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Published on Mar 07, 2018

Check out Austin and Alex's new Channel Drive On: https://goo.gl/LmTM23
Traxxas Slash: https://goo.gl/Mv1A9r

Alex and Austin started a new RC Car channel called Drive On. Since they had a handful of sweet RC cars, it didn't take long before we came up with a fun challenge to jump the Traxxas Slash, over the Founder's plane prototype. The results were interesting to say the least!

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  • Drive On - 1 week ago

    Any surface rc guys or gals out there????

  • Bob Tierney - 11 hours ago

    Try 40 to 45wt shock oil when jumping that high with the Slash 4x4. It will not bounce as bad on landings. Now your playing in my back yard. I've been racing RC off-road since 1996. Looking forward to your new channel.

  • DrClaes - 2 days ago

    This one put a big smile on my face, good job!

  • spyder000069 - 2 days ago

    A head on jump over would have been more impressive.

  • CB Glass III - 3 days ago

    I just love the enthusiasm y'all display when you're in your element enjoying your hobbies.

  • TotaledOrbGaming - 3 days ago

    dangit guys you stole my idea, i was going to do this once the snow cleared but, shoot you guys beat me to it

  • Robert Speirs - 4 days ago

    You guys are o luck. You guys have far to much fun in our job. Pmsl

  • XTK FPV - 5 days ago

    LOL you guys are like a bunch of kids, too cool. I envy your job.

  • George G Sarvay - 5 days ago

    Now all you need is a erevo 2.0 and an xmaxx!

  • Attarsanah Resources - 5 days ago

    I want to see them collide mid-air

  • BennyDawg1 - 6 days ago

    I swear traxxas cars are so fragile. I fricken hate traxxas. Get something like an Arrma Typhon or something like that from Arrma. My friend has the same traxxas as you, the 4x4 and he just bumped into my foot and broke an A arm. Its ridiculous, my Arrma Typhon is literally indestructible, I have NOT been able to break the thing and I beat the hell out of it. You guys just landed wrong and it looked like you broke a hub carrier? Ridiculous!

  • David d - 6 days ago

    Don't get this video, an rc car jumping a tiny ramp while a plane flies close to the ground? who cares

  • Luke Bogacik - 6 days ago

    Ok,,,, freakin Jealous!!!! ✌🏼🙏🏻❤️

  • Sokar80 - 6 days ago

    i like traxxas i had 4x4 slash

  • Randy Hayes - 7 days ago

    X-Maxx!! Fun things with an X-Maxx or 3. 👍👍 Maybe an X-Maxx and a RC plane, or cargo plane for the X-Maxx. That would be really cool.

  • Steve York - 1 week ago

    Have you guys ever thought of parachuting an RC tank or jeep out of an RC cargo plane?

  • james ketchem - 1 week ago

    you should have a quad come in at the same time and do a flip or roll

  • McFish - 1 week ago

    Will there be plans for the founders edition plane?

  • [WK]Flamefiremage - 1 week ago

    can you guys try and see if you can make the heiress ship from homestuck/hiveswap

  • Jason Mohlman - 1 week ago

    Great idea! Look into the RPM parts for your replacements. They are WAY more durable than anything I've found for our trucks. Awesome video!

  • Tilman Baumann - 1 week ago

    So the car isn't loud and nasty because it's electric. Hod my beer!

  • petedotnl - 1 week ago

    this is genious man. i love it!!!

  • JustusLM - 1 week ago

    Car ... Plane .... Umpf ... Carplane!

  • Twobarpsi - 1 week ago

    Ken Block would be proud!

  • Casey McMurtry - 1 week ago

    Any chance of you guys doing this again but with a low altitude inverted pass? And two cars jumping, one from each side?

  • Lance Tidwell - 1 week ago

    Awesome, wanted to comment on the Red Cat rock crawler video but couldn’t get it to work. I have a Red Cat MT10E that is a ton of fun and tough. I look forward to both Flitetest and Drive on!

  • SQU1RT5 - 1 week ago

    I've been both flying (various drones) and driving (Traxxas SC10-Monster Energy Edition) for yearssss. That Short Course truck is just fantastic. Mine is identical to that one without the sounds, and I got it about 6-7 years ago.

  • TryHardAgains - 1 week ago

    I really want to go to Flite Fest this year as a pilot!

  • Philip Cook - 1 week ago

    Get the plane and car a little closer which means fly the plane a little higher. That would be cool footage.

  • Lincoln Kinnicutt - 1 week ago

    They were laughing like crazy men