TNicki Minaj's New Music

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Published on Apr 13, 2018

Nicki Minaj has been MIA for months and just dropped new music. She also addressed the alleged feud between her and Cardi B in an interview on Beats 1 Radio.

Then, Meek Mill may be getting out of prison as soon as Monday and Meghan Markle's half sister is still waiting for her wedding invite.

Plus, Jesse Williams' ex-wife wants more spousal support and the Menendez brothers have been reunited after 22 years. Wendy has the details in Hot Topics.
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  • Danielle Deberry - 5 minutes ago

    😂😂😂😂 this lady talks about ppl dating in jail and falling in love. You still with that cheater 🤔

  • kilo kayin - 30 minutes ago

    This audience act like mindless zombies. They don't seem to have a mind of their own

  • SHE Speaks - 38 minutes ago

    Jesse's ex should drain that sucka. So typical he went after a Becky when he made it

  • Stephanie Smith - 46 minutes ago

    Blah blah blah blah....messy at its finest😂😂😂

  • Amanda O'Reilly - 2 hours ago

    Wendy's best dressed moment is the day she wears her house clothes.

  • 90's Baby 80's Baby Heart - 2 hours ago

    How you gonna get a better looking man than jessie tho..

  • Mr Kennedy - 3 hours ago

    50 thousand a month and people are disgusted with that? Wow

  • Emily EStefania - 3 hours ago

    This was so awkward and cringe to watch

  • angel johnson - 5 hours ago

    Wendy SHUT UP!!!

  • Green Orchid - 6 hours ago

    Jesses wife is secure her childrens future. She may be the fiscally responsible person in the relationship.

  • Green Orchid - 6 hours ago

    Looking alike wigs seems they all read the same magazines no one wants to pick creative ...zzz

  • N3RDY Hoodlums - 8 hours ago

    Ngl if we put the actual dollar amount aside with the Jessie thing ... We only talking about 16 episodes for for about 2 decades give or take. Grey's Anatomy godda at least 50 seasons left (or more)

  • Wilmy Batista - 14 hours ago

    I love Cardi but I feel like she's been 25 for a long time.

  • VAV Magazine - 14 hours ago

    You are an absolutely disgusting woman I cannot believe that there is so much disrespect for Black life, you are a problem. That's why your husband is f****** a real Black woman, a queen thank God that he's cheating on you.

  • Que Jordan - 15 hours ago

    Wendy struggles at speaking

  • Que Jordan - 15 hours ago

    She called her song “cute”🤣🤣🤣

  • Jojo Saylor - 15 hours ago

    Finally I heard something I Like Kim Cardi Nicki and Foxy brown on one 🎵 song🎤🎤🎤 together!!!!

  • 小龙女 - 16 hours ago

    Wendy is soooo biased against Nicki Minaj.

  • Sam Cassese - 16 hours ago

    I forgot u kno stuff about music. Wendy stfu.

  • Mashano Malbrough - 16 hours ago

    Rolling up to the gate? That's fucked up. Wendy don't forget to tuck tuck tuck your penis betwix them manly logs you call legs. How U tucken?🙌

  • Mashano Malbrough - 16 hours ago

    Chun Li is 🔥.

  • Chloe Morgan - 17 hours ago

    so Wendy's got time to critique Nicki's amazing work and can't get her husband to stay?? wow🙄stop hating on Nicki

  • Adama Jawara - 18 hours ago

    I just love the way she said baby talk baby talk i wonder how u can walk😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣❤❤

  • Neqt Ais - 18 hours ago

    First time viewer....Does she have a medical condition? There seems to very little face movement. Is it ALS or something??

  • Abran Astudillo - 18 hours ago

    Tell me y she looked hella annoyed

  • David Michael - 18 hours ago

    The crowd is triggering

  • Dottie - 21 hours ago

    how you critique Nicki when you entire look and that of your audience is a direct copying of her style.. loll you a fraud and hoe worry about ur nasty husband wendy

  • traild32 - 21 hours ago

    So annoying. Why is it that this broad or a whole lot of you, can’t just leave ones name out, when you talk about the other. But anyways... both Chun Li and Barbie Tingz is my bops

  • Drew Brewer - 22 hours ago

    why is nobody mentioning the fact she said nicki has writers?????????? "when you hear nicki spit nicki wrote it"

  • Rayan foster - 22 hours ago

    The audience looks so fake