TPhysicist Stephen Hawking has died

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Published on Mar 13, 2018

World renowned theoretical physicist, cosmologist, astronomer and mathematician Stephen Hawking has passed away at age 76.

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  • elitegamer45 - 4 hours ago


  • conformist - 5 hours ago

    I'm really sad about stephen hawking passing away, I heard that his family member discovered his lifeless body and then few hours later he died.

  • think ? - 17 hours ago

    One of the biggest losses for science and humanity this is so sad news ...

  • Globetrotter - 20 hours ago

    Has he really made the world a better place, if yes how. World renowned scientist are those who have made the world a better place for many. eg. perhaps found a cure for cancer.

  • sunny soneja - 2 days ago

    we will wait for another scientist that will die on the day of Stephen hawking's birth

  • *uganda knuckles* - 2 days ago


  • Techno Raxa - 2 days ago

    Great Personality On Earth Planet #Technoraxa

  • John Smith - 2 days ago

    Rest easy, Prof. Hawking. Arguably the greatest mind of his generation.

  • GoogyBlox - 2 days ago


  • Paddy Murphy - 3 days ago

    Paddy hanlon, please study the words of Jay John.... astute intelligent commentary that offers much hope. Also please try not to be so filled with such bitterness and hatred for those who simply have an alternative point of view that differs from yours. May the Lord bless you and hold you close..... I wish you all good luck.

  • telent hunt promoters - 4 days ago

    He was my hero

  • Singularity of infinite wisdom - 4 days ago

    Perhaps he can go to space now :´(

  • TADufine - 4 days ago

    the truth is Stephen Hawking died of advanced gingivitis the American Dental Association release this information about a week ago but CNN has not published it

  • HIMANSHU Zone - 4 days ago

    I am clearly one thing say everyone who read my comment Stephen Hawking theory is not truth or correct. It is only Stephen Hawking thinking according to his body and life situations....

  • Yash Nazare - 4 days ago


  • Sun Tzu - 5 days ago

    Humanities First Spacecraft must be named - Hawkings in his Honor !!!

  • Thinker Mikhailov - 5 days ago

    One of the greatest minds ever to brace this Earth. I only found out today.. May you rest in RIP Stephen Hawking. . Another legend gone.

  • TimeStopper20XX - 5 days ago

    76 is a good age to die.

  • Mike Chen - 5 days ago

    Najib what are you talking about Jesus killing millions you’re one lost person man are you naïve You’re going to end up we just were Hawkins is

  • Mike Chen - 5 days ago


  • Najwan Najib - 6 days ago

    It been a month since his death and I still miss him😥

  • Mister Justice - 6 days ago

    Sad that such a brilliant man is burning in the pits of Hell. Maybe after a couple billion years of suffering, God will give him a second chance to repent for his sins and his blasphemy and will be permitted to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We do have a merciful God, after all. But he must serve out his sentence just like any other criminal in prison. I'll be praying for his lost soul.

  • Brian Koops - 7 days ago

    Wow...I'm not the brightest bulb...but even I she'd a tear for the loss of this great man. 'Walk away...if you want to. We were always, two steps behind.'. RIP Sir.

  • Dexter Quismorio - 7 days ago

    Hawking - a cripple puppet being used by Jesuits/Freemasons/illuminati to deceive many people thinking he [Hawking] had formulated all these nonsense scientific theories.

  • NomNomApple - 1 week ago

    So what’s all this got to do with religion?

  • Elief Denizer - 1 week ago

    There is no god-Stephen hawking, 2011 There is no Stephen hawking-God, 2018

  • Loan Chu - 1 week ago

    Noooo he was my idol(I not a nerd maybe)

  • توحد الأديان - 1 week ago

  • seth - 1 week ago

    Stephen.exe stopped working

  • ePiK - 1 week ago

    That infection is scary