Top 10 performance That made coaches Cry in The voice Audition 2018

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Published on Mar 18, 2018

Names Contestants AND Songs:

1. Stephanie Skipper: "Piece By Piece"
2. Elina Ivaschenko: "1944"
3. Amber Sauer: "Shape of You"
4. Rayshun LaMarr: "Don't Stop Believin'"
5. Sharane Calister: "Make It Rain"
6. Shana Halligan: "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)"
7. Ignatious Carmouche: "Latch"
8. Genesis Diaz: "Praying"
9. Гульшат Хамурзина: "I have nothing"
10. Marta Gałuszewska: "I See Fire"

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  • The Voice Legendary - Channel Youtube
    The Voice Legendary - 1 week ago

    *A voice that made Shakira dance on stage in The voice*

  • NayNay Lee - Channel Youtube
    NayNay Lee - 11 hours ago

    2:05. Is AMAZING. Omg.

  • Mina Radcliffe - Channel Youtube
    Mina Radcliffe - 12 hours ago

    That "Latch" performance was gold

  • Judy Ann - Channel Youtube
    Judy Ann - 17 hours ago


  • kitty johnston - Channel Youtube
    kitty johnston - 1 day ago

    What's the name of the second song that was sung????!!!! Jesus that song, the melody and her voice is so powerful!!

  • tyson - Channel Youtube
    tyson - 1 day ago

    I'm sick and tired of people with sad stories on these type singing shows; I have Cancer, my cat died, blahblahblah, please! I had Cancer, Cancer of SHUT THE HELL UP, and you don't sing me crying about it!

  • harrypotteravenclaw - Channel Youtube
    harrypotteravenclaw - 2 days ago

    Nobody really cried in the third one

  • Lilla Vinczur - Channel Youtube
    Lilla Vinczur - 2 days ago

    OMG that little girl from the second video My gosh her voice is like magic freaking mesmerizing

  • Makeba C - Channel Youtube
    Makeba C - 2 days ago

    Rayshun has amazing range!

  • MsFair - Channel Youtube
    MsFair - 2 days ago

    Ukraine did not come to play.

  • Evelyn Jimenez - Channel Youtube
    Evelyn Jimenez - 2 days ago

    The little girl was amazing!!!!! OMG

  • childofgod L - Channel Youtube
    childofgod L - 2 days ago

    Touching song I really like this song. Very emotional. It comes from the heart

  • Shaniese Robinson - Channel Youtube
    Shaniese Robinson - 3 days ago

    6:34(Latch) gives me chills

  • Jade Wahl - Channel Youtube
    Jade Wahl - 3 days ago

    the second girl gave me chills holy. fuck.

  • Rikasi Ryujin - Channel Youtube
    Rikasi Ryujin - 3 days ago

    whats the song at 2:07

  • Rikasi Ryujin - Channel Youtube
    Rikasi Ryujin - 3 days ago

    i love that version of shape of you:)

  • Michael Mathers - Channel Youtube
    Michael Mathers - 3 days ago


  • Rick Oswald - Channel Youtube
    Rick Oswald - 3 days ago

    Elina Ivaschenko: "1944" That was amazing!!

  • richasa69 - Channel Youtube
    richasa69 - 3 days ago

    #3 Amber Sauer "Shape of You" 4:40 Gave me goose bumps!!!

  • El Guapo - Channel Youtube
    El Guapo - 3 days ago

    The foreign versions of the voice put way too much emphasis on the judges

  • Susie Guillen - Channel Youtube
    Susie Guillen - 3 days ago

    Damn that 2nd chick

  • Nadiya Edieva - Channel Youtube
    Nadiya Edieva - 3 days ago

    The second song named 1944-Jamala (Ukrainian-tatarian singer winner of eurovision contest) the song is about genocide of tatarian people in 1944 by russian (soviet authorities )

  • Amy Jobling - Channel Youtube
    Amy Jobling - 4 days ago

    The woman singing ‘Shape Of You’- I need that record! 1944 was amazing as well- so beautiful.

  • Danille Emerald Galang - Channel Youtube
    Danille Emerald Galang - 4 days ago

    Why did it looking like alicia keys telling kelly “don’t do it” in the first singer and then kelly not trying to turn. Then feeling relieved after adam turned around. It’s like she wanted to but she can’t? is it because it’s her song?

  • Midas Touch - Channel Youtube
    Midas Touch - 4 days ago

    The first performance 😭😭 I cry anytime I hear that song regardless of who sings it

  • BMJSpitteler - Channel Youtube
    BMJSpitteler - 4 days ago

    She cried, but never turned around... Charming.

  • jrndm BP - Channel Youtube
    jrndm BP - 4 days ago

    I ain’t tryna be racist but black people have really good voices

  • Nip arri - Channel Youtube
    Nip arri - 4 days ago

    The black kid sounds just like Maxwell.😍

  • Nip arri - Channel Youtube
    Nip arri - 4 days ago

    Wow #2

  • Sarah - Channel Youtube
    Sarah - 4 days ago

    Who is the girl that sang 1944???