TI Tried Cooking A Recipe From The 1910s

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Published on Feb 18, 2018

That's quite a lot of oysters!

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Preparing Homemade Chicken Meat Pie
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  • mango juice ! - 4 hours ago

    I love some oyster chicken celery Vagina pot pie

  • SAMTUBE - 8 hours ago

    The flour and the milk are supposed to be combined together to make the puff pasty

  • Natalia Lopez - 8 hours ago

    yoo do more of these

  • Laibah Iqbal - 9 hours ago

    Thank God for the short life spans back then i would not be able to live 70 years and eat stuff like That

  • J - 10 hours ago

    Vague recipes.. lmao asians dont even have recipies we just toss stuff in :")

  • nranderson778 - 11 hours ago

    I think the milk and flour were meant to be stirred together and then poured on top.

  • Sterling Blagg - 13 hours ago

    That comment about everyone back then being horny got a laugh out of me.

  • DIYer67 - 14 hours ago

    1950s diner milkshakes

  • Rosa Regina Sarrosa - 19 hours ago

    Why used a canned oyster??? I think it should be fresh..

  • KBACAGSBW - 1 day ago

    1950's cuisine

  • Ashley Arnold - 1 day ago

    I'm so sorry for all the negative comments on behalf of humanity. I mean jeez she was trying to follow the recipe to a T in the hopes of getting an accurate result.

  • Cooking Lessons for Dad - 1 day ago

    I love looking at old cookbooks but I am not usually tempted to make any of the recipes. Even so, old cookbooks are history!

  • Love2Laugh1218 - 1 day ago

    they should do more of these! learning how we used to eat is super interesting

  • sharon abel - 1 day ago

    Good try girl!...I have a recipe book I got at the Salvation Army Store...you know...in the basement probably for years...it was copy written 1911!!! Now I'm no Spring Chicken...I had to go to MY mother to ask her what some of the things meant and what a #2 can was or a " teacup" amount was...and boy were those recipes vague! ( Incidently...my mother was born around 1930)...she knew the answers...bet if I googled them it would have the answers also... Thanks for the laughter...keep plugging away.

  • Juan Aguilera - 1 day ago

    Alix should.... MUST have her own channel. She´s hilarious and LOVE HER!

  • Leen Sayed - 1 day ago

    Alix looks like Nikkie Tutorials! Who agrees??

  • Natasha Reeder - 2 days ago


  • Olivia - 2 days ago

    "The taste isn't completely offensive" lol

  • Ayad Marhoon - 2 days ago

    Was the chicken halal?

  • TheShowStopper01 - 2 days ago

    Alix is fine. 😍😍😍

  • Wa Chin Yu - 2 days ago

    tasty more like nasty

  • AR mail - 2 days ago


  • TedTheBlackCat - 2 days ago

    Alix you seem so cute and nice:D🤗

  • LoveOlderWomen - 2 days ago

    When I saw her use canned oysters I knew that the taste would be different and it would not be fair and accurate representation of the actual recipe. EDIT: I knew it the taste was so much different and everyone seems to complain about the smell of the oysters. If you used actual fresh oysters it would taste somehow better.

  • Snowblind - 2 days ago

    Wish I could have that 7 minutes of my life back... Savage flavor shamers'!! xD

  • Megadextrious - 2 days ago

    kudos for trying it! i gagged just from watching this lol

  • Lauren Estrada - 2 days ago

    The recipe is not under seasoned. Our meat today is comparable to stuffings on teddy bears, meat before was richer. It didn't need to be heavily seasoned.

  • Cabe Waehner - 2 days ago

    She is pretty

  • Erika Lemelin - 2 days ago

    Your title doesn’t say the 1910’s..are you serious.. you couldn’t have put “the 1900’s”

  • Jayson Fonseca - 2 days ago

    that's putrid.. LMFAO