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Published on Feb 04, 2018

Hey guys! I've seen over and over questions and comments regarding dieting so I decided to start a series where I conduct a diet review in detail. I know many of you want to lose weight and there are many videos on weight loss out there. But I want to give you an honest doctor's take on fasting or time restricted eating.

I kicked off the series with the very popular, intermittent fasting or time-restricted eating. It's claim to fame is that helps burn belly fat/ lose your belly and it does so through fast weight loss. But is fast weight loss even healthy?

Anyway, I could go into more detail covering the smallest intricacies of the diet but I did not want to weigh down the video, both literally and figuratively. Please let me know if this is too little, too much, or just the right amount of information about intermittent fasting.

Also, I want you to remember that diets are not all about weight loss but more importantly about eating healthy. I sincerely hope you enjoy, and definitely let me know if you want more videos like this by giving it a like and a share.

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  • Ram Carter - Channel Youtube
    Ram Carter - 4 months ago

    I´ve been waiting for so long to hear a doctor´s sincere opinion about this. Thank you so much, Mike :)

  • Waleed Alami - Channel Youtube
    Waleed Alami - 21 minutes ago

    This month is the holy month of Ramadan, and I am fasting at the moment, from sunrise to sunset. Knowing about the health benefits, I’m even more excited about this! Thank you Doctor Mike!

  • Aldo Aguilar - Channel Youtube
    Aldo Aguilar - 2 hours ago

    Hey Dr. Mike ! I’ve been doing IF warrior diet (20/4) for over a year now, I have seen all the benefits without any issues whatsoever, I’ve taken regular medical testing and people can’t believe how healthy I am. Probably I would be a good test subject. Hit me up if you want more details ! Love your channel btw Greetings from México

  • Kelly Donahue - Channel Youtube
    Kelly Donahue - 3 hours ago

    Is IF something you can do if you are a type 2 diabetic?

  • DL Kennedy - Channel Youtube
    DL Kennedy - 4 hours ago

    I have stage 3 CKD. My GFR has stayed at a constant 32 for 7 years. However, after 2 weeks of intermittent fasting, I ended up in the ER and had a GFR of 21. Not a good diet for someone with kidney disease. Problem is, not everyone knows they have kidney disease.

  • Zarar Zubair - Channel Youtube
    Zarar Zubair - 9 hours ago

    Monday and Thursday IF is the best.

  • Asura - Channel Youtube
    Asura - 9 hours ago

    Bit what does the average doctor know about nutrition. Your medical training barely covers that, all you learn is prescribing different drugs

  • J B - Channel Youtube
    J B - 9 hours ago

    Caloric Defecit + One Meal A Day + Only Eat Healthy Foods + Workout while in fasted state + 8 hrs Sleep + Minimal Stress = Game Over for your fat if you can stick to it for atleast 3 months. Maybe Ill add keto aswell to this but idk.

  • EUROPEAN BURMESE - Channel Youtube
    EUROPEAN BURMESE - 12 hours ago

    Causes severe insomnia, I wish I could😭😭😭😭😭

  • Nabalayo - Channel Youtube
    Nabalayo - 13 hours ago

    Bloopers 😍 😂

  • Natalie Tamer Khairy Abdulhameed Mohamed Ali - Channel Youtube
    Natalie Tamer Khairy Abdulhameed Mohamed Ali - 13 hours ago

    Would a month be considered short term? also, what do you think if fasting involved water fasting as well so no water or food for about 15-17 hours?

  • Mary B - Channel Youtube
    Mary B - 13 hours ago

    Little bit random: the shirt you were wearing in the clip of you running looked like a Jiu Jitsu rashguard. Do you train in that sport?

  • feverm00n - Channel Youtube
    feverm00n - 16 hours ago

    What about IF if you don’t really have weight to lose? Could it do harm or would it be worth it for the other benefits?

  • missgreendog - Channel Youtube
    missgreendog - 18 hours ago

    What to eat and how much?? Its very invidual, you can't ask the IF to tell you that. You need to learn your body and or talk to someone that knows how to count calories. As I see way too many women eating 1200 cal a day. It's what a 12 year old or even smaller kid should eat.... I've been doing IF for years now, I feel much better, but I also moved to organic food in the same time and exercise bodybuilding, so these 3 things together make me a superhuman of sorts hahaha. jk ofcouse but IF is comfortable, eating twice a day is comfortable, not spending so much time in the kitchen is comfortable. As I make everything from scratch it takes time.

  • a10ace - Channel Youtube
    a10ace - 1 day ago

    IF works best with Keto. Zero craving, hunger and great mood all morning. Could not do it without running on ketones.

  • Joseph Lehman - Channel Youtube
    Joseph Lehman - 1 day ago

    Nice glasses! Optometry student here!

