TShark Tank - SNL

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Published on Sep 24, 2013

On this episode of "Shark Tank" an aspiring entrepreneur presents his idea for Lamp Shades. Aired 03/02/13


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  • Zombie in cod Todd - 18 hours ago

    This is cringe and nobody here better not saying anything to me because of what I said

  • Queenlioness 20 - 18 hours ago

    The funny in this skit Im sorry, was out

  • st911000 - 1 day ago

    That was just terrible. Throw it away.

  • Princesita Kimia - 2 days ago

    This had so much potential

  • Emmanuel Villegas - 2 days ago

    Lady shurk

  • Joe Kaho - 3 days ago

    I feel like they tried to make this not funny...

  • Thomas Worrell - 3 days ago

    This was sad.

  • Kimberly Fleming - 3 days ago

    Kevin your time is coming to an end. It's been good though. I give you another year.

  • Bone Doc - 3 days ago

    I've watched 8 of these in a row and ugh, SNL isn't what it used to be. Maybe they need go smoke weed again or something.

  • Chicochase - 4 days ago

    U should of called it lamp shades

  • Noteman - 4 days ago

    Wish shrimp boy would go away.

  • Tooperfect87 - 4 days ago

    Not funny at all

  • Nedra Russell - 4 days ago

    Lamp shades....lol

  • Tony Rockafella - 4 days ago

    Good idea on the parity of shark tank but bad idea to use Kevin Hart

  • Liam Latham - 5 days ago

    They coulda done more with this. Kate saved this sketch lol

  • Mick Jagged - 5 days ago

    how hasn't snl been canceled? how is it possible these writers were hired? and still not fired?     snl has sucked shit for so long.

  • trex gravy - 5 days ago


  • Joe Joe - 6 days ago

    This is racist. Why did they make the black guy play the black guy...

  • Chorkaloopa - 6 days ago

    Looks like SNL is outsourcing its writing staff. Failure to the extreme.

  • Saternoc - 6 days ago

    Considering no one found this funny on the comments section (including myself) the like to dislike ratio is way off.

  • Juan David Redondo - 6 days ago

    Such everyday search hay regarding tip rifle share desire command signature lock.

  • A A - 6 days ago

    where is teh funni

  • Andrew Hagman - 7 days ago

    With that much talent in the room that's what they came up with?!

  • Dana C. - 7 days ago

    They missed the pun: lampshades

  • Ken McK - 1 week ago

    The only thing funny about this is that Kate looks like Katie Perry

  • Ari Kun - 1 week ago

    how did they miss the "shades for your shades" joke...it was right there! :D

  • Marco Martinez - 1 week ago

    Wack ass skit

  • eustagoesout - 1 week ago

    He never explained the 69 though people!

  • sweatyballsac - 1 week ago

    this is funny?

  • microspect - 1 week ago

    Wow this really sucked huh