TBeautiful Train Caboose Inspired Tiny House At Portland Hotel

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Published on Nov 30, 2017

If your a fan of old fashioned railway trains and tiny houses, then this next home is sure to delight! Located right in the heart of Portland, Arthur is a 16' (5m) train-caboose inspired tiny house that you can stay in as part of the Tiny Digs hotel.

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Arthur is no ordinary B&B tiny house however, this is a tiny home that has been built with a tremendous amount of love. The Tiny Digs team have poured so much energy into the theme of this home, even including railway antiques in it's construction to add character. This is a tiny house that railway fans around the world will truly love!

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Tiny Digs hotel is providing a wonderful service, not only by giving tiny house enthusiasts the opportunity to try living tiny and get lots of design ideas from their tiny homes, but also by working as local advocates in the Portland tiny house movement by helping to showcase a model of tiny house community living.

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  • Albert - 1 day ago

    this guy loves everything, this is boring.

  • KuddlyKisses - 3 days ago

    I absolutely adore this tiny caboose ♥ My main change would be a raspberry red instead of the black simply because I love that combination of striking yellow and subtle cheery red. I think it would feel more intimate/homey and less industrial with that colour scheme. I do get why they chose black and it looks great. This would just be my own personal change ^_-

  • trainroomgary - 5 days ago

    Hi fromTrain Room Gary / Very Cool 🚂

  • Ad Hc - 6 days ago

    What a wonderful idea! People can try before they buy.

  • LEGIONZ PALACE!!! - 6 days ago

    What a Great way to honor not just ur Grandfather,but to honor so much in such tha Tiniest BIGGEST WAYS!!! Thank u......for being u. U have a new sub here, not because of tha tiny homes but because of ur thoughts in honor and ur grandfather. My Grandfather was my real Father in my Eyes and a Great man.

  • Jon Prevost - 6 days ago

    I really enjoy seeing these projects. If you don't know me, I have to have a critical opinion so trigger warning. These places are not tiny houses, they are adult designed play houses for children. I'm 6'4". No way I'm staying for more than a single evening in one of these "houses" but don't get me wrong, I LOVE the creative designs. Very fun... as a play house... for children. This movement is really just a Peter Pan fantasy to escape cleaning larger spaces and not having to build the tree house in a tree. Again, love watching the design and creative problem solving. Too bad they are too small for the adult me to be comfortable.

  • ALIZIA SIGHT - 1 week ago


  • Maria A Marquez - 1 week ago

    I'm homeless now I need a litter home free because I lost my work

  • Classie Wadley - 2 weeks ago


  • Jordan Buckley - 3 weeks ago

    Sheldon Cooper's Dream!

  • The Eagle Soars777 - 3 weeks ago

    Awesome...so adorable!!

  • kathy young - 3 weeks ago

    trains are amazing. Kabooses are so kool, had a friend who had one.

  • kathy young - 3 weeks ago

    trailer parks regs. Oregon has to regulate folks to death, inappropriately.

  • Ruth Presti - 3 weeks ago

    Love the sinks but I think I would reverse their location, the bigger one in the kitchen and the smaller one in the bath.

  • Michael Doster - 4 weeks ago

    Would have liked to be able to see what was done with the other tiny houses... Good job on yellow caboose!

  • joe demeter - 4 weeks ago


  • mrprosale - 1 month ago

    Great, love it. I understand the cost is high due to labor and materials. Puts it into perspective. I remember about 15 years ago a friend of us bought a whole rail carriage in New Zealand and had it placed onto a 2 acre property near Orewa for under $6000 , I thought that was a lot at the time, ha,ha.. There is a great (original) train carriage motel in Ohakune NZ, stayed there, the kids loved it! Good luck to the Digs motel, wonderful idea!

  • 100PercentOS2 - 1 month ago

    Love the caboose house. I would have love to see the caboose sitting on a section of track with ties rather than jacks.

  • Eric Wright - 1 month ago

    The caboose is WRONG COLOR!It should be RED!

  • Kimberly Sears - 1 month ago

    So beautifully done. Love it❤

  • Matthew Hurlbut - 1 month ago

    Adorable house! My only issue comes from being slightly claustrophobic and the narrow space you crawl through to get to the second floor would definitely be an issue.

  • Brian Wessels - 1 month ago

    I think one of railroad nails is supposed to 68 not 86

  • Robert Hoppock - 2 months ago

    i dont see what the difference in a tinny house or a camper trailer turned to a home is

  • Julie Gabos - 2 months ago

    We can provide you an affordable and sustainable, off-grid experience; or a sensible, permanent Tiny Home in your city. We can build anything from a house to a hotel with our structurally insulated paneling system. Increased energy efficiency, Reduced labor time, and Zero waste construction. A percentage of our revenue also goes to fund our non-profit Build us HOPE -Housing Opportunities Provided for Everyone creating sustainable tiny-home communities for homeless and disabled veterans in Arizona Julie Gabos jgabos@bigdogtinyhomes.com 480-707-3118 for additional information

  • trainroomgary - 2 months ago

    Like 🚂

  • Cheryl Jenkins - 2 months ago

    If you own your own land can't you have a tiny house? With a river type stream access? I prefers a colder climate like VERMONT?

  • Zane Neff - 2 months ago

    60+ Thousand for that? Seems extreme to me.. A DIYer could do that kind of build for a fraction of that.. Although I agree with the mindset of the tiny house movement, the more popular it gets, the higher the cost of it...Eventually they are gonna drive themselves out of business charging that much..

  • Chip Estrada - 2 months ago


  • Troy Roebuck - 2 months ago

    Why does she keep saying "ray-roe"?.. She talks about it like someone who had no idea what it was her entire life and found out about the "ray-roe" and did her research to learn about it in the same way an old woman would learn about her grandchild's slang or something... "The ray-roe"

  • Offgrid Jack - 2 months ago

    Love the caboose and ALL the little houses there. So creative!!