TMarc Spelmann: BGT Audition Magic Trick REVEALED

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Published on Apr 14, 2018

This is our official reveal for the Marc Spelmann Britain's got talent audition magic trick. Let us know what you think! Marc spelmann did an incredible job and full respect for everything he and his family had to endure. For all Britain's got talent magic reveals be sure to subscribe to Cardshuffler99!
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  • Jeffrey Tactay - 33 minutes ago

    Ow okay...

  • Martin Miškovič - 40 minutes ago

    Thanks for video ... 😉

  • Zack O'Leary-Fraad - 58 minutes ago


  • Shaun Cox - 1 hour ago

    How did the little girl predict what what holly and Mr Morgan say on this morning on the Monday after the show

  • Pilotresolute - 2 hours ago

    lol you are a piece of shit for using his name and exposing the trick just to get views

  • Деница Ботева - 2 hours ago

    What if Simon tried if the marker is working? Or someone compared the other sides of the cube besides the one that's facing up?

  • Aubree Mcclennen - 3 hours ago

    very cool

  • Randy Throckmorton - 3 hours ago

    If you truly respected the act you wouldn’t blow it. You can’t say “no disrespect” then disrespect his entire act. You’re basically trying to make money off if his effort and success on the show. In other words STFU.

  • HeyitsNatalie - 3 hours ago


  • Tobe Madekwe - 3 hours ago

    This is bull shit explanation...sigh

  • funmakinmoney99 - 3 hours ago

    Marc Spelmann used his family to get people emotional, used his daughters condition to gain empathy. He is simply a fraud!

  • Paul Mills - 4 hours ago

    I have been waiting for this trick to be revealed. Honestly I knew some parts, but finding out the whole thing is awesome.

  • Kirsten Maramag - 4 hours ago

    Thats why the word magic should be always followed by the word trick.

  • Kirsten Maramag - 4 hours ago

    U better be..that intro was fucking long.sheesshh

  • Jimbrutan Gaming - 4 hours ago

    Can u demonstrate the way he did?

  • Savage Playz - 4 hours ago

    literally more than a fifth of the video is just him talking about a fucking giveaway

  • Kelly Norman - 4 hours ago

    Stupid fucker doesn't even start revealing how until almost 3 minutes in dumb fuck just rambles on about stupid shit get to the point then shut the fuck up dummy

  • David Olmos - 4 hours ago

    “Let’s get straight into the reveal” after 2 minutes of talking LOL

  • Husnain #sakato - 5 hours ago

    I figured everything out already in my first watch no need im not even watching the video just came here to tell you guys that video starts at 2:20

  • Husnain #sakato - 5 hours ago


  • ShawnCarter1114 - 6 hours ago

    Mmm i like cards

  • Jermaine Wright - 6 hours ago

    i cried after i watch he's video but after watching this vid,, my tears are now dry😐

  • bruce liu - 6 hours ago

    Guiydftggyuuy i want it

  • Jermaine Wright - 6 hours ago

    i wonder if he watch this video ,😞

  • Jermaine Wright - 7 hours ago


  • bangstev21 - 7 hours ago


  • Mister Chuckles Roblox - 7 hours ago

    Are you Witch?

  • taleb tb - 7 hours ago

    great explination

  • 36020deadman - 7 hours ago

    Let's get it

  • Luke Schipani - 7 hours ago

    Nice one