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Published on Jun 25, 2017

Hey, guys! Today, I’m sharing with you what I actually eat in a day. My schedule can get hectic but I still try to eat a balanced, nutritious diet and foods that I genuinely enjoy! Want to see more videos about nutrition or fitness? Let me know in the comments below. Subscribe for new videos every Sunday ▶

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Whole Wheat Toast - 110
1/2 Avocado - 117
2 tbs Lite Cream Cheese - 60
2 oz Smoked Salmon - 70
TOTAL: 357 Calories

Perfect Bar Almond Butter - 300

Steak - 190
Brown Rice - 100
Black Beans - 120
Mild Salsa - 20
Guacamole - 200
Cheese - 100
Lettuce - 10
TOTAL: 740

20 Almonds - 140
1 cup Carrots - 52
TOTAL: 192

12 piece Sushi with Brown Rice - 480
TOTAL: 480


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  • Quston Gelzer - 17 minutes ago

    That ending was sexy af.

  • Sheldon Cole - 2 hours ago

    Those essential fatty acids are packed with cholesterol and saturated about for essential fatty acids, you try cholesterol free flax seeds and chia seeds and walnuts and kale...(the list goes on). Hell, why not even try seaweed (which is where most fish get their omega 3s from). Filtering the nutrients through the fish, which adds their cholesterol to your diet, can be cut out by consuming directly the nutrients they consume. Please don't take nutrition advice from a medical doctor. While he may be fit, doctors get mostly chemical pharmacology training, and get shit amount of training in nutrition; and, if they had time to follow nutritional studies (to their credit they don't have time to do that), they would tell you how to prevent coming in for stints (which they are excellent at doing and can save your life). P.S. Ever see people dumbfounded on why an in-shape 32 year old body builder can drop dead of a heart attack? Answer is high colestoral foods like fish andchicken (which sadly are considered "clean eating").

  • Sakshi Sharma - 2 hours ago

    U r soo handsome i can’t resist myself to subscribe ur channel...lots of love

  • CantTouch This - 5 hours ago

    Lmao you need a roommate man? Would love breakfast like that

  • Multi Passionate - 6 hours ago

    You there on linkedin .... ?

  • ConnorWaddell - 6 hours ago

    Does he actually live there? How much do doctors earn in the US?

  • Candy Lee - 7 hours ago

    can you show us the meal for a week? just want to look energetic like you.

  • Eva Wang - 7 hours ago

    I'm watching this while suffering morning sickness at 4 am ......

  • Sanjana Ray - 10 hours ago

    I have never eaten this healthy in one day

  • Dr.Wintermantel - 10 hours ago

    Monday: CerealTuesday: CerealWednesday: CerealThursday: CerealFriday: CerealSaturday: CerealSunday: Ice Cream and Cereal

  • Kacper Tomasik - 11 hours ago

    If you want me to eat Sushi everyday, you'd have to get me a job as a surgeon

  • Meet The Presleys - 12 hours ago

    What foods help headaches if vegan ?! I don’t eat soy gluten or corn

  • Kate Duggan - 13 hours ago

    This man is obsessed with antioxidants 👌👌

  • Annie Percival - 13 hours ago

    Horrible breakfast! Omg, so dehydrated.. your body has to use so much water to digest that. And Doc, what about talking about drinking water first thing when waking up? You should know that the body is dehydrated. I’m so disappointed you don’t recommend fruit or oatmeal. Alkaline Doc! Come on!

  • Sharanya - 15 hours ago

    You missed the most important meal!! Don't worry Dr. Mike, you can have me for dessert

  • Izzie o.o - 15 hours ago

    I thought whole grain bread was the way to go, I assume sense you eat whole wheat then it doesn't matter? Thoughts?

  • Parker Spradley - 16 hours ago

    go to 2:54 if you want to laugh

  • Chelsey Baraket - 16 hours ago

    Is this wild salmon?

  • Iva Georgiev - 17 hours ago

    I’m in love with you.

  • Ellie Lehto - 18 hours ago

    He’s literally the most genuinely sweet and caring guy and that’s SUPER attractive ❤️ he’s gonna make some woman very happy one day

  • Yocheved Lam - 18 hours ago

    You rock!

  • Ellie Lehto - 18 hours ago

    a doctor away keeps the doctor away

  • Tommy Scott - 18 hours ago

    ...Real sushi, not the one in rolls. Just fish, in top of brown rice. Boiiii as an asian person that’s definitely not a real sushi...

  • Anabela - 20 hours ago

    You have a Mexican stomach! Si señor!! But a serious question Dr; is taking colagen good?( Is that how you spell it in English?) Colageno (In spanish)

  • Digital box Emma - 21 hours ago

    Go plant based and stop being a shit doc 🌱

  • Death2Caucasianpigs - 21 hours ago

    Why are you still bit fat on ur diet?

  • Ellipsis - 21 hours ago

    Cheese has casomorphins. It's literally an opioid in a congealed fatty mass of calf growth formula, mammalian oestrogen and insulin-like growth factor-1. Also in the US it is perfectly legal for dairy producers to sell milk that has over 1.2million somatic cells per spoonful. Omega 3 fatty acids can all be obtained from a single spoonful of flaxseeds. Chia seeds are also good and make for a great breakfast pudding. Fish has a lot of mercury in it and a lot of people don't realise that fish are perfect hosts for parasites like tapeworms (yuck!). But even if wild fish have less mercury than farmed, we (humans) have exploited and/or depleted 3/4 of the world’s fisheries, so much so that it is estimated that we could see fishless oceans by 2048. And scientists estimate as many as 650,000 whales, dolphins and seals are killed every year by fishing vessels. Please Dr. Mike, consider a *whole foods plant based diet* for the animals, for the planet, and your health <3

  • Marie Jordan - 22 hours ago

    If I would not be already subscribed - you would have got me with that suttle quagmire-peek

  • Ford On 5th Cigars - 22 hours ago

    Glad to know I eat similar to you.

  • Athena Johnson - 22 hours ago

    if George O'Malley had a youtube channel