 👍

  • Ryan Bloomfield - Channel Youtube
    Ryan Bloomfield - 1 week ago

    Just came across your channel and watched this video. Love your positivity!! Had to subscribe!

  • Shadia Grijalva - Channel Youtube
    Shadia Grijalva - 1 week ago

    I love your videos💘🇲🇽