TThe KAT Walk mini - A Ready Player One omni-directional VR Treadmill (Compact & Unrestrictive).

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Published on Apr 04, 2018

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The KAT Walk mini is the world’s first universally compatible treadmill for VR that doesn’t restrict your body and arms movement. The new, completely re-imagined design focuses on providing the ultimate VR locomotion experience with minimum physical space requirements and maximum movement freedom. Walk, run, sprint and even crouch to take cover or pick up items in your favorite VR game!

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  • Reece Cuthbertson - 4 hours ago

    How does this work with psvr this is a 360 treadmill and psvr is 180, seriously I want an answer because im actually curious?

  • apo5 - 9 hours ago

    "holiday on ice"

  • Kevin Echols-EL - 13 hours ago

    No jumping?

  • Crazando anonymous - 14 hours ago

    I wonder if it can also work as an exercise machine, because if it does then I'd be fit as fuck within 6 months lol

  • Crazando anonymous - 14 hours ago

    Wow, I'm amazed. I should really start saving up some money because this looks so incredible. It gives a great but of realism that VR was missing and it's very compact

  • Pureeey - 16 hours ago

    I wasn't expecting something like this for a few years. I'm so excited. You can bet I'll be a customer.

  • Cglolster1 The puppet - 19 hours ago

    Imagine playing vrchat with dem!

  • Dark Miss - 23 hours ago

    I neeeddd itt!! 😀

  • SLAP1FACE - 24 hours ago


  • Максим Самогородский - 24 hours ago

    1500$? Pff, this isn't money. *crying*

  • Bildawl - 2 days ago

    Better than the infinadeck?!

  • Lewis Black - 2 days ago

    just out of curiosity, how strong is all your Pc's hardware to run all that stuff at once. literally goals!

  • Zeta Jiffilstainty - 2 days ago

    Seamos sinceros...esto no se pondrá a la venta en MUCHOS años....y se se pone, saldrá carísimo!!

  • SlicrX - 2 days ago

    this looks sick

  • Rampster27 - 2 days ago

    But, what if I want to lie down?

  • Sheleg - 2 days ago


  • Depressed Goy - 2 days ago

    The only thing missing here is a bed function, I don't want to leave my virtual anime boobs anymore.

  • Auston Usher - 2 days ago

    To bad it's price tag is ridiculous.

  • Ghost200 - 2 days ago

    Has no one heard of the Virtuix Omni?

  • Unknown Atlas - 3 days ago

    Now if they forced us to do circuits or shit on this I would be all for virtually running from zombies.

  • jklw10 - 3 days ago

    Id say this is currently better than the 2d treadmill design

  • Elliot Engblom - 3 days ago

    Nice, but probably expensive.

  • Some man - 3 days ago

    I could play this all day

  • arklid - 3 days ago

    Классная вещь! В ней бы еще сделать эмуляцию плавания, погружения, прыжков, невесомости, полета и падения, и цены б ей не было. И можно было б уверенно называть вирт реальным спортом, ведь на такой штуке от лишнего веса избавляться - одно удовольствие!

  • littlegodpan1 - 3 days ago

    It only takes one multiplatform developer consistently including support for this in their "Games" for it to build momentum.

  • ZwiX - 3 days ago

    When where can I buy this and how much is it. $3000?, $10000?

  • Vale Rian - 3 days ago

    I just subscribed your channel since I've got to know about you

  • Vale Rian - 3 days ago

    Take my cash Kat VR 💰💸💱💰💸💱💰💸💰💸💸💰💱💸💰💱💰💸💰💸💰💱💱💰💸😊🎮💸💸🎮💱🎮💸💰💱💰💸🎮💱💸🎮💱🎮💸🎮💱🎮💸🎮💱😉💱💱💰💱💰💱💰💸💰💱💰💸💰💱💰💸💰💱💰💸💱💰💰💸💱💰💱💱💸💰💰😎💱💰💸💱💰💸💰💱💰💱💰💸💰💱😃💱💸

  • Brad Davis - 3 days ago

    Who won the contest? Didn't the raffle end?

  • Антон Лужановский - 3 days ago

    *ля ходить надо(