BEST BBQ: Nashville, St. Louis, Kansas City BBQ Tour!

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Published on Jul 08, 2016

Tried BBQ at Nashville Tennessee, st. Louis Missouri and Kansas city Missouri. Here's what I liked and disliked about the barbeque in these locations.

Edley's BBQ
Pappy's Smokehouse
Joe's Kansas City

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  • Ruthless Goat - Channel Youtube
    Ruthless Goat - 4 days ago

    What you missed was Memphis, the home of the best BBQ in the world.

  • donna74ph - Channel Youtube
    donna74ph - 4 days ago

    Col. Sanders was eating behind you

  • Erich Holthaus - Channel Youtube
    Erich Holthaus - 5 days ago

    Something tells me you liked KC Joe's better than St.L or Nashville. 1/2 the video was KC Joe's. :)

  • Golden Curls - Channel Youtube
    Golden Curls - 2 weeks ago

    I’ve lived in Kansas City my whole entire life I can tell you we by far have the best barbecue ever!

  • Dustin Hogarth - Channel Youtube
    Dustin Hogarth - 2 weeks ago

    love your vids man alsways makes me so hungry ......could you do a deep fried version

  • Naomi Anderson - Channel Youtube
    Naomi Anderson - 2 weeks ago

    I'd like to try that pulled pork in a boazi bun

  • Adam Spill - Channel Youtube
    Adam Spill - 3 weeks ago

    come to memphis. eat some real BBQ. ill show you the best

  • D Reese - Channel Youtube
    D Reese - 3 weeks ago

    Best pulled pork - eastern Carolina with spicy vinegar based BBQ sauce!!

  • joy santod - Channel Youtube
    joy santod - 4 weeks ago

    the meat seems pretty dry

  • Tom Foolery - Channel Youtube
    Tom Foolery - 4 weeks ago

    I'm from KC. I love Famous Dave's BBQ.

  • cadencorin1 - Channel Youtube
    cadencorin1 - 1 month ago

    Can’t combine meats!??🤨

  • Timothy Smith - Channel Youtube
    Timothy Smith - 1 month ago

    North Carolina bbq is the best

  • Ben's View - Channel Youtube
    Ben's View - 1 month ago

    What would the food at your wedding be? LOL

  • Brix Bautista - Channel Youtube
    Brix Bautista - 1 month ago

    We asian with that rice tho

  • Keith spencer - Channel Youtube
    Keith spencer - 1 month ago

    That bbq does not represent nashville bbq believe me i live in nashville never heard of that place i've lived in nashville all my life.

  • Jules' Diner - Channel Youtube
    Jules' Diner - 2 months ago

    Sorry Mikey, but Joe’s Kansas City is in Kansas City, Kansas *not* Missouri. Glad you liked the Q 😀

  • Sarah Lindsey - Channel Youtube
    Sarah Lindsey - 2 months ago

    Actually you were in Kansas not Missouri. Next time hit the Missouri side of Kansas City not the Kansas. And try Smoke House its the bomb!

  • Alissa Cantey - Channel Youtube
    Alissa Cantey - 2 months ago

    No matter where you are people will never mind they business 😂

  • I garden because I have to - Channel Youtube
    I garden because I have to - 2 months ago

    The absolute best barbecue/brisket with amazing sides is at Community Q in Decatur, Georgia. Get the Brisket with Collards, baked beans and Mac n cheese. Check it out

  • Toest Is Bread - Channel Youtube
    Toest Is Bread - 2 months ago

    I've been been to Kansas City and there was no good food.

  • ayronsmama05 - Channel Youtube
    ayronsmama05 - 2 months ago

    Hey my neck of the woods Shelbyville here!! Glad you came, sorry didn't realize it!

  • 1022labella - Channel Youtube
    1022labella - 2 months ago

    If you come to Texas you should definitely visit Kruez BBQ in Lockhart,TX and County Line Big Daddy ribs in Austin,Tx. I guarantee you will Love it!!!!

  • FaDUa79 - Channel Youtube
    FaDUa79 - 3 months ago

    like for Jhonny Cash

  • Wayward Mind - Channel Youtube
    Wayward Mind - 3 months ago

    Joe's Kansas City is freaking amazing. Had it on July 5, 2017. Yes. I remember the date. So will you.

  • popsson - Channel Youtube
    popsson - 3 months ago

    ribs arent supposed to fall apart

  • Kendra 27 - Channel Youtube
    Kendra 27 - 3 months ago

    I watch so many of your videos. You really should have your own show on the travel channel. Your awesome!

  • Scotty Henry - Channel Youtube
    Scotty Henry - 3 months ago

    I seen kernel Sanders in the background

  • krishna moorthy - Channel Youtube
    krishna moorthy - 3 months ago

    Seriously i want to punch you in you're face man.....

  • TheUnatuber - Channel Youtube
    TheUnatuber - 3 months ago

    You'd have had NO problems if you had visited Memphis, which has the best Q in America!

  • Tina Marie Farmer - Channel Youtube
    Tina Marie Farmer - 3 months ago

    i appreciate your hotoil obsession. i love carolina bbq w texas pete running down my arms