Confirmation Boba Fett Is in Solo: A Star Wars Story?

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Published on Apr 16, 2018

Fans are speculating that a floating object in the new ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ trailer could possibly be Boba Fett’s Slave One ship. The film directed by Ron Howard stars Aldren Ehrenreich, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover, Paul Bettany and Woody Harrelson. There has been rampant speculation online about who we might see pop up in the movie and this latest possibility is the most intriguing so far. There had been rumors that a standalone Boba Fett movie had been in the works before this film and perhaps this is a way to see if there is still interest in it. There is a long history between the bounty hunter and everyone’s favorite smuggler so we’ll see if this is the beginning of their interactions.

Mark Reilly and Dorian Parks sit down to offer their thoughts on this speculation. They explore what this could mean for the movie’s plot if Boba Fett is involved and what it could lead to down the road in terms of films for this universe. Let us know what you thought about everybody’s lists and who you think should have won in the Comments section below. Remember to Like and Share this video on your social media and to Subscribe to our channel.

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  • Kinga - Channel Youtube
    Kinga - 1 week ago

    Is boba isn’t in it, it’s confirmed Disney has no idea what the fuck they are doing

  • boopiloopi - Channel Youtube
    boopiloopi - 1 week ago

    spoilers for the last jedi. be sweet with a boba cameo :), small jabba cameo too :). yea i hope phasma survives, the fire could´ve been at the surface. i like mandalorian armor :). love the shows.

  • Tennessee0331 - Channel Youtube
    Tennessee0331 - 2 weeks ago

    Why care if its a ship?! Because *Boba Himself is in the Trailer* @ 1:09 he is over Lando's shoulder.

  • Tennessee0331 - Channel Youtube
    Tennessee0331 - 2 weeks ago

    every time I leave this comment, it mysteriously the trailer ( ) over lando's shoulder at 1:09. It's Boba Fett, no question.

  • Lore Chaves - Channel Youtube
    Lore Chaves - 2 weeks ago

    yeah I think is boba fett and the slave 1

  • Emperor Caracalla - Channel Youtube
    Emperor Caracalla - 2 weeks ago

    I'm sure Disney will find a way to screw up the Solo movie, it's tradition by now. How it works Disney will come up with a "Snoke move" where they give no info. on the 1st movie then promise to reveal on Last Jedi. All just to get you to come back and pay for more.

  • josue Fuentes - Channel Youtube
    josue Fuentes - 4 weeks ago

    Their pushing Boba Fett you guys, hes alive man!

  • GoddessCarly - Channel Youtube
    GoddessCarly - 4 weeks ago

    Back from the dead assholes

  • edrick1976 - Channel Youtube
    edrick1976 - 4 weeks ago

    Who is this guy who said "I was not the biggest fan fan of Star Wars" being in a video about star wars?

  • Federico Montenegro - Channel Youtube
    Federico Montenegro - 1 month ago

    Who cares?

  • Fett Frenzy - Channel Youtube
    Fett Frenzy - 1 month ago

    You didn’t add in the mandolorian funko pop and the Mythosaur skull

  • Anti Venom 0804 - Channel Youtube
    Anti Venom 0804 - 1 month ago

    I want dengar. In the fact files, it says that dengar has a vendetta with solo because he lost to him in a speeder race, that led to the disfigurement of his body. Dengar actually has a larger vendetta than fett, and greedo let's not forget, because fett only takes interest for the bounty jabba future upon his head

  • Alex Stewart - Channel Youtube
    Alex Stewart - 1 month ago

    Boycott this movie.

  • James Johnson - Channel Youtube
    James Johnson - 1 month ago

    I don’t see it. I think if Disney was at all concerned about how Solo is going to open, they would be promoting Boba Fett hard if he were in it. Hoping to draw in more people and distract us more away from Alden E.

  • scollay baws - Channel Youtube
    scollay baws - 1 month ago

    Why are you talking about movies like its sports? It's totally dumb.

