TJensen Ackles Had Four 40th Birthday Parties

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Published on Mar 20, 2018

Jensen talks about turning 40, having four different birthday parties, owning a craft brewery, and the upcoming 'Supernatural' and 'Scooby-Doo' crossover episode.

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Jensen Ackles Had Four 40th Birthday Parties

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  • Stephanie Perez - 51 minutes ago

    My baby looks so tired , but so delicious. 😍

  • Bing Bang - 11 hours ago

    I feel like I’m missing out, I can’t wait until the new season come out on Netflix :,0

  • Anahi Herrera - 19 hours ago


  • KhushiR - 23 hours ago

    Those 103 people come FIGHT ME

  • Consult the Manual - 1 day ago

    Remember when this guy wasnt old

  • Imran Abdullah Khan - 1 day ago

    In real life Dean Winchester plays the character of Jensen Ackles.

  • E Stell - 1 day ago

    *Aww its batman* 😍

  • Liz’s World - 2 days ago

    Oh.My.God! Jensen I luv you💙

  • Lara Romano - 2 days ago

    Jensen: *breathes* My panties: lol bye

  • Nightwing'sbutt - 2 days ago

    If you close your eyes and listen it's Jason Todd

  • Yini Xu - 2 days ago


  • FallBackSquadUp - 3 days ago

    Deans gonna have Daphne rule 34 on the screen instead of Busty Asian Beauties from now on xD

  • Margaret Tejeda - 3 days ago

    Thanks ,I'm so happy somebody liked my comment.

  • mr. fef - 3 days ago

    if he was 27 that would've made me 22. my the years have gone.

  • Mischa - 3 days ago

    Dude is 24, quit playin' Jimmy..

  • Sulaiman Al. - 4 days ago

    Would really like to see him in a mainstream movie

  • Supernatural Wayward Fans - 4 days ago

    Love this

  • Jonny B - 4 days ago

    He's perpetually in his early 30's

  • Rus Gus - 4 days ago

    Unbelievable, he's 40 now..

  • G M - 4 days ago

    He's 40 and still has all his hair... dammit Jensen

  • HipHopSniper7 - 5 days ago

    Everyone is hating on Jensen because he working with the Robertson's. Saying he's "homophobic" for being friends/working with them, but that is an assumption. You can't base a person's beliefs on their friends. I'm a religious person and I'm friends with homosexual people. Does that mean I'm homosexual? NO!! It doesn't. So, that means it doesn't make Jensen a homophobic. Use your common sense and don't assume.

  • skymsy 007 - 5 days ago

    Sexiest Man Alive.

  • Evil Greg - 5 days ago

    Watching this I kind of want Jensen Ackles to play Lex Luthor lol. Do the version from All Star Superman with a splash of Tony Stark.

  • Jo Winchester - 5 days ago

    in scoobynatural, the episode of Scooby-Doo was a real episode, or they just made this up?

  • Yley Ruz Poblete - 5 days ago

    I loved que hombre mas guapo y carismatico 😍😍😍

  • Karen Morris - 5 days ago

    Jensen is so cute!!!!

  • Richi Camacho - 5 days ago

    No way he's 40. He got a fake ID when he was younger and instead of getting a legitimate one he keeps on getting fake IDs

  • - idc - 5 days ago


  • Margaret Tejeda - 5 days ago

    I already wished with him a Happy 40 the birthday is on March 1 , 1978 on 2018 I'm very obsessed with him everyday.

  • Samantha Gerbrandt - 5 days ago

    I'm so jealous of Danneel that she gets to be with him....but I'm not gonna lie to myself, I'm kinda jealous of him that he gets to be with her too HAHA