TServers Share Their Biggest Pet Peeves

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Published on Mar 19, 2018

A server is not a servant.

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  • Jannet Lopez - 3 hours ago

    oh. my. god. i FEEL this on every single level.

  • Narandra Dharmmesta - 7 hours ago

    That chick with the curly hair cute af

  • Theheadcheese Cheese - 11 hours ago

    I do want to say that its not just the customer i have had someone server me and they will sit on there phone in the corner doing nothing

  • PizzaGod - 17 hours ago

    Glad I have not gotten any of these people as my server. While some of the things they say are true, however. One of the things I like to do is ask the server what is their favorite item on the menu. I love trying new and different things and somethings I just need a nudge to figure out what I want. Oh, and note to ALL servers, keep my coke full, please bring me one before I have to ask for a refill. That gets you 20%+ every time. If I have to ask for a refill, you not getting more than 20%. BTW, I have only "stiffed" a server once in my whole life. Well I left him 2 cents and a note on why he only got 2 cents. Not only did he serve me a frozen burger, but he literally picked up my wifes plate AS she was taking a bite of food, she could not say anything as she had a mouth full of food. Oh, this was Garfield's at Vista Ridge Mall and they closed shortly after that.

  • Alex Ramos - 21 hours ago

    snapping is customary in many languages

  • Kara Dorow - 1 day ago

    I have flagged down a server to give them a 30 dollar tip because the were the nicest people I had met

  • ThereGoes - 1 day ago

    Really, you can’t take a compliment about good service? People that are eating in the restaurant have budgets too, they can’t always be tipping 50%. It is not the customers fault you have a minimum wage job.

  • Matthew Brunette - 1 day ago

    And there’s me: I won’t ask for anything for fear of being annoying.

  • princ3ss_z3lda - 1 day ago

    I’d say if they snap or wave, don’t immediately get pissed. In Germany (where I live) it’s customary to wave if you want something, waiters don’t really come to your table often to check (as they do in America) so you wave and they will come to you. A person might not be familiar to the customs of American restaurants and they meant to do no harm. I assume you’re in LA/California judging from other Buzzfeed videos and that especially is a very touristy place/state.

  • Alex Macnab-Stark - 1 day ago


  • EthoGames - 1 day ago

    Does anyone know billy's name?

  • Kate rat - 2 days ago

    you dont like when customers wave you down? they are doing that to get your attention because you are their waiter lol. ok while i agree with a lot of what you all said in the video, some of the stuff u complain about is the reason you get paid to wait on people and serve food.

  • pidge podge - 2 days ago

    "Can I get you more water..."

  • carrington clark - 2 days ago

    That’s rude of him to says why come into the restaurant if you are allergic to a certain food like wtf what if I wanted eat there like leave me alone

  • Mohd Helmy - 2 days ago

    Do in america you have to tip?

  • TheObliviousGeek - 2 days ago

    When they decide to tell you their life story.

