Why do we love? A philosophical inquiry - Skye C. Cleary

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Published on Feb 11, 2016

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Ah, romantic love; beautiful and intoxicating, heart-breaking and soul-crushing... often all at the same time! If romantic love has a purpose, neither science nor psychology has discovered it yet – but over the course of history, some of our most respected philosophers have put forward some intriguing theories. Skye C. Cleary outlines five of these philosophical perspectives on why we love.

Lesson by Skye C. Cleary, animation by Avi Ofer.

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  • Phani Krishna - Channel Youtube
    Phani Krishna - 1 hour ago

    I know Ted Ed is known for vedios on random things...this is whole new level of Randomness

  • prachi khushlani - Channel Youtube
    prachi khushlani - 24 hours ago

    We love cause we're scared to be lonely.

  • Peng Luke - Channel Youtube
    Peng Luke - 3 days ago

    it doesn't belong to me...

  • Steve Asare - Channel Youtube
    Steve Asare - 4 days ago

    2:52 that dude was like, you already know what's happening!

  • Matthew Cicinelli - Channel Youtube
    Matthew Cicinelli - 1 week ago

    What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me. No more

  • Tú Linh Nguyễn - Channel Youtube
    Tú Linh Nguyễn - 2 weeks ago

    I have to say this: Love is something that can hurt us, yet people cannot find the way out of it. And me too.

  • Marshall Rojas - Channel Youtube
    Marshall Rojas - 2 weeks ago

    I like the Beatles reference

  • N. Ramthilak - Channel Youtube
    N. Ramthilak - 2 weeks ago

    The real question is why we hate . we are all same there is love, harmony and peace which shaped our culture religion and togetherness

  • Syam Bandi - Channel Youtube
    Syam Bandi - 2 weeks ago

    Amazing video with great quotes. I like the Greek story that illustrates that in love we complete ourselves. Indeed in falling love, we lose ourselves, but is only in losing ourselves do we find ourselves.

  • Melkaoui Anas - Channel Youtube
    Melkaoui Anas - 3 weeks ago

    The French got it at as expected hhhhh : )

  • No-name - Channel Youtube
    No-name - 3 weeks ago

    feeling complete, accepted or not feeling alone, etc~ are just tricks by hormones to encourage us to breed. (in my opinion). scientifically... ''love'' hormones last about 2 years. that's enough time to start having babies after that, ''mercy'' hormones start to appear, to have mercy on your partner and to stick with them. Excuse my bad English.

  • No-name - Channel Youtube
    No-name - 3 weeks ago

    love is just chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. -Rick Sanchesz, from 'Rick And Morty'

  • Gohant123 cool guy - Channel Youtube
    Gohant123 cool guy - 4 weeks ago

    I'm single ☹

  • JonneyETV - Channel Youtube
    JonneyETV - 4 weeks ago

    This is a nice one lol

  • Luong Ha anh - Channel Youtube
    Luong Ha anh - 4 weeks ago

    Can you attache the transcript in the description box, please? Because sometimes for a upper- intermediate like me, it's really difficult to understand the whole passage:((

  • Mauro Molinero - Channel Youtube
    Mauro Molinero - 4 weeks ago

    i cant stop the feel train.

  • Ninja Briana - Channel Youtube
    Ninja Briana - 4 weeks ago

    I stoped at "science hasnt discovered it yet"

  • Matt Majors - Channel Youtube
    Matt Majors - 1 month ago

    Only money makes me happier

  • 黄伟波Weibo - Channel Youtube
    黄伟波Weibo - 1 month ago


  • Sylvester - Channel Youtube
    Sylvester - 1 month ago

    Cause it gives meaning to life :)

  • Darshan Sen - The Composer - Channel Youtube
    Darshan Sen - The Composer - 1 month ago

    Lov's ven shi shoz hrr bob n vegana n h shoz peenus n dey lyk eet

  • Mariana Carvajal - Channel Youtube
    Mariana Carvajal - 1 month ago

    Beautiful graphics

  • Far Hanani - Channel Youtube
    Far Hanani - 1 month ago

    Just got out of a relationship that lasted for more than four years. This kinda enlightened my mind although I guess I agree with all the things the narrator said. I didn't regret my decision to love. Remember, it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Let's celebrate love! ❤

  • Lester Edrian BA - Channel Youtube
    Lester Edrian BA - 1 month ago

    So good

  • stirfryhomicide - Channel Youtube
    stirfryhomicide - 1 month ago

    I would think it’s a little bit of all of this.

  • Bushra Zangana - Channel Youtube
    Bushra Zangana - 1 month ago

    https://m.facebook.com/Short-Stories-130876297756369/?refid=52&__tn__=C-R this my Facebook if you liked the stories like the page.

  • Aaron Sanz - Channel Youtube
    Aaron Sanz - 2 months ago

    Love doesn’t TRICK us to have babies. Love LETS us have babies. Are you like anti-human, you don’t want people to live in this earth

  • Kat Yates - Channel Youtube
    Kat Yates - 2 months ago

    Love is finding yourself, when you find love you find yourself... It can hurt, but that is love a painful but beautiful dream where you find your true meaning and your true soul... i have found myself, as i have found my true love, the one i want to be with forever, and it is the most wonderful feeling to have him xx

  • jclucena - Channel Youtube
    jclucena - 2 months ago

    Still, and always, a mystery....

  • Mia Dhillon - Channel Youtube
    Mia Dhillon - 2 months ago

    It's fascinating how all of these people's ideas mirror the social perceptions of their time.