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Published on Apr 12, 2018

*all tea, all shade* kidding, kidding!! so much love for cam forever!

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  • Patricia Hache - Channel Youtube
    Patricia Hache - 4 hours ago

    love them forever

  • Nickolle Ruilova - Channel Youtube
    Nickolle Ruilova - 6 hours ago


  • Fatima Al - Channel Youtube
    Fatima Al - 7 hours ago

    shan: are you gonna be okay? cam: i just— you know i cry when i— shan: *puppy eyes* “you miss me” cam: *rolls eyes* me: dead

  • SleighJessi - Channel Youtube
    SleighJessi - 1 day ago


  • Shan Styles - Channel Youtube
    Shan Styles - 2 days ago

    Waaaah. missed this tooooo 😊😭😍❤

  • 0ptichoux0 - Channel Youtube
    0ptichoux0 - 3 days ago

    ahaha excellent ;-) i like this video is so funy ex lol

  • PAPI CHULO - Channel Youtube
    PAPI CHULO - 5 days ago

    I’m coming back to this video to ask if Cammie watched the vid of Shannon tattooing her body😂😂

  • Hmmm X - Channel Youtube
    Hmmm X - 6 days ago

    HELLO GAYS PLEASE HELP ME GET SHANNON TO NOTICE THIS BY MENTIONING HER IN THIS COMMENT. HELP A GAY SIS IN LOVE Hello shannon, I am minette. My girl is a big fan of yours and i was hoping you could wish her good luck because it’s her finals week and she’s very stressed and burned out. She lives far away from me and I’ve been thinking of ways to make her happy. Hearing from you through like a tweet or even a reply to this would definitely make her feel better. Her name is Lyle Velasquez (@laaaayl on twitter) This is a long shot and I’m sure you’re very busy but if you could, Please please please help her out. Love you so much! Thank youuu

  • TheKyannaSimone - Channel Youtube
    TheKyannaSimone - 6 days ago

    LMFAOOOO CUTE AND FUNNY! Def have an ex I would love to do this with! omg... I wish she should comply to this!

  • Charlotte Brown - Channel Youtube
    Charlotte Brown - 6 days ago


  • Alexa Ciesla Andrade - Channel Youtube
    Alexa Ciesla Andrade - 7 days ago

    sht. This made my heart aches

  • Ku Ai - Channel Youtube
    Ku Ai - 1 week ago

    I watched this video many times. .. woohoo

  • Ku Ai - Channel Youtube
    Ku Ai - 1 week ago

    Cammie u have a lovely voice. ...

  • shagwellington - Channel Youtube
    shagwellington - 1 week ago

    What's a pillow princess?

  • AdrianneKhai - Channel Youtube
    AdrianneKhai - 1 week ago

    "You miss me" omgodddd !!!!!

  • Rose Dog - Channel Youtube
    Rose Dog - 1 week ago

    This video was very passive aggressive

  • DM 09 - Channel Youtube
    DM 09 - 2 weeks ago

    Can i just say i miss them filming together😂😂

  • Zeynep Ozbahcivan - Channel Youtube
    Zeynep Ozbahcivan - 2 weeks ago

    Türkçe altyazı koyarsanız mutlu olurum

  • Jenni Saephan - Channel Youtube
    Jenni Saephan - 2 weeks ago

    “jealous i don’t think so....concerned” 😂😂

  • Juliana Akied - Channel Youtube
    Juliana Akied - 2 weeks ago

    Tell me about the intro music please

  • Licitt - Channel Youtube
    Licitt - 2 weeks ago

    My favourite thing about cammie scott iiiiis.... One thing I learned in boating school iiiiis ...

  • straight bender - Channel Youtube
    straight bender - 2 weeks ago

    I miss them so much.

  • Javier Garcia - Channel Youtube
    Javier Garcia - 2 weeks ago

    Ustedes asian muy bonita pareja 😭😭

  • Immortalkalashnikov - Channel Youtube
    Immortalkalashnikov - 2 weeks ago

    Ok even as a straight male I can tell there are still feelings there.

  • Lilliana Maxfield - Channel Youtube
    Lilliana Maxfield - 2 weeks ago

    2:35 when Shannon said toward the end of our relationship, Cammie’s eyes went wide like she thought Shannon was going to say something else

  • Angela Reyna - Channel Youtube
    Angela Reyna - 2 weeks ago

    Awww Shannon, it is apparent you still love her. Just get back together

  • Jennifer Barazon - Channel Youtube
    Jennifer Barazon - 2 weeks ago

    Im back again. UGHHHHHH CANT. STOP.

  • morenita ! - Channel Youtube
    morenita ! - 2 weeks ago

    los subtítulos en español argento son clavessss

  • Rocio Mateo Garcia - Channel Youtube
    Rocio Mateo Garcia - 2 weeks ago

    Subtitulos en español por favor!! :C

  • Edmlover97 - Channel Youtube
    Edmlover97 - 2 weeks ago

    Can we do more of theseeee or is that too much?