  • meh - 2 days ago

    Wow... so many whiny servers... here's one fo the servers out there. Stop being judgemental d!cks and assuming stuff about people, huh? I actually hate eating out. It's not because I don't want to... I do! I use to really love going out. But, I had stomach surgery and now I am very limited in what I can eat and drink. I only go to restaurants now if I'm force because of work or family events. I'm sick of judgy waitstaff and the comments. I can only eat a very small amount of food at once...less than most child size portions. I also have a lot of foods I have to avoid or I will, legit, get extremely sick. I also cannot physically eat and drink at the same time... so, no when I just order a water and refuse everything else... it's not to punich you or because I'm cheap. It's because I actually cannot drink fluids for 30 minutes after eating food. And, no... I really cannot rice, pasta, most beef, lots of high sugar stuff, etc. I wish I could... but I just can't anymore. Also, yes, I eat slow... and yes, it is annoying for you to come up and notice that my meal appears to mostly go uneaten and have you ask, more than a few times, "Is there anything wrong with your meal? You've barely touched it." I really don't want to explain that my stomach is the size of a chicken egg. They never beleive me, if I say, 'Everything's fine, may I just have a box to take the rest home?" I've had, more than a few times, the chef come out and say they heard I wasn't eating and wanted to be sure the food was okay. On the opposite side... if, by chance, I decided to just split a plate with somebody else, knowing I will not be able to take any food home and that the portions are so huge I can split with somebody and we'll both eat well on one plate... oh, the looks and comments. I know that judgey, "Oh you're too cheap to buy a full meal" look ... or the look of, "Great, less tips for me on thos one, I won't give them much effort" or worse, "I'm sorry we require everyone to order an entree, " line.... when I decide to order just an appetizer and nothing else. Even appetizers, in some places, are too large for me. Judgy, whiny jerks... that's most of them. I've met a handful who were lovely, helpful and understanding. Ordering a little food or no drinks doesn't necessarily mean we're cheap, people.. or that you won't get a proper tip... but if you act like an entitled prick... and we can see it on your face, btw... you basically can guarantee it. Never assume your customer's motives. And as for waving you down.... well, what the hell else are we supposed to do if we haven't seen you for 30 minutes and actually need something, like the check... or more drinks... basically, YOUR JOB!?! If you don't like your job, maybe it's time to find a non-minimum wage job, huh? It's not exactly mature to brag about your minimum wage job while acting like an entitled brat and whining about how you're treated.

  • Sizzle Streams - 2 days ago

    Well you get payed for this

  • Niamhycakes - 2 days ago

    I had the best server once tho like I’m friends with him now cos he said to my sister he liked her jacket cos it reminded him of loki from avengers and then he sat down and talked with us at our table about marvel and he drew a lil Loki on the cheque and it was great

  • Not a dead Killjoy - 2 days ago

    I’m really nice to servers I say “may I” “please” “thank you” and I never say anything bad to them.

  • Mary Greene - 2 days ago

    How you get youtube attention. HEYYY HEYYY -finger snap-

  • Jamie Möllering - 2 days ago

    It's strange that waving for a server is rude in the US. Where I live it's just what you do. Like it's just the way to tell them that you beed them. I mean they don't really just walk around asking at the tables if anyone wants anything.

  • Lois Plone - 2 days ago

    I tip 20% no matter what! I know that is their pay so no matter what I tip what I'm suppose to. More if you are extra nice.

  • Cheekie Mae - 3 days ago

    “My restaurant has a really big menu...” CHEESECAKE FACTORY!

  • Barbie Girl - 3 days ago

    “i’m not your servant” for the time being ya are🤣just sayin...

  • Hier könnte ihre Werbung stehen - 3 days ago

    im from europa and we handle it differently with the tips. why aren’t the restaurants paying the waiters? i just don’t understand why the customer should pay the servers

  • KobeTwo'sAreFire - 3 days ago

    “I’m not your servant” That’s legit your job.

  • Spencer Christian - 3 days ago

    Girl with glasses 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • xocheerle6 - 3 days ago


  • Michelle Despres - 3 days ago

    I am a 40 year old mom with two degrees but I choose to deliver Chinese food so I can spend more time at home with my kids. Most people understand that I earn $8/hr plus gratuities and will tip accordingly. Obviously we don’t expect the same 15-20% as waitstaff, but a $5 bill on a $40 order usually won’t break most people. Instead, there are those who think it’s okay to toss me two dollars on a $40 meal that weighs 20 lbs that I lugged up three flights of stairs in a friggin monsoon. Or a fiver on a 3 bag, $120 order that I brought to your New Years Eve party in 8 degree weather or simply decide not to tip after watching me navigate through waist deep snow up an unshoveled or glare ice driveway. I literally once slipped on a customer’s icy stairs, falling on my elbows, and once I recovered and retrieved the bag of food he was like, “I’m gonna need my two dollars change please”. Come on people. Seriously?