TCall of Duty WW2 VS Battlefield 1 - Attention to Detail

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Published on Jan 22, 2018

Call Of Duty map location in real life

10 Amazing call of duty ww2 details:

Call of Duty WW2 VS Battlefield 1 - Attention to Detail

Hi Guys ,
In this Video i compared details between call of duty ww2 and battlefield 1 . I am huge fan of both of these franchises .These details do not make one game better than the other . But i have to admit it in details category battlefield 1 is the winner . personally i like call of duty ww2 over battlefield 1 in gameplay .

I am not good in english . I may made some mistake sorry for that.

Thanks for watching.

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  • Xtra FrostnG PanCake - 1 month ago

    10 Amazing Details Every Call of Duty ww2 player Should Know

  • Tristan Depano - 39 minutes ago

    Just 2 of them because they are good game

  • DrawnToLove - 2 hours ago

    Arcade shooter vs a large scale shooter is pretty incomparable, there is already to many videos on the subject of comparing the 2 and its already a overdone subject.

  • Sean Jenkins - 2 hours ago

    In reality you wouldn't likely hear the cartridge hit the ground because of the noise of the gun fire

  • squwiid p - 3 hours ago

    BF1 is slow and at a bigger scale so it needs details like that, they are dope. CODWW2 is fast as shit so even if they did do most of that things BF1 did, no one would notice

  • Ace Attack - 3 hours ago

    Ironic how BF1 is more affordable but seems like a better game.

  • Shining Dragon - 3 hours ago

    CODs hit detection sucks, so many times I've lost gunfights I should have won, if I lose in battlefield it's because my opponent had better aim than I did.

  • Thomas Agundiz - 4 hours ago

    Bf has better graphics but both game are really fun and you really don’t get bored of them

  • CGSDR JC - 5 hours ago

    Comparing BF1 and CoD is like comparing Samsung phone vs iPhone, both sell at flagship price but one give you more. 😂

  • CowenLatta - 5 hours ago

    While this details/factors are just secondary to gameplay ( I sometimes lower the graphic details in to lessen the burden of my machine). Still, these can clearly reveal which developer pay extra attention to details and which one is just lazy.

  • juan da don juan da don - 9 hours ago

    Lol the rats

  • NateLB - 10 hours ago

    The people you shot in Battlefield 1 were wearing hats but then a helmet comes off.

  • zJay - 11 hours ago

    Bf1 = better. Lol

  • 50Bands - 12 hours ago

    Personally I don't think you can really compare these two games, COD is more based of skill level and closer combat, BF is more of an objective game using more strategy to win.

  • Omar Castillo - 12 hours ago

    It's cause the ice in ww2 is a special kind of ice fabricated by the nazis 🤗

  • Pedro Verissimo - 14 hours ago

    In BF1 there is atention to detail. On COD atention to ($€£) easy profit

  • K_A - 16 hours ago

    I like how in BF when you shoot a guy with a hat in the head, suddenly a wild helmet that wasn't there before spawns!

  • Vertutame - 19 hours ago

    but....but COD's grenade dance!

  • Karthus84 - 21 hours ago

    BF has always had more "attention to detail" compared to CoD... And to be honest they use two different game engines.

  • skull spliter soultaker - 22 hours ago

    Bf1 wins

  • Ya Boi Buckarino - 22 hours ago

    I bet that Dice and Ea were bored and started adding details

  • KolegrahmH - 1 day ago

    Fun fact. Irl the best marksmen keep both eyes open at all times.

  • MystikNoir - 1 day ago

    N O O N E C A R E S

  • Charlie Gengo - 1 day ago

    Nice try, on number one, there is something bf1 missed, the flash from the grenade causing visual disturbance and ringing ears. In bf1 it just explodes as if the player was unaffected from hat range (BS). Also, when you did the (don't forget the helmet) segment, yes, the helmet popped of, but the soldier on bf1 wasn't wearing a helmet, he was wearing a hat. XD This was a little bit of a hammer toward cod, but I'm not just fanboy defending it. I'm certain there were more details missing in both games. I just can't bring up a negative point about cod because this video already called them all out. :/ (liked the video)

  • theXEN0KID - 1 day ago

    What is up with the slip-n-slide grenades??

  • Mercy the peacekeeper - 1 day ago

    4:30 shoots off cap cap becomes helmet 🌚

  • vespaman0 - 1 day ago

    I always thought battlefield had the best sound design amongst shooters. Imo I think battlefield all in all is quite a bit better than cod.

  • Viscera Gaming - 1 day ago

    For anyone saying bf1. They’re set in 2 different wars. SO OF COURSE WW2s BETTER.

  • Thatswhyshesahoe - 1 day ago


  • I2ma3L I.J - 1 day ago

    Lol no wonder why BF its better than CoD xD Cant argue with me on this one! Even the videos shows it