Kim Kardashian Throws Epic SHADE At Tristan Thompson!

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Published on Apr 17, 2018

Kim Kardashian and sisters Kourtney and kendall are on their way to Cleveland to support their sister Khloe. Khloe is apparently going through some sort of breakdown and the sisters are rushing to her side. Kim K posted this photo on IG throwing some major shade to Tristan! Do you love the way the sisters support one another? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Valerie Jones - Channel Youtube
    Valerie Jones - 1 week ago

    I Love me some Jordy who was pregnant and Khloe knew she was. Kanye the only one in the sunken place.

  • Debi Barrington - Channel Youtube
    Debi Barrington - 3 weeks ago

    Why would these women care about unfaithfulness when they and their mother are agents from hell teachimg young girls to be unfaithful to God kardashians have the perfect platform to lead young girls and maybe boys as well to decency and morality instead of stripping and sleeping with anyone while all eyes and mind are on you shame on this family im sure i speak for a majority that looks the other way " im sick of the world calling good evil and evil good" and what they stand for is what? Good? No its evil producing more in the world but one day they will stand naked before their creator..

  • Melinda Feliciano - Channel Youtube
    Melinda Feliciano - 3 weeks ago

    Kim and her worshippers are so full of s*** epic shade? Please she gets epic shaded everyday lmao

  • Maria - Channel Youtube
    Maria - 3 weeks ago

    That isnt shade..

  • Awesomesauce Souls - Channel Youtube
    Awesomesauce Souls - 3 weeks ago

    No sympathy for a woman who should've known better.

  • Donna Stuart - Channel Youtube
    Donna Stuart - 3 weeks ago

    Why act like they are the only sisters to stick together it’s been like this since forever

  • MARTINA LUTTSCHWAGER - Channel Youtube
    MARTINA LUTTSCHWAGER - 3 weeks ago

    So expected

  • Dani E. - Channel Youtube
    Dani E. - 4 weeks ago

    I don't understand the hate. Just because he cheated on a kardashian? Are we forgetting khloe's kind of a homewrecker for getting involved with a man who has a pregnant girlfriend at the time? Yeah karma's a bitch. Theyre both idiots.

  • Karen Nobles - Channel Youtube
    Karen Nobles - 4 weeks ago

    And pass around coochie!!!lol

  • Emma Sanchez - Channel Youtube
    Emma Sanchez - 4 weeks ago

    Scott looks miserable.. The eyes never lie

  • leonor rodriguez - Channel Youtube
    leonor rodriguez - 4 weeks ago

    Wow, you are really reaching

  • Gail Suezano - Channel Youtube
    Gail Suezano - 4 weeks ago

    What shade do you really think he cares; who are these ppl they are only known for what lauding on their back; humm guess they are no good get cheated on... girl you need a life.. karma is an itch

  • Casm Casm - Channel Youtube
    Casm Casm - 4 weeks ago

    Dumb ass ***

  • James Williams - Channel Youtube
    James Williams - 4 weeks ago


  • Hlengiwe Zungu - Channel Youtube
    Hlengiwe Zungu - 4 weeks ago

    Yes throw it Kim

  • Brooke Byrd - Channel Youtube
    Brooke Byrd - 4 weeks ago

    Everybody cheats on these skanks

  • catherine burgs - Channel Youtube
    catherine burgs - 4 weeks ago

    you trash cav didn't win their first playoff game lmao

  • Remain Silent - Channel Youtube
    Remain Silent - 4 weeks ago

    Where was all this “ shade” when Blac Chyna mom was dragging ALL of them through the mud by their hair??? Lol. Not a tweet from any of them.

  • Antonio Lopez - Channel Youtube
    Antonio Lopez - 4 weeks ago

    She didnt deserve what hi did to her he is disgusting for that

  • cherry cola - Channel Youtube
    cherry cola - 4 weeks ago

    Am I the only one confused on how that was 'throwing shade'?

  • tina c - Channel Youtube
    tina c - 4 weeks ago

    Does nobody know the full "blood is thicker than water" quote? the blood of the covenant is thicker than the waters of the womb... Js

  • Josh C. - Channel Youtube
    Josh C. - 4 weeks ago

    I wouldn't call that throwing shade

  • Leah McNamara - Channel Youtube
    Leah McNamara - 4 weeks ago

    Team khloé 4 life tristan is a brat and ungrateful KIM IS RIGHT GO KIM!!!

  • Jayson Bernabe - Channel Youtube
    Jayson Bernabe - 4 weeks ago

    Be one of the kardashians nah... too many men slept with them look again brotha.....

  • Boops Scoopz - Channel Youtube
    Boops Scoopz - 4 weeks ago

    Htf are they throwing shade in this photo? Are they gonna run him over with the golf cart?! AND, I love Khloé & all but come on! It was ok for him to cheat on a pregnant Jordy with Khloé but they expect him not to cheat on her?! Honey, you sleep with dogs, and you end up with fleas!

  • Ariel Slater - Channel Youtube
    Ariel Slater - 4 weeks ago

    Kim sit ur Whore ASS down, you have SLUNG more free pus%# and sucked more DICKS more than Van Camps got pork & beans. Watch ur own Husbands DICK. Be concerned with that. You need to shut ur Skunk Maggot Mouth. You my Dear have Fckd & Sucked everybody but Abraham Lincoln, Hmmmm maybe him too.

  • by Beaux Barron - Channel Youtube
    by Beaux Barron - 4 weeks ago

    SCOTT does not need their $$$$

  • Brisha McDowell - Channel Youtube
    Brisha McDowell - 4 weeks ago

    Y’all gotta stop with this gentrified ass shade shit. This is not shade it’s just a damn photo

  • DaMarkis Brown - Channel Youtube
    DaMarkis Brown - 4 weeks ago

    When mainstream picks up cultural words and use them at every given moment to seem cool and on-trend... you guys can stop saying “ throwing Shade” now. You ruined it

  • Momoneylee - Channel Youtube
    Momoneylee - 4 weeks ago

    kims a babe