Scottie Pippen: There's no way Michael Jordan could outshoot Kobe Bryant | The Jump | ESPN

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Published on Nov 02, 2017

Scottie Pippen joins The Jump and says there is no way Michael Jordan could outshoot Kobe Bryant, to which Tracy McGrady disagrees.

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  • ESPN - Channel Youtube
    ESPN - 7 months ago

    Is Kobe or MJ the better shooter?

  • jersey4life31 - Channel Youtube
    jersey4life31 - 16 hours ago

    You all saw the FG% right?

  • rob816 - Channel Youtube
    rob816 - 18 hours ago

    Scottie delusional..jordan not 10x scoring champ with just dunks and trick of overrating kobe..shame kobeholics keep comparing 20 year career,2 scoring titles,44% fg shooter,most misses in nba history,trips to europe for blood procedures to greatest shooting guard in nba history smh.

  • Joey Sukhi - Channel Youtube
    Joey Sukhi - 2 days ago

    3 point line was shortened in the 1990s. Kobe is the better shooter

  • Ivan - Channel Youtube
    Ivan - 2 days ago

    lady needs to shut up

  • Imraz Ali - Channel Youtube
    Imraz Ali - 2 days ago

    Steph curry is the best pick and role shooter off the balls screams Kobe Bryant is the Greatest contested shooter ever,

  • Cedrik Carson - Channel Youtube
    Cedrik Carson - 3 days ago

    I mean pure shooting, Kobe was better than MJ. Then again you gotta factor in that the 3ball wasn't as huge as it is now. Plus MJ had to work on his shot a lot more than Kobe since he was more of a attacker to the basket.

  • joey cabeza - Channel Youtube
    joey cabeza - 4 days ago

    LONZO ball is the real GOAT!! wait for the day he would unleash his real firepower!!

  • Ruben Casanova - Channel Youtube
    Ruben Casanova - 5 days ago

    MJ. Of Kobe had no MJ to mode his game would he be that great? Who knows?

  • DeDona1 - Channel Youtube
    DeDona1 - 6 days ago

    Scottie holds a grudge against Michael. He puts him down every chance he gets. Michael, as a 2 guard, shot well above 50% most of the time. Kobe has been around 45% most of the time. Come on Scottie. Jordan averaged 37.1, 35.0, 33.6, 32.1, 31.5. Come on Scottie!

  • James Bowser - Channel Youtube
    James Bowser - 7 days ago

    There is a difference between watching highlights strung together for a volumn shooter like kobe's long ball shots and reality. Stats don't lie and MJ stats hold up great against kobe's flashy point displays. Hey, if you want to know about MJ and three pointers, watch Mike in the finals against Clyde's Trailblazers. He said he could shoot threes if he choose to shoot 3 pointers and put on a shooting exhibition.

  • kasanza - Channel Youtube
    kasanza - 7 days ago

    MJ career: .497 FG/ .327 3P/ .835 FT 30.1 PPG MJ Playoff: .487 FG/ .332 3P/ .828 FT 33.4 PPG Kobe career: .447 FG/ .329 3P/ .837 FT 25 PPG Kobe Playoff: .448 FG/ .331 3P/ .816 FT 25.6 PPG Very identical, but I think maybe Scottie being able to actually watch Kobe play opposed to being part of MJ's play might have given him a different perception. And Kobe was a different beast during the middle of his career than what the stats bear. But, the same could be said for MJ's two Wizard's seasons as well as his 94-95 season where he returned for 17 regular games and 10 playoff games. Still, I think Kobe shot more 3s where MJ rarely did, so I get what Scottie may have in mind.

  • Moreno12 - Channel Youtube
    Moreno12 - 1 week ago

    so basically, Kobe would shoot the harder shot because he wasn't intelligent enough or didn't know how to create an easier shot for himself? I can live with that. I've seen so many times whne they inbounded to him with 3 seconds to go and instead of trying to penetrate a bit, he'd turn round and shoot the damn ball right there... I've always been amazed at how the game is played now. No craftiness.. just shoot it and hope to the high heavens it goes in. Jordan never left it to luck, he would push for the "better shot" Jordan averaged over 50% fg goal shooting in 6 years I believe. Kobe never averaged that... Jordan averaged 30 ppg over his career. So that basically means, Jordan scored more on a better %.... so how can Kobe be better? Because he shot more? Because he shot more 3s? Because he wasn't crafty enough to create an easier shot so he took harder ones? How does that make him better??? And I'm not writing off the idea as wrong, I'm just presenting my argument. I hope someone can present a better one for kobe besides "he took harder shots"

  • dre d - Channel Youtube
    dre d - 1 week ago

    Jordan himself said Kobe was better than him.

