TFloyd Mayweather Grades His MMA Skills, 'I'm Serious About This' | TMZ Sports

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Published on Mar 15, 2018

Floyd Mayweather says he's DEAD SERIOUS about taking an MMA fight -- confirms he'll start training with Tyron Woodley -- and breaks down his wrestling and kicking skills.


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  • S K260790 - 1 week ago

    Jesus he has the whitest teeth of any sports star or celebrity I have ever seen . Are they even feel teeth ? Or veneers ?

  • Brandon Mccracken - 1 week ago

    Weather he wins or loses I hope he gets the respect he deserves for stepping in the octogon

  • 69mrbrightside691 - 1 week ago

    Shannon Briggs once competed in a kickboxing bout l believe. He said on the Rogan podcast that he was almost ready to quit after a couple kicks to his legs but he managed to score a KO before that happened. His legs were bruised as hell and were in pain for a long time after. So Floyd better condition those legs.

  • Kowalski Jan - 1 week ago

    7 ? Ha ha I pissed myself.

  • Craig 1690 - 1 week ago

    How can he be serious about it if he’s wanting to change the rules to suit him😂 no kicks, elbows, knees or take downs so its basically a boxing match in an octagon😂

  • Anders - 2 weeks ago

    juice heads lol

  • Er boro - 2 weeks ago


  • Ovais Ihsan - 2 weeks ago

    hand pick

  • DrEaM sCaPE - 2 weeks ago

    If you get in a cage with Conor. I got nothing but respect for you Floyd coming from a Conor fan.

  • Badmoon Channel - 2 weeks ago

    6-8 months LOL, yea good luck with that.

  • Darin Wood - 2 weeks ago

    This man is the guy

  • Viktor Vincent - 2 weeks ago

    Much respect for Floyd he's my MAN!!! Yah MAYWEATHER is gonna bring it to the octagon I luv it!!!!!

  • adam zadam - 2 weeks ago

    PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! This fight is planned by both parties to make each other richer. MCGREGOR IN REAL time CAN BEAT MAYWEATHER in 30 seconds like Mayweather could have beaten McGregor in previous fight in 1st round but he carried him. There is no competition but a guaranteed fake fight on night. DON'T BUY PPV

  • Chilli SPICY - 2 weeks ago

    I respect you Floyd Mayweather if you get in the octogon even if you loose. I will respect you for the rest of my life!!

  • Og maco Sheesh - 2 weeks ago

    Those juice head monkies behind floyd

  • Christopher Hanly - 2 weeks ago

    420 👎hahaha bong hit time

  • Carti Abel - 2 weeks ago

    get Anderson the spider Silva and you will win

  • MJ #PGandCHILL - 2 weeks ago

    Did Mayweather just say his wrestling game on a scale of 1-10 was a 7? This guy is delusional lol.

  • Faceless Man - 2 weeks ago

    his hand game is 100/10 ?! boxing is nthg but a small part of mma lol there are loads of hand punches he never dealt with, elbows and superman punches and spinning backfists.. cant wait to see conor wrecking his ass in the octagon

  • Eman Yerr - 2 weeks ago

    His running skills from 1 to 10 is 100 hahahahaha

  • Joe T - 2 weeks ago


  • Vsoundelend - 2 weeks ago

    I'm starting to like Floyd

  • STAUNCH NZ - 2 weeks ago

    floyds 2 bag carriers look like midgets next to that black bodyguard

  • dunny boy - 2 weeks ago

    what kind of polish do u use on your head ? is it tears of the poor lol

  • dunny boy - 2 weeks ago

    this guy is floyd gayweather people champion dont fight clowns who celeb he should fight winner of americas got talent or obama ot maybe just home and beat his lady or wife for not having a dick

  • LizardMan 512 - 2 weeks ago

    Wonder how his grappling game is

  • battu tulu - 2 weeks ago

    Honest man...

  • DewkChronic - 2 weeks ago

    Floyd vs. CM Punk

  • Cliff Lister - 2 weeks ago

    If he goes threw with this in my eyes he,ll be GODLIKE!

  • James Steffans - 2 weeks ago

    None of ya'll know what Floyd's capable of. You dont know what he does with his free time.