  • ThePOKERJEDI - Channel Youtube
    ThePOKERJEDI - 1 month ago

    It's a *derelict ship indigenous too only twilleks*..which means... .. *star wars* most famous character. ...*darth, talon*

  • Kidzbop Sucks - Channel Youtube
    Kidzbop Sucks - 1 month ago

    I guess random rocks in space have lights on them now

  • Martin Jørgensen - Channel Youtube
    Martin Jørgensen - 1 month ago

    Wuhuuuu let us theorize about all the things! So we can get shouted at by the Jedi Council later...

  • fundhund62 - Channel Youtube
    fundhund62 - 1 month ago

    Oh my.. that Darth Vader scene in Rogue One was so dumb and uneccessary. If THAT is what you guys would have liked to see in the prequels, I do actually understand why you didn´t like them - and it is a good thing! George would never have done such a bad scene..

  • Paul Bell - Channel Youtube
    Paul Bell - 1 month ago

    Because the movie changed directors so late, because of the massive amount to reshoots, because the Last Jedi went in a direction that fanboys and fangirls didn’t like.......we have pretty much written Solo off. I think it’s going to do fantastic. It’s not a movie we needed but i think it’s gonna be a fun movie. All this grumbling and hating on Star Wars is similar to those who didn’t like Ashoka is The Clone Wars and we see how that turned out. I’ve come to the conclusion that if Star Wars is going to push ahead into the foreseeable future, the original generation will have the hardest time adapting.

  • Luke Skywalker - Channel Youtube
    Luke Skywalker - 1 month ago

    Sadly this is unchangeable and unfixable by you and I. What we can do is boycott theatre viewings of all Star Wars films produced by Disney. Remember what Kenobi said, “there ARE alternatives to fighting”. There are other ways to see the film. This show of Force ( neg $) can bring executives to their knees and can be a Force for change. Get our Star Wars back by first giving it up.

  • James Masz - Channel Youtube
    James Masz - 1 month ago

    "No disintegrations". Someone is gonna get disintegrated. Q'ira? or Becket?

  • Paul Bell - Channel Youtube
    Paul Bell - 1 month ago

    Love the new guy Dorian. Maybe with time he becomes hooked on Star Wars so much he joins the Jedi Council. If not, that’s okay. He has his own website and has a great story about how he’s arrived here at Collider. It’s always good to see new people come in and add commentary on a Star Wars Universe. Start working on that Jedi Council aka name! 🤪

  • Hunter Perrien - Channel Youtube
    Hunter Perrien - 1 month ago

    Honestly Dorian doesn't know much about most of the subjects covered on the channel

  • V4ka1 - Channel Youtube
    V4ka1 - 1 month ago


  • Tom Nash - Channel Youtube
    Tom Nash - 1 month ago

    I'm not convinced because the shape at the back doesn't look quite right, but there's a lot of resemblance. (Just playing devils advocate here) You can make out the cockpit window and a wing on the side, plus the wing struts are exactly where they're supposed to be. The guns aren't there, but they could be in an upright position so we can't see them against the silhouette. I really want it to be Slave I but I'm not holding my breath

  • DCB Productions - Channel Youtube
    DCB Productions - 1 month ago

    We better

  • Commander Starstrider - Channel Youtube
    Commander Starstrider - 1 month ago

    Riely, what "dynamic with han solo?" Did they ever even speak to one another. They dont in Ep6. Han just goes huh, Boba Fett and we know what happens. I dont think they even speak in ESB. That dynamic is in your head.

  • Commander Starstrider - Channel Youtube
    Commander Starstrider - 1 month ago

    Why is he in the movie? He was just a guy jabba hired in ESB. Pointless, pathetic, sad, nostalgia baiting after telling us to "let the past die" That ship looks like a turd sinking in water.

  • Gabriel Tisnes - Channel Youtube
    Gabriel Tisnes - 1 month ago

    it doesn't look like it... but I hope Boba shows up