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Published on May 14, 2018

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We got our hands on a PROTOTYPE video card from Intel. But does it actually do anything?...

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  • Nkwe Ahoume boris - Channel Youtube
    Nkwe Ahoume boris - 51 minutes ago

    intel GPU is for bureautics

  • z3ldie - Channel Youtube
    z3ldie - 2 hours ago

    Jintel's jraphics card

  • Michael Strong - Channel Youtube
    Michael Strong - 2 hours ago

    I stopped watching at 10:21 too much talking...blah blah blah.

  • vitloken1337 - Channel Youtube
    vitloken1337 - 3 hours ago

    0310 what a lie. If you do a lille more reserch you see that is whas gpu goal to get back om theat nvidia and amd did alov C comilers over the bords. Intel FALED AGEN to deliver a chip that whas build for parallell compute. When larabi got a a part on gpu track It whas old In GPU is whas not id did scale well and its the p chip that they got back from the MIL after a lot of testing and bugfixes. So is larabbe a gfx, not today whas. all maketing did day that it shuld be a part of it, General treads ,,,,,,,,,,, Larabee and x512

  • Norman Zakaria - Channel Youtube
    Norman Zakaria - 3 hours ago

    Who is the cameraman for this video? It seems too shaky for LMG quality

  • CamperPunisher - Channel Youtube
    CamperPunisher - 3 hours ago

    Now it is gonna ne line Pokemon: choose between fire, leaf or water.

  • Acecool - Channel Youtube
    Acecool - 3 hours ago

    I have a computer still running which was a great combo back in 2008... Asus P5k motherboard, 8GB DDR2, Q6600 Quad core Intel 2.4GHZ at 3.0GHZ on air and running smoothly for the last 10 years.. Except for the bluescreen issue with Asus drives because of incorrect settings to the networking port - which I corrected and haven't had any issues with since. I am planning on upgrading computers soon and I am planning on giving this to my brother, but if it could run that card, it'd be interesting to see as long as you reship it.. if you need it...

  • John Doe - Channel Youtube
    John Doe - 4 hours ago

    If you just started watching this, don't. Fucking clickbait garbage. Reminded me why I hate this cocksucker.

  • Carlos Rodriguez - Channel Youtube
    Carlos Rodriguez - 6 hours ago

    Thank you Linus, this was awesome to learn something new.

  • TheNightJackal - Channel Youtube
    TheNightJackal - 6 hours ago

    Could you task Taran to edit a video with this GPU? Or is that impossible?

  • Rod Munch - Channel Youtube
    Rod Munch - 6 hours ago

    You gave it aids.... :(

  • Rahmad Mulya - Channel Youtube
    Rahmad Mulya - 6 hours ago

    Where's the benchmark result?

  • Hychus 232 - Channel Youtube
    Hychus 232 - 7 hours ago

    Nintendo Labo on the shelf in the background at the beginning...

  • compaq deskpro - Channel Youtube
    compaq deskpro - 8 hours ago

    Keep messing with it, it must work with something. How about that hot swap PCIE ASUS motherboard you have? Try stuffing it into that.

  • kclubta mcleod - Channel Youtube
    kclubta mcleod - 8 hours ago

    1:44 LOL I had to rewind that ten times! Haha

  • Gei ster - Channel Youtube
    Gei ster - 8 hours ago

    it sucked it didnt work but maybe you can load the intel drivers for the apu ( Cpu GPU ) say h400 generation and see if they take.

  • Holyschytt - Channel Youtube
    Holyschytt - 8 hours ago

    OMG Talk after you plug it in.. Shoot Fire..

  • chriss4365 - Channel Youtube
    chriss4365 - 8 hours ago

    Thats why intel dominates they make good chips.

  • Memory丶心无梦 - Channel Youtube
    Memory丶心无梦 - 8 hours ago

    hey,linus,i think you should use the motherboard close to the date of the card

  • thmargar - Channel Youtube
    thmargar - 9 hours ago

    I don't know if anyone else has mentioned it. Try booting it in a non EFI motherboard. That card definately has no EFI profile to boot an EFI board. Try a good old simple BIOS one

  • Elucator - Channel Youtube
    Elucator - 9 hours ago

    But can it run Crysis?

  • A H - Channel Youtube
    A H - 9 hours ago

    Typical Intel. Just throw a few extra hundred watts of power at the problem.

  • Warren S. - Channel Youtube
    Warren S. - 10 hours ago

    Intel probably caters to the Mac market. I hate saying it. But they need to work on integrated graphics and thunderbolt.

  • Kevin Hernandez - Channel Youtube
    Kevin Hernandez - 11 hours ago

    Take off heatsink show us the board clean it up check it out. Try using era parts. Intel made Mobo and cpu both would be an interesting video. I wonder if that device looking for genuine intel mobo.

  • Bao Vuong - Channel Youtube
    Bao Vuong - 11 hours ago

    your window is broken :D

  • MikeyMystery45 - Channel Youtube
    MikeyMystery45 - 11 hours ago

    I love how he swings around violently a super rare GPU that could possibly be one of kind and irreplaceable. It's almost disrespectful to people like me who don't have the money to buy new hardware all the time. It's almost like since he's drowning in free hardware from a thousand different places he no longer appreciates them.

  • Miroslav Kocúr - Channel Youtube
    Miroslav Kocúr - 11 hours ago

    Have to curb your enthusiasm... AMD GCN was can do furture versions of DirectX too, just dont use x86 instructions for it. Larabee/Knights Corner/Phi were designed for different purposes than shader computation, but AMD GCN can do a lot of non-shader operations - as is seen by bitcoin miners.

  • Jody Lynch - Channel Youtube
    Jody Lynch - 12 hours ago

    Great headset but don't buy if in UK as the tax is another £35!!!

  • Matthias Schumann - Channel Youtube
    Matthias Schumann - 13 hours ago

    if a company gets big enough, it begins to work against itself

  • xxdeathknight72xx - Channel Youtube
    xxdeathknight72xx - 13 hours ago