  • the originals - Channel Youtube
    the originals - 1 day ago

    I'd love to hear your opinion on Naturopathic doctors and their way to approach illness. I have a naturopathic doctor in the spa and I'd never met one.

  • vaskelaff - Channel Youtube
    vaskelaff - 2 days ago

    Well, I have been doing the 16/8 for a few years now (Because of a sensitive stomach) and can say that it has been fine for me. To loose weight I now do about 2 meals a day (It is not a rule, I'm just not that hungry) and I have lost a bit of weight since I started doing that. I still eat the same stuff I did before, just less and I have had no bad side effects as fare as I can tell. I usually skip dinner, since I'm not that hungry at night. Loved the video, never knew that what I did had a name, so Thanks for teaching me something new Dr. Mike

  • Aegle - Channel Youtube
    Aegle - 2 days ago

    Just to notice, that doesn't include not drinking water 😉

  • Aegle - Channel Youtube
    Aegle - 2 days ago

    It's forbidden for some medical cases to fast, especially the gastrointestinal ones... In some cases the repeated fasting cause some gastrointestinal issues and aggravate others

  • MrSylfa - Channel Youtube
    MrSylfa - 2 days ago

    One effect you didn't mention is that intermittent fasting tunes your ghrelin production down, for us mere mortals who have to google the term every time that is often called the hunger hormone as it triggers us feeling hungry. I noticed that myself (anecdotal for sure) when I tried 16/8, after just 2 days I stopped getting so terribly hungry. That effect lasted a long time after I stopped intermittent fasting, making it much easier for me to skip meals or eat smaller meals whenever I felt like it, instead of feeling ravenous I just felt mildly hungry. True Source, a Swedish doctor who has focused a lot on diabetes and diet, references in that article to research on the subject: Obviously this makes losing weight a lot easier, not having terrible cravings means you "just" have to beat the other mental cues like sugar induced dopamine spikes, advertising and occasional herd mentality of eating what everyone else is. At least it's one less thing.

  • Вагиз Ханбеков - Channel Youtube
    Вагиз Ханбеков - 2 days ago


  • Moon Na - Channel Youtube
    Moon Na - 2 days ago

    I have been IF-ing pretty much most of my life, bcos Ive always been a pretty small, thin person and just didn't need as much food, Im nearly 40 now, and finding Im actually starting to eat a little more.... ie, more than 1 meal per day, I have notice some weight gain, but Im at about 59kg, with a height of 156cm. I had 2 meals today, Lunch (healthy delicious sandwich), dinner, McDonald Double qtr pounder meal regular.... and thus litterally making me feel bad.... Because, most days, I will only eat Dinner only. No breakfast, no lunch, dinner at about 7pm. I usually eat healthy meals, like a steak and vegies/salad. consciously trying to eat healthy... but I do have a bit of an alcohol and smoking problem which I am extremely mindful of. I drink beer on Tuesday and friday nights, 7-8 330cl amount. I smoke about 50 cigerettes per week. Im cutting smokes now, down to hopefully 25, eventually giving up and will give up alcohol. I had a stressful job, but moving into a much easier job now. thankyou for reading.

  • Julie Shaw - Channel Youtube
    Julie Shaw - 2 days ago

    This is great I would love to see a video with your thoughts on the Keto diet.

  • weraya termm - Channel Youtube
    weraya termm - 2 days ago

    Hi, Thank you for your sincere opinion in "IF". I have a question regarding this topic. What happen to those who have "Stomach ulcers", If they want to, or have practiced "IF". Because I, too, really interest in this topic, not only for weight loss but also, want to contribute my physique for future preparation, but I have this problem since 2nd grade, and go on & off. Stress is also one of my major trigger with this problem.(including IBS from time to time) Are they relevant to IF practice? and can people like me be practicing it?

  • amo0013 - Channel Youtube
    amo0013 - 2 days ago

    great outtakes at the end there and I do 22+h - and whatever remains most days, some days 18-6, with avoiding sugar and most carb heavy stuff... doing exercise in the fasting window more than every other day... though the mental barrier is hard at times. I noticed for myself I get through the day easier if eat all my calories in the morning

  • Cate Mitki - Channel Youtube
    Cate Mitki - 2 days ago

    So if I have PTSD should I not do IF?

  • Nichole Furukawa - Channel Youtube
    Nichole Furukawa - 2 days ago

    I think it's so cute how he likes a ton of comments

  • James Royal Apple - Channel Youtube
    James Royal Apple - 2 days ago

    Yassss!! The times I couldn’t afford food, that was my intermittent fasting 😂

  • A. M. - Channel Youtube
    A. M. - 2 days ago

    This is absolutely amazing! I started I F about a week ago and I've been feeling great,I do not miss my carbs and I don't feel's helping me tremendously with loosing weight( I want to lose around 10-12 lbs). Highly recommend it! Drink lots of water and your body will be just fine without food for a long time.....14-15 hours to be exact. Thanks for your great information!