Florence + The Machine - Never Let Me Go

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Published on Mar 09, 2012

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Music video by Florence + The Machine performing Never Let Me Go. (C) 2012 Universal Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

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  • Barry Stewart - Channel Youtube
    Barry Stewart - 7 hours ago

    I'm not giving up I'm just giving in X

  • Tsuname - Channel Youtube
    Tsuname - 8 hours ago

    Man stfu about tvd and delena. Ffs, I wanna see comments about the video, annoying ass fan base

  • lea d - Channel Youtube
    lea d - 14 hours ago

    i swear i just read 13 comments in a row and every single one was #Delena can’t blame you i love them to😂😍😍😍😭

  • KUY DEAN . - Channel Youtube
    KUY DEAN . - 1 day ago

    [Verse 1] Looking up from underneath Fractured moonlight on the sea Reflections still look the same to me As before I went under And it's peaceful in the deep Cathedral where you cannot breathe No need to pray, no need to speak Now I am under all [Pre-Chorus] And it's breaking over me A thousand miles down to the sea bed Found the place to rest my head Never let me go, never let me go Never let me go, never let me go [Chorus] And the arms of the ocean are carrying me And all this devotion was rushing out of me And the crashes are heaven, for a sinner like me But the arms of the ocean delivered me [Verse 2] Though the pressure's hard to take It's the only way I can escape It seems a heavy choice to make And now I am under, oh

  • thiffany alves - Channel Youtube
    thiffany alves - 2 days ago

    Delena forever❤❤❤😭

  • Wren Rose - Channel Youtube
    Wren Rose - 2 days ago

    25% of the comments are people discussing how deep and beautiful this song and it’s lyrics are 75% are screaming DELENA

  • Rian De Jesus - Channel Youtube
    Rian De Jesus - 3 days ago

    I'm so happy that I had discovered Florence before this video came out and not in TVD, so when I saw the scene my heart just blow out.

  • STEFANNY ESCOBAR - Channel Youtube
    STEFANNY ESCOBAR - 3 days ago

    El mejor momento Delena

  • Tamara - Channel Youtube
    Tamara - 3 days ago

    Delena ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😢😢

  • Kelvin Murphy - Channel Youtube
    Kelvin Murphy - 3 days ago

    2018 and I’m still here from The vampire diaries.

  • Wesley Hyung - Channel Youtube
    Wesley Hyung - 3 days ago

    Essa música usada em TVD ❤❤❤

  • naw kevv - Channel Youtube
    naw kevv - 4 days ago

    Came for Jamie Campbell Bower ❤❤

  • Marla Warla - Channel Youtube
    Marla Warla - 4 days ago

    I'm an avid scuba diver and this song describes everything I feel when I'm in the ocean.

  • Vitória Soares - Channel Youtube
    Vitória Soares - 5 days ago

    My Delena feels

  • milkacaliente - Channel Youtube
    milkacaliente - 6 days ago

    #delena first kiss

  • vitória - Channel Youtube
    vitória - 1 week ago

    Delena ❤❤😭

  • Elena Gehring - Channel Youtube
    Elena Gehring - 1 week ago

    Can y‘all just shut up about tvd? 😂 Sorry, but it’s about the song, not about ... Delena?! Whatever

  • maman et lea coeurs - Channel Youtube
    maman et lea coeurs - 1 week ago

    love maman et lea coeurs

  • Haverhill Ee - Channel Youtube
    Haverhill Ee - 1 week ago

    I am performing this

  • Sonja Stojanovic - Channel Youtube
    Sonja Stojanovic - 1 week ago


  • VINES TECHNICAL - Channel Youtube
    VINES TECHNICAL - 1 week ago

    always delena

  • ivana - Channel Youtube
    ivana - 1 week ago

    Love love love <3 I can't hold my heart still so I dance <3

  • Adriana Jane - Channel Youtube
    Adriana Jane - 1 week ago

    So beautiful this song. I can't stop listening to it. Paradise in my ears

  • Baysah Enkhtsetseg - Channel Youtube
    Baysah Enkhtsetseg - 1 week ago


  • New nyan cat :3 - Channel Youtube
    New nyan cat :3 - 1 week ago


  • lyana lia - Channel Youtube
    lyana lia - 2 weeks ago

    why isn't anyone talking bout jamie campbell..I've been obsessed with him ever since mortal instruments the movie came out

  • Kaila Schultz - Channel Youtube
    Kaila Schultz - 2 weeks ago

    bonnze guys come on BONNZE

  • Emina The Cat - Channel Youtube
    Emina The Cat - 2 weeks ago

    Still better than Nicki the fake ass Minaj.

  • Alison Lucii - Channel Youtube
    Alison Lucii - 2 weeks ago

    i am here because sdelena

  • Dhyana Manzana - Channel Youtube
    Dhyana Manzana - 2 weeks ago

    Only one of my favourite songs by Florence <3 ... By the way, is it just me or that guy totally looks like Jamie Campbell Bower??