  • armin38822 - Channel Youtube
    armin38822 - 1 week ago

    Kobe is probably the best '' tough '' shot maker of all times. That's why Scottie is saying he makes him feel like Steph. Kobe would take jumpers over 2 defenders and still make the shoot and it looked amazing. Steph does it in his own way like shooting 3 pointers off the drible 2 steps behind the 3 point line. They both take tough shots and they kept going in. Jordan wouldn't take those shots as much as Kobe and that's why he was more efficent.

  • Equals Peace - Channel Youtube
    Equals Peace - 1 week ago

    Scottie lost his mind for a couple of days, that's all

  • Got Game - Channel Youtube
    Got Game - 1 week ago

    jordan averaged 27 shots per game some seasons lol

  • Johnny Cashh - Channel Youtube
    Johnny Cashh - 1 week ago

    Kobe scored like 13 threes in one game so

  • Enigmax200581 - Channel Youtube
    Enigmax200581 - 1 week ago

    MJ's 3pt % also got boosted a bit because the 3pt line was closer to the basket during 94-97, so yes... Kobe was the better shooter, and took many difficult shots as well.

  • Daniel Ramalan - Channel Youtube
    Daniel Ramalan - 1 week ago

    Lebron is better person than Kobe and Jordan- fact!!!

  • Daniel Ramalan - Channel Youtube
    Daniel Ramalan - 1 week ago

    Lebron is better person than Kobe and Jordan- fact!!!

  • shutterbugblues - Channel Youtube
    shutterbugblues - 2 weeks ago

    Nothing wrong with saying Kobe is the better shooter. It’s naturally what it is given their body types. Michael had a beefier build and bigger hands to palm the ball, allowing him to do more in the interior and rely less on the 3, whereas Kobe needed a developed perimeter game to be formidable on offense.

  • Charles Stevens - Channel Youtube
    Charles Stevens - 2 weeks ago

    I think he meant more like tough shots amazing shots

  • Orlando  Lewis - Channel Youtube
    Orlando Lewis - 2 weeks ago

    Kobe is better at nothing than Jordan period!! Kobe played more years and shot was way more shots

  • Rashard Stallworth - Channel Youtube
    Rashard Stallworth - 2 weeks ago

    LeBron wears #23 for a reason

  • Zæ -Project 41 - Channel Youtube
    Zæ -Project 41 - 2 weeks ago

    All y'all saying Kobe could shoot over 5 defenders 😂😂 JORDAN could MAKE over 5 defenders Lol 6 defenders, 6-0 numbers don't lie And pippin couldn't shoot a lick If he played fortnite he'd die as soon as he landed lol

  • Zæ -Project 41 - Channel Youtube
    Zæ -Project 41 - 2 weeks ago

    Iverson. Buckets at the rim is more skill than using your 6’6 6’7 height to shoot over defenders, especially the way Iverson did it at 5'11 And he never had a pippin/rodman Or Shaq to tag team. he carried a bottom water team to the finals If he was 6'6 Or even 6'3 he'd be the greatest of all time

  • Joseph Jones - Channel Youtube
    Joseph Jones - 2 weeks ago

    Scottie Pippen was having a "Kanye Moment". :-)

  • rico pesos - Channel Youtube
    rico pesos - 2 weeks ago

    i guess its just part of human nature to naturally like assholes and hate on the humble nice and down to earth people we have trump for a president which is the biggest asshole of them all but somebody liked him enough to get in office smh just like kobe and mj compared to lebron their all three great in different ways and kobe is a asshole early on in his career just like mj was but mj atleast he had a reason to be and act bitter with the death and murder and kidnap of his dad but what was kobe excuse while every sports and news media team hate on every thing lebron say or do on or off the court i never seen mj or kobe go through that much scrutiny and ridicule in my life kobe and admitted rapist and mj is a drunk and gambler and uncle tom

  • Kyle Wagner - Channel Youtube
    Kyle Wagner - 2 weeks ago

    I see where Scottie is coming from, the game was different when Kobe came to the league, the league didn't start changing til the suns in the 2000s