TDaniel Kaluuya: 'Get Out' Shows How White People Say Weird Stuff

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Published on Jan 17, 2018

'Get Out' star Daniel Kaluuya says that 'I've seen 'Get Out' three times' is the new 'I would've voted for Obama a third time.'

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  • Vikas Adhikari - 4 hours ago

    What are those????

  • Fiona Wolf - 7 hours ago

    Twin steal defendant civic lead top English strongly.

  • Baka Hannibal - 10 hours ago

    White people say crazy things. Example: "Oh, gotdammit, fuck me in the ass why don't you Sally!" Said by my white male coworker to our IT consultant, smh.

  • imakemusique - 12 hours ago

    I am a Norwegian studying in Denmark and just between two neighboring countries, I have experienced quite a few racial moments. Ranging from "You come here taking Danish students spots" to just responding in a kind off Norwegian accent. Though I can`t relate my experience to a person of color living in the western world, stereotyping is unfortunately universal.

  • B’Ann Alicia - 14 hours ago

    He’s naturally funny!!! Love it!! 😍

  • Azo - 18 hours ago

    Ironic ending there. The whole interview was about white people saying weird stuff then at the end Stephen promotes his idea of a white god.

  • CeciVizz - 18 hours ago

    He’s such a sweetheart omg 😭

  • Doralyn Chan - 20 hours ago

    Colbert has no vibe with him it's jarring

  • Carl Suga - 20 hours ago

    Posh Kenneth is coming through!!!😍😍😍😍 I LOVE DAN KALUUYA!!

  • N Young - 21 hours ago

    Fine dark chocolate!!! Excellent actor!!,

  • VisualiseTheFun - 1 day ago

    Look, the movie wasn't that good

  • amme p - 1 day ago

    It’s posh Kenneth!

  • legitmontrellthigpen - 1 day ago

    15million merits has some of the best acting in all of black mirror

  • Hitlers 3d Reight - 1 day ago

    “God has seen get out 4 times”, look at his face. Steven is implying that god is white. Interesting...

  • CakerBaker 99 - 1 day ago

    Ok...I was late to the party. I didn't see "Get Out" till yesterday and I only knew a little bit about it before then. Certainly nothing about the lead. So when I was telling a relative how much I Loved the movie, he asks if I knew the lead was british...I say, "No way...his American accent was perfect!" I then proceed to look for a clip of him speaking... which brought me here. Had I not already seen the movie, but found my way here since I do watch many of Colbert's interviews, I would be pissed that it was spoiled in the scene they showed. His girlfriend turning out to be bad was such a twist for me...I didn't see it coming, and I loved that! Whoever okayed the clip is an idiot.

  • Juaquin Bennett - 1 day ago

    My credit got better lmao

  • Angelos Kyprou - 1 day ago

    Ofc he’s British... every black guy in movies now adays is British.

  • SKY HIGH - 2 days ago

    That entrance was so freaking chill lmao

  • 王珍 - 2 days ago

    Hey, look, a vomiting nigger, niggas is better suited to the slave era than it is now, hey, they are slaves, hey, they are the dirt inside the ditch, this world does not need black skin monsters

  • ghosted166 - 2 days ago

    He's so cute and charming. I remember him from Black Mirror (pretty sure he does "the cry face" in that too).

  • lnfreeman - 2 days ago

    Spoil much with that clip?

  • Island Girl - 2 days ago

    Shook...didn't know he had a "British" accent....

  • MyMjtaylor - 2 days ago

    Please send him a copy of that picture

  • vilestine - 2 days ago

    Took me a long time, but I realized where I have seen him before. Black Mirror! S02e02, fifteen million merits!

  • Kim Celine Goyena - 2 days ago

    ahhh what an awesome man!!

  • becchill15 - 2 days ago

    Posh Kenneth

  • Kali Ope - 2 days ago

    most charming interview I’ve ever seen

  • Amrita Barua - 3 days ago

    He seems so authentic and natural.

  • Chelsea Okley - 3 days ago

    I love this guy 😂😂😂💓💓

  • Alan Tyson - 3 days ago

    First watched him in The Fades and then of course Black Mirror. Never thought he would smash through like this. Well done tha